Monday, June 30, 2014

Spartan Beast


This last weekend we did our Spartan race!  It was a lot of fun, and a great workout.  We hiked (straight up and down several mountains) for 12+ miles, completing obstacles along the way.  I felt pretty good at all the obstacles (the girls were much less difficult than the guys'), but was glad Helaman and Candace Bingham waited up for us after the first huge mountain.  They really helped Stewart and I through some tough obstacles, and it was nice to be able to split up burpee penalties on some of the obstacles.  The only obstacles I didn't complete were the spear throw (Stew got his!) the cargo net "monkey bars" and the two rope climbs.  I did a total of 120 burpees (give or take).  It was a fun day, and fun to do something like this with Stewart.

Photo: Burpees and Hercules pull in the distance #spartanrace #burpeeup
rolling under barb wire (for what seemed like forever!)
Photo: Barb wire crawl #spartanrace #burpeeup #barbwireformiles
Stew rolled
Photo: Stewart doing the barb wire roll :) #spartanrace #burpeeup #barbwireformiles
Almost finished!
Photo: Spartan love #spartanrace #burpeeup
Stewart ended up just running up this wall and grabbing the top.  I "climbed" up two different ropes using the knots.
Photo: Stewart pretty much just ran up the wall! He's the man!  :) #spartanrace #burpeeup
Jumping over fire together
Photo: Jumping fire #spartanrace #burpeeup
Finally finished!  Took us about 7 hours.  We walked the whole thing, but that's okay- we did it!
Photo: Finished! And we're alive!!! :) #spartanrace  #burpeeup #beasts

Date Night Rainstorm

Stewart and I went to Twin to grab some last minute items for our Spartan Race.  While we were there we got trapped in the car in this bad boy of a storm.  It was beautiful to watch.  I love Idaho!
Photo: Check out this storm!


Photo: There go one of the few perks of living in town! A decent sized bull snake found itself in our backyard. Good olé Emmet was a trusty guard dog and barked it to our attention. Yikes!
This huge bull-snake was in my back yard.... in the middle of town... Seriously- I live in town!  It's supposed to be one of the "perks" to living in town.... right?  I'm so grossed out by this!  Thankfully our Emmett dog knew something was up and barked it to our attention!  He's a keeper that old boy!

Suples Strong

I've been training for my spartan race at an Awesome gym in Wendell-Suples.  Mitko Georgiev, a Bulgarian wrestler who trains the elite youth wrestlers in the Magic Valley, trained us using the Suples tools.  The first month I went to this gym once a week.  The second month I went 3 times a week.  I loved using all the different tools, working my body in different ways, and feeling like an athlete again!  The class ended up growing (We're missing 2 people in this picture) and it was fun to work out with such awesome ladies. My favorite things to do were dummy throws, slamming the ball, pulling the rope, the Hertz bands, somersaults over dummies, and starting to learn how to do head flips (I felt like just as I was getting it, our time was up).  Mitko has to go back to Bulgaria, but hopefully when he comes back next year we can train with him some more.
Photo: "Train insane,or remain the same"
Suples Strong!!!
It  might sound silly, but Suples was an important part of my life at this point.  I was struggling (looking back it was more than I realized) with post-par tum depression and having someone push and encourage me, and having a team with me really pulled me out of that.  It's something I was trying to do on my own, but was not succeeding at.  I appreciate good people- like those in this picture- who can lift you up and make you feel like you're an Amazing person.  The workouts were SOO great, and prepared me for my spartan, but the experience saved me and brought me back to who I am.  I'm really going to miss it!

Mud Monsters

June 6, 2014

If you let them play quietly for five minutes without checking on them, this will happen.... Can you tell how bad they felt about it?
Photo: While dad is away mom is a little out numbered. They tried so hard to feel sorry for becoming mud monsters...(Not!) They thought it was hilarious until I hosed them off outside (muwahahaha) #meanmom #filthybathwater #ineedStewart


June 2, 2014
Everyone loves Brooklyn! We've started watching Brooklyn Yearsley again (one or two days a week).  My kids love her, and Addison loves to pretend she's her mother.  She likes to get her snacks for her, clean her up, get her dressed, and put her down for naps.

Can you tell Addison dressed Brooklyn on this day?
Photo: Addison dressed Brooklyn for the day. Do you like her style?  These kids!! :)

JoAnna Graduates!

May 22, 2014

JoAnna is all done with High school!!  We couldn't be more proud of her.  Valedictorian and even took a selfie during her speech- she's one of a kind :)

We have somewhat of a goofy family... but we love them all!

JoAnna spending one of her last days as a senior at our house.  Everyone loves Aunt JoAnna!
Photo: Look who's done with high school- The favorite aunt JoAnna!

Me and one of my BFF's Lori Page.  I love this lady to death!  She's so much like me... talented, beautiful, funny, and just all around awesome ;)  Love you Lori!

Haircut Day!

May 17, 2014

Summer is right around the corner, and it's been a warm spring!  Addison has been growing her hair out like Tangled (Rapunzel).  She has refused to cut it for the longest time.  She's been super good about letting me fix it, but now as she's been outside playing in the water and on the tramp she and I both realized that it's time for a trim.  We love her long hair, and we'll miss it, but now it's short like Tangled's and we're both much happier when it's time to comb it! Isn't she adorable?!

Brogan was busy playing and didn't really realize how long his hair was... until he started sweating and panting like a sheep dog :)  We decided a nice cool haircut would be good for him too.  He always loves to get his hair cut!

Young Love

Meet Kinley Williams.  She and Cash are about 3 months apart.  I watched her one day, and Cash thought she was somethin else!  He wouldn't stop looking at her, and even made the first move!

She wasn't very interested in him, but let him hold her hand anyway.

These two are pretty cute together.

5 Months old!

May 9, 2014

5 Months old today!
Photo: Five months old today!  Where has the time gone?!
Cash is seriously the happiest baby ever!  He only fusses when he's super tired, or super hungry (or if you show him a bottle, then take it away).  He's not allowed to have a binki (because we'd just have to wean him off it before his surgery anyway) even though he would really love one sometimes.  He still sleeps all night (even if you accidentally wake him up.  He goes to sleep SO easily.  I just wrap a blanket around him, kiss his cheeks, pat his bum a few times, and tell him Goodnight and that I love him.  He isn't interested in sitting up or even putting weight on his legs (which worried this momma a little) but he's happy as can be.  This is probably one of my most favorite pictures of him ever.  He tends to curl his toes like that when he's excited (or if you try to tickle them), his hair is always looking wild (and a little like an old man), and that is his sweetest infectious smile (tongue and all).  Sure love you Cash!

A Trip to the Library

May 8, 2014

We tend to venture to the library when there's not much else to do.  The kids play with all sorts of different puzzles, blocks, legos and other toys there.  It's a nice short walk (the kids usually ride their bikes) and an especially good way to fall asleep ;)


May 8, 2014

Photo: #thosecheeks!

Like my new socks?

Stewart and I are doing a Spartan Race this summer.  It's a Beast, so it's around 13 miles long- through mud- and obstacles.  Last time I did a mud run I kicked myself for wearing old crappy shoes, and crappy socks.  This time I decided if I take care of my feet, I'll be fine.  These are my new Injini compression toe socks.  They took me about 20 minutes to get on the first time, but I love em!
Photo: I can't say I've ever been more excited about getting socks!!!! :) can't wait to break these puppies in!
Someone else loves them too.  She told me she's, "Going to the Pond".  Love that girl's imagination.
Photo: Going in the pond. :) love her little imagination!

Hot Tub!!!!!!

This year I've been wanting a Hot tub... BAD!  So when we found this guy on a Buy/Sell/Trade page we couldn't resist!  Stewart got it for me for Mother's Day, and I gave him the gift of wiring/switching out the Breaker Box for Father's Day ;)  It sat on the trailer for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually with the help of my Mom, Dad, Jon, JoAnna, Stewart, and two neighbors we got it put into it's new home.
Photo: Looks like I'm not the only one excited for our new ... HOT TUB!  :)
Doesn't it go nicely there?
Photo: Say hello to my new friend. Still waiting to be hooked up to power,  but we're one step closer to jacuzzi heaven :) told you today was going to be awesome! (A huge thanks to all my family and neighbors for helping us move it!)
I strung up some lights on our porch (which is still an unfinished project) and it really made it such a nice place to hang out!
Photo: Love living outside in the summer! Just a peek of our back yard escape ;)
I can't tell you how much I love sitting in the hot tub with the lights on after the kids go to bed!
Photo: First ever Late night hot tub session! I think I can get used to this :)
We also finished putting sod in our yard!  No more dirt patch!
Photo: Brand new sod in the back! No more dirt patch.  I'm going to live having a yard FULL of grass!  :)
We have loved having a full backyard to do things in.  A weenie roast with Weston and Paisley was so fun!
Photo: It's a good night to roast some weenies over an open fire :)

JoAnna's last Prom

April 23, 2014

JoAnna's Sr Prom- The last sibling prom we'll attend!  Josh is all moved here from Florida, and Jon is home from college till Fall, so all we're missing is Jason in Texas!
Photo: Siblings...their "last prom."


April 21, 2014
Cash loves his Easter Toy!  (Seriously- he plays under this thing ALL the time and LOVES it!)
Photo: Look who loves his new Easter toy!

Hot Spring Fun

April 17, 2014

A few inches of water on a hot spring day was never so much fun!
Photo: Why wouldn't we get the pool out- "It's soooo hot!" ;) it's amazing how much fun an inch of water can be in the spring time :)
These silly kids were freezing after about 20 minutes, but they had a good time!

Bunny Bashin'

Uncle Jon introduced my kids early to the sport of bunny bashin'.  I probably should be mortified at how much they both enjoyed it, but instead I'm happy that they like the simple things in life -Riding in a bumpy, dusty truck with Dad and Uncle Jon, while trying to spot rabbits.  Could there be anything better?


Photo: Best buddies!  :) love these boys.

I love these two boys!

The Dad Plank

April 12, 2014

What a great workout.  And so fun too! (but only if you're lucky enough to be on top) ;)
Photo: Plank anyone? We call this "the dad Plank" ;)

A Warm Spring

APRIL 10, 2014
(That's right... APRIL)  And look what I came home to!  Obviously it's been a pretty warm spring.  Apparently the kids would like to do more swimming this spring.  Also apparent... Brogan couldn't find his swim shorts... :) 

Cash- 4 Months old!

April 9, 2014
Photo: Four months old today and oh so happy!