Monday, May 7, 2012

Improving Home Improvement

It's been SO nice outside, we've been working away in the back yard!  I have a TON of before and after pictures, but I'm saving them (because there will be more to come SOON!)

I was just surfing the internet thinking how gorgeous this under-the-window box looks.  Thinking they would look great under the windows in the front, and on the windows by the porch.  Also I was thinking how much I love this green color for a house (not that I don't LOVE our purple house, with all it's matching trim).  
Add Drama to a Big Window
(I found this picture on pinterest, but it wouldn't let me re-pin it because the original link had been deleted).  I liked the colors and shapes so much, I need to remember this idea.  Green house, big planter boxes, gorgeous.