Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This picture is probly the best jumping picture we have. We love to look at each of them and break down what everyone was thinking when they were jumping. This was a lot fun and we got some pretty cool pictures of it!

This is all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen (minus Bert of course. He filled in for us at the temple though). From left to right it's Gentry Koyle, Hank Bingham, Malan Metcalf, Alan Branch, JoAnna Jensen, Gustie Cockerham, Jonathon Jensen, Jordon Braga, Alex Sims, and Krista Sims. Everyone looked so great! I'm glad we have such good friends who love us!

This is the whole Jensen gang. Now I am the only one who is not a Jensen. My brother Josh drove all the way from Florida and his new wife flew out a few days after he got here. Jason and his wife Cheryl (and their little baby to be) came from Rexburg. I was so glad that they were able to get out of school for the weekend to come to our wedding! Jon is the stud kneeling on the floor and JoAnna is my beautiful little sister who's not so little anymore. She needs to hurry up and get married so I'm not the only one with a different name :) (just jokin JoAnna... you better wait a while)

Here is Stewart's brother Spencer with all his nieces. Cora is the nosepicker, and her little sister Liza is on the floor. Lonnie is the tall gorgeous one, and her little sister Ada is on Spencer's lap. they were so much fun! We sure miss them and can't wait to see them!

Here is the whole Bingham family. We were lucky to have all of our brothers and sisters there with us when we got married. Stewart's brother Rick and his wife Debbie traveled out here with their daughters Lonnie and newborn Ada. They came all the way from Virginia Beach. Lee and Becca came from Pennsylvania with their three rambunctious cuties, Dalton, Cora, and baby Liza. It was exciting to meet them all. I can't wait till they come out again. (It was fun to have little friends to play with again).

More Wedding Pictures

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding Pics

Here are some of our wedding Pictures... Just thought I would share some of my favorite ones!

I LOVE this one...

This is us n our parents just making the best of it :) These are always such fun pictures!

This one is probly one of my ABSOLUTE favorites! It's just so sweet!

This is another that i just Love!
Paris Studios took our pictures... Thanks to Lindy and Nancy for suggesting them! We LOVE all of our pictures!! they did such a good job! We have so many pictures! They are all just so good! We're glad they're such great people!


This is me n my husband... these are the top ten reasons i love him....
10) He makes me laugh all the time
9) He will do anything to see me smile
8) I love the way he giggles
7) He does what's right
6) He w0rks hard
5) He lets me take my time to get ready
4) He is sweet
3) He helps out around the house
2) He is the life of a party (even though he won't admit it) (which is so cute)
1) He is the greatest guy in the world who loves me for me

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Zoo

So on our honeymoon we spent a week in Salt Lake City. While there we toured around, saw the sights and also went to the Hogul Zoo... it was lots of fun!
The first picture is me and this really cool monkey... he was just chillin in the window!! Cute little guy!!
In the second picture Stew is grabbing the girafe! Neat eh?? I think i snapped a pretty good shot of it :)

We had such a blast!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Try Try Try

So I am fairly new to this, but have had some luck with posting a blog and picture... just not together yet... so here goes nothing.
So I am trying to get this stupid thing to work and don't really seem to be having much luck with it!! This is the test... if this doesn't show up... i might just have to quit while I'm ahead!