Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 4- Last day at Disneyland

Our last day at Disneyland was a good one.  Seems like we were able to take things a little slower,enjoy being there a little more, and enjoy our kids a little more (probably because they were so rested)

 Meeting Mickey Mouse!

 We met a ton of Characters on our last day (that was sort of Stewart's mission this particular day)
 Sleeping Beauty
 Anytime there was a little stream of water, or ducks or birds anywhere, Cash LOVED to stop and see them.  He really just took in the little things all the time.

 We watched, yet another Frozen show.  The kids got to sit on pillows up in the front and we got stuck on backless benches.  yay.  Cash took a nice little nap with Grandma.
 They got to meet this prince and get his autograph (although I can't remember his name- he was a funny character in the play!)
 Queen Elsa herself!  It was the cutest thing- we rode on thunder mountain and as we got off the ride a teenage kid was waiting and would be in our seats.  As he got into the car he said so genuinely, "I get to sit where Queen Elsa sat?!"  Addison just beamed.
 The kids loved toon town! They played in Donald Duck's ship, Mickey's house and all over the town.
 Sitting in Mickey's chair.
 Addison and Cashie playing Mickey's piano
 checking the toon town mailbox!
 The animals were trapped!!
 Brogan tried SUPER hard to lift this, but try as he might, he just couldn't get it!
 The kids were super impressed with the Goofy Water (even though it tasted like crap) they filled up on it!
 Mickey Mouses' Mailbox!!!
 Grandma taking a break in Mickey's chair
 Cash loved toon town too.  Everything was toddler friendly :)
 Brogan taking a break in Pluto's bed
 Mickey's garden is oh so magical!! things just grow on their own!

 The kids had fun exploring the Chipmunk treehouse.
 They even tried to pull the sword out of the stone!
 At the end of the day I was getting a little HANGRY.  I'd been seeing these turkey legs the past couple days, but couldn't ever bring myself to spend the nine bucks it cost to get one.  Well, when Mom gets hangry, you pay whatever price it costs to fix it ;)  I ate the whole thing (I did end up sharing with the kids a little) and it was delicious.  My only regret is that I didn't eat these the whole time I was there!

 Me and Brogan waiting for the parade
 Me and Cashie waiting for the parade.
 I'm so thankful Grandma went on this trip with us.  There were so many times we seemed to be chasing kids, or dumping jam into a paper cup (because they don't allow glass jars into the park) that I was glad I wasn't there trying to manage it on my own.  Don't get me wrong, Stewart is a great helper, but he just has a shorter fuse than Grandma ;)  I'm so thankful to have her as such a great mom, and my kids ADORE her as their "Grammie" (as Addison has so affectionately nicknamed her)
 Cash was the hit of the pre parade.  He walked up and down Main street disney with this determined look on his face, just waving to everyone who looked like they needed a good wave.  He was so cute and sweet.
 Love this little Cashie boy and I'm so glad we got the chance to take him to Disneyland with us.  Even though he didn't like it all at first, he enjoyed himself the whole time, didn't throw any major fits, and was the best behaved little toddler you ever did see!  Love you Cash!

Disney 2015 Day 3- The Beach

After two long, fun filled days of up early, late to bed, we decided that we'd take a rest day and head to the beach.  Finding a beach using only google was somewhat of a nightmare (and of course we had to choose the coolest day to take a break on) but it all turned out okay, and the kids had a blast! 

The water was FREEZING cold, but Stewart and the kids braved it and played in it anyway.
 Cash wanted nothing to do with the cold water, but didn't mind spending his time in the sand!

 Addison and Grandma went up and down the beach looking for shells and treasures.
 So did Dad and Brogan
 Look at all of his treasure!
 Cash enjoyed chasing the seagulls that surrounded us and our cooler full of lunch.

 Addison wanted to be buried in the sand, but as soon as she was covered, Cash got a little worried about her.  He plopped down right on her, just to make sure she was ok. :)
 We buried the two older kids, and Cash wanted to be buried too.  Too bad he couldn't stand the sand covering his legs :)  He just lied next to the buried kids for his picture.

 Cash is one of the best selfie takers I know!
 Look how excited he is to be at the Beach!! With Grandma!!

 He really loved playing in the sand with his toys
 so proud.
 When the kids had had enough we got them all changed and put in the car.  It was a tad chilly and starting to drizzle.  We didn't bring Cash any extra clothes so he got to be wrapped up in my shawl.  he didn't mind.
 He was tuckered out before any of the rest of us went to bed that night!
It was a great day to relax and play at the beach!