Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am going to start a cake business {mostly like high-end looking fondant cakes}. This is my goal and I'm writing it down and sharing it with all of you {which will hopefully make me more determined to succeed}.

If you are close {Magic Valley area} and have anything coming up that I could make a cake for- I'd love to practice on you! I have a pretty yummy marshmallow fondant recipe that tastes amazing! {ask Addison}. So if you have any cake needs, or if you have any business name ideas, or any ideas/tips for anything cake wise- I'm looking to start my own cake business, and I'd appreciate any help to get the wheels a-turning.

{Just an example of how lacking on ideas I am- for a business name- all I can think of is "Cakes by Claude"}. Yeah- I've got nothin. :)


So my calling in church is nursery leader. When I was called Addison was still pretty young, but needed to be going somewhere other than the hallways, so I was pretty excited that I could "sneak" her in there. Let's just say that nursery is very fun {when no one cries, or pees their pants, or whines, or smashes their crackers in the carpet... you get the idea}. I love my nursery kids, but some Sundays I come home and the only word that comes to mind is "in-active". Today was somewhat one of those days. I was ... THIS close to staying home. I wasn't feeling good in the first place, but Stew pulled the "guilty for not going" card {AND told me I'd have to keep Addison home with me}... {uh...yeah I'm not STUPID} so I decided to tough it out. While in nursery one of my sweetest little boys needed to go potty- so I took him and 2 other girls to the bathroom. {Gabe} is very private. He's one of the older kids {2} and he's very good about going potty by himself. As he was going I heard him hitting the water and figured he had it all under control- so I helped the other 2 little girls. Pretty soon I heard Gabe say "Um- I had an accident". Then he started saying "It's okay- accident's happen" over and over and over. I finished helping the other girls and went into his stall and was shocked. There was pee in the toilet, on the seat, and all over the floor {the poor kid REALLY had to go!} I said something like "Oh boy you really had an accident" and he started crying. I felt SO bad! He got a little bit in his undies, so I took him to his mom. When she came out of class he immediately started crying and saying {so sadly} "Mom- accidents happen". She was very sweet and understanding, but he was so embarrassed. I felt so sad for him, and it almost made me start crying! I realized then how much I love that little boy! He has such a sweet heart and it hurt me to see him so upset!

{now here's the part of nursery that make me tired}

someone had to clean up all that pee. That's right. {I almost started crying again}. I filled up the mop bucket, and went to work. {I can't tell you how weird it was to push the mop and bucket down the hallway in my skirt and heels} {knew I should have worn my Danskos today :}. Yes- today I mopped up pee in the bathroom at church. Good thing it was my sweet Gabe that had an accident, because I didn't feel bad doing it for him. Love nursery, love the kids, but BOY DOES IT MAKE ME TIRED! {Oh yes- I'm also thankful that I have Dacia Anderson and Amber Turner in there with me. Couldn't be two better qualified women than them! :)

That's What It's All About

I've been so cranky lately {you can probably blame it on the fact that I AM a woman}, {and that I've recently been spoiled and have been allowed to do fun "kid-like" activities that I haven't had to pack a diaper bag to}. Seriously, I have been so spoiled lately! I went to Michael Buble', went white water rafting with some of my Varsity VB girls, got spoiled to a super awesome date night to Canyon Crest, and other majorly fun awesome things like that. So I know I have NO reason to be cranky, but some times I just can't help it. This past week I have been so impatient with my kids, with my volleyball girls, and even with Stewart! Today in nursery I was a bit short with the kids, but really did my best not to be "mean". {I do have to tell you about my recent nursery "pee-mopping" adventure}. This evening while Stewart was gone to a scout meeting I had the chance to start cleaning the house {the home teachers were supposed to come, but I REALLY haven't been in the mood to clean}. So instead I decided that I would lay on the floor and play. I had so much fun with my kiddos! Brogan laughed and giggled, and Addison climbed all over me {like the little monkey she is!}. Not to say that I did a 180 in the attitude department, but it was nice to be able to remember what it's all about. I sure love those two kids and I really hope that I can have the patience they deserve from me.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Debi, Loni, Ada and Tyce....

Hey Debi, we are thinking about you guys tonight! Hope all is well in Virginia and hope it's nice and boring for you :) We were going to call you tonight, but {Stew} forgot about the time difference. You guys are in our prayers! Love you!
~Juniel, Stewart, Addison and Brogan

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Garden 2011

Here's our garden this year. It looks pretty good compared to last year. Last year everything grew to 1/2 size, then just stopped growing. {Later Larry told us that's where they used to wash out the spray tanks}. We fertilized it {not super good}, but I think it helped a little. This year we got a full crop of peas, beans, and squash. We've gotten some bell peppers, tomatoes, and I think our egg plant will have one or two plants on them by the end of the summer. Our pumpkins are growing {even though we don't have any squash on them yet}. I pick the weeds occasionally, and the garden looks pretty good. Unfortunately, our main noxious weed that grows is the goat heads. They suck to pick, and they never stop growing!!! So far I've caught the majority of them before they've sprouted, so hopefully next year our garden will be twice as good!

Sometimes when I work in the garden I feel like I have an idea of what the pioneers went through when they planted their crops in the desert. What a PAIN! I'd rather just plant my garden in a pre-prepared spot :)

McSexy!!! I mean...

.... Michael Buble' :)

One of the highlights of my summer was going to see Michael Buble' in Boise with my Mom and Sheryl Odell. What a great entertainer! I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time! Not only is he hysterically funny, quick on his feet, and a total hottie, he also has an amazing voice! Next year we are definitely going again {but this time I think we'll have to budget a ticket for Stew too- I think he'd have enjoyed it!}

What a great girls night out!

Summer Storms...

I always love a good summer storm. We've had several this summer, but some were more memorable than others. This particular storm started SEVERAL fires from Shosone, to Wendell, to Bliss.
Look at those clouds roll in!
It didn't only rain- it POURED! Then the lightning started striking, and pretty soon we saw lots and lots of....
...smoke. This fire was the one on the canyon rim in Hagerman. Me and Stewart actually drove up to see this fire. by the time we got up the other side of the canyon- they had it pretty much under control {so it wasn't too exciting}. By the time we got home we noticed that it had flared up again {and we should've stayed to watch a little longer}.
Last week the hills west of my parent's house caught on fire. It was crazy close!
Hopefully we've seen our fair share of fires this summer, and they start simmering down!

Fun at Grandpa & Grandma's house

Addison and Brogan always has a ball at my parent's house. They have a 4-wheeler, a kiddie pool, kitty cats, horses, a creek, and Uncle Jon and Aunt JoAnna to play with! Lately Addison has been clinging to Granpa Jensen. Seriously- she even went home from church with him yesterday {she wouldn't let him put her down!} Grandpa usually has to go to bed early, and Addison will always stick with him even when he gets into bed. She's too funny!

Here are a bunch of pictures taken at my parent's house that I just had to post. Enjoy.
{A very common way to spend an afternoon at Grandma Jensen's... no clothes and party faces ON!}
Addison recently found the grounding pole in the yard. She thought it was great fun to play on. And no- this will not be turned into a profession ;) {I like that she's sitting on the cat in the first one}. Classic.

Brogan really loves Aunt JoAnna! When she leaves him he gets really fussy.
Addison loves to "mow the lawn". This lawnmower is a great {annoying} toy that she loves! :)
Floatin in the pool with Weston.
Addison loves the kiddie pool. She likes it so much that she often goes in fully dressed :) We go through quite a few outfit changes at Granma Jensen's.
Addison has gotten more brave in the pool lately. She'll float on her back, and swim on her stomach. Sometimes she'll even flip over! {see below :}
Uncle Jon always keeps a good eye on Addison. He's one of her favorites, and I'm pretty sure he enjoys having a little buddy to look out for.
Grandpa was mowing the lawn when we pulled up, and that's right where Addison wanted to be :)

The Jensen's

"playing" with Uncle Josh while he's sleeping :)
Dorothy and her cute baby belly. Little Paisley is due this fall!
Weston is such a little cutie! {and SO tall!}
This summer my brother Josh, his wife Dorothy, and their little boy Weston came out for a two week vacation. We had a ton of fun together, but for some reason I didn't snap a lot of pictures... ? not really like me not to have my camera handy, but I won't forget the fun we had! Me and the kids spent a lot of time hanging out and playing at my parent's house. One night we tailgated and shot skeet {which I find so much fun now that I can actually HIT something!}. We all went to the dead horse caves and ate hotdogs on the charcoal grill, then shot. When it started getting dark my parents took the babies back to their house and the rest of "the kids" stayed out for a little late night hillbilly fun. We attempted to bunny bash, but there weren't very many rabbits out, so it turned into Josh and Jon shooting kangaroo mice. We drove out to the middle of nowhere and came back, rode in the back, got super dusty, but we had a great time together!

The other highlight was our girls day out. JoAnna, Dorothy, Mom and I all went on a girls day out shopping trip. {And we didn't have to take a single baby with us!!!!}. It was FABULOUS! We spent the day mosying around shopping, then my Mom treated us to an awesome lunch at applebees. It was such a great day- and I feel like we got to spend a lot of quality time with Dorothy {something we don't often get to do}.

Another fun fun thing was Weston's birthday party. Since he had his birthday while they were here they threw a little party for him. We also decided to surprise Dorothy with a little surprise party of her own {since her Birthday is in September}. It was fun to actually SURPRISE her, and I think she enjoyed it too.

Overall it was a great two weeks, and we already miss them like crazy! Wish things would've worked out so they could be out here all the time {I know Addison would sure like a little cousin to play with} {and I'd sure like another sister in law to run around with!} :) We love you guys and hope that little Paisley comes safe and sound {when the time comes!}


These two are already such good friends. I am so excited that they will have each other to play with!
And this girl- what a clown. She hasn't been too fond of being IN her car seat lately {she'd rather drive}.
At least she can find ways to keep herself occupied!


Someday I'll collect all the pictures I have of Stewart and the kids napping together.
Seems like I get a lot of shots of them sleeping :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Park

We don't go to the park often. I think it may have something to do with the fact that we don't live IN town- so we can't really just walk over there whenever we feel. {It always has to be a big ordeal of packing the {huge} diaper bag, making sure we have enough water, snacks, burp rags, formula.... etc... So the only time we really go is when we plan it with my friends and their kids, or when the ward/deaf branch has some type of gathering there. The first time we went this summer was for a deaf branch party, and we had tons of fun!
My cousin Bryce started swinging, so naturally Addison had to swing too! First he put her on his lap to swing, but eventually she wanted to do it herself! {Quite common from this girl these days!} She even started pumping her legs! {Even though she pumped them opposite- what a smartie for copying Bryce!}
Next Addison found the slide, and Oh-MY what a tall slide that is! I remember going down the slide for fun a couple of years ago- and I was surprisingly scared! All I have to say is that Addison is one BRAVE little girl!
Aunt JoAnna helped her {even though she wanted to do it herself!}. Look at how much fun she's having going down! She went on the slide over and over and over and over!
Everyone loves Grandpa!
Ya know the nice thing about a park? There's something for everyone, big or small :)
Do these guys look like they're having too much fun or what?! And I can't believe Sheryl Odell is able to hold Brogan AND bounce!

In the picture below, Stewart is trying his very hardest to bounce me off the other side. I didn't think he was funny, and it brought me back to third grade where the boys would try to bounce the girls off, then make them cry. The only difference is that I MARRIED the bully. :)
Brogan got passed around and around. {He's just so cute- people can't resist him!}. Like the good mother I am- I forgot a bottle. So this little boy was not happy, and fussed himself to sleep with Grandma. {I will never know how she gets my kids to go to sleep while holding them!} {and no worries- we did leave early so we could go home and feed Brogan :) }.
It was a nice evening at the park!

This last week we went to a different park for a relief society lunch. Again- Addison only wanted to go play- NOT eat. The swings were really muddy, so she wanted to play on the slide. There were several older kids who were playing {a little rough} but Addison fought her way onto the slide. This one was a bit smaller, so I {sorta} let her do it by herself. She loved the freedom! Olivia Rogers, who is 3 months younger than Addison also wanted to go down the slide by herself! It seems that at that moment I got a sneak peak into life down the road. All I could see was Olivia and Addison, doing WHAT they wanted BY THEMSELVES! Oh boy. I think I'm in for it! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Addison Kay

Call it Sass, call it personality, or just call her Addison Kay! As Addison grows up, she gets to be more and more fun {and also has more and more personality!} She truly knows how to be herself and keep this Momma on her toes!

At the Shoshone fair she wanted to be showing her own calf! She had no fear around the cows, and found a friend who is just as fearless as her! This is Ty VanTassel {He's 2}. He's the youngest of six and he is quite the little helper to his Mom. Addison was in LOVE! She followed him around, helped him "take care" of his older siblings' calves, played tag, and even held hands with him! {oh boy- we're gonna have to keep our eye on this girl!}
For lunch Addison decided to forgo the fries that Stew bought. She just had ketchup {and she chose to "drink" it. {yes-gross I know}.
One day when Stewart was watching the kids, Addison climbed into the towel hamper and couldn't figure out how to get out. What a nut!
Don't really know where she got these, but I thought this picture was too cute to pass up!
Talkin on the phone to one of her BFF's! {Probably her Daddy}
{Must've been funny :) }
This little girl snuck out of the house with the WHOLE package of graham crackers! What a turkey!
I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up! She is so smart and never ceases to amaze me! Love you Addison!


This is our newest addition to the pets.... Suzie.
We adopted her from some friends of mine that moved to Pocatello {The Parsons}. When I met him in Twin to get the cat, he said "now you've had an indoor cat before right?" I just stared at him thinking.... not really. Didn't really know they were planning on this cat going to an "indoor" home. I told him "Well she's going to have to become an outside cat." He stared at me thinking.....why didn't Holly find this poor kitty a better, indoor home? :) He told me to keep her in the cage overnight in the house, just so the kitty could get used to us. We did, and I had to let her out to play with her. Then Addison found her. Addison LOVES her! {See picture above}. So I broke down and got a littler box. I only let Suzie in the house when Addison is cranky, or when I need a part time baby sitter. We've never had an accident together, and she's quite fiesty {I mean good with kids}. :)

Hope Suzie stays around longer than Bob the Bunny {BTW... Bob the Bunny bit the dust :( } RIP Bob!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trip to Rexburg

Last weekend we went to Rexburg for my brother Jason's graduation. He finally is DONE with school! Congrats on him for finishing strong at BYU-Idaho! We were able to see my uncle Niel and his family from California, and my Grandpa Funk, G&G Jensen, and my cousin Bryce were all able to go up with us also. We had a fun BBQ, attended a great graduation, went to a splash park, and had SO much fun! Dad, Jon, Grandpa Funk and Bryce went home on Sunday, but on Monday Me, Mom, Stew, JoAnna, and the kids stayed in Idaho Falls to do some DEMOLITION in my aunt's house. {We didn't really DEMO, but we did take out her cupboards and bring them home for my mom}. {These pictures are in backwards order, so we'll start with Monday first!}

Addison played in my aunt Deanna's little swimming pool {and in the hose too. That girl LOVES hoses!} She was pretty funny {and worn out by the end of the day}.
JoAnna played outside with her. Stewart got them these ice creams and Addison was IN LOVE! :) Such a silly girl!
Here's my mom, tearing out some more cupboards!
The Ice Cream truck came down the block and Stewart took Addison out to get some. She was pretty excited about it {and Stew too... you can see him sorta running to the truck}.
I was pretty bad about taking pictures this trip, but I did get some fun ones from the splash park. I totally wish that Gooding had a little FREE splash park like this one! Addison LOVED it! They had the big splash thing in the middle with a few little slides, spouts, and lots of random pouring water. Then they had more spouts around the edges of the area. Some shot way up high, some were medium, and some were just perfect for the littler kids. Addison liked to drink out of them. Silly girl!
Brogan was as happy as could be {what's new?}. This kid is so easy going, and I couldn't be more grateful for that! {Look at those BLUE eyes!}
What a cutie pie!
Jon and my cousin Adam started a pickup game with a few kids. At first it was a very friendly game, but a few kids came into it and it started to heat up a bit. {Sorta funny to watch too}.
Addison and Daniel wanted to play ball too!
Again- what a happy happy boy!