Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun at Grandpa & Grandma's house

Addison and Brogan always has a ball at my parent's house. They have a 4-wheeler, a kiddie pool, kitty cats, horses, a creek, and Uncle Jon and Aunt JoAnna to play with! Lately Addison has been clinging to Granpa Jensen. Seriously- she even went home from church with him yesterday {she wouldn't let him put her down!} Grandpa usually has to go to bed early, and Addison will always stick with him even when he gets into bed. She's too funny!

Here are a bunch of pictures taken at my parent's house that I just had to post. Enjoy.
{A very common way to spend an afternoon at Grandma Jensen's... no clothes and party faces ON!}
Addison recently found the grounding pole in the yard. She thought it was great fun to play on. And no- this will not be turned into a profession ;) {I like that she's sitting on the cat in the first one}. Classic.

Brogan really loves Aunt JoAnna! When she leaves him he gets really fussy.
Addison loves to "mow the lawn". This lawnmower is a great {annoying} toy that she loves! :)
Floatin in the pool with Weston.
Addison loves the kiddie pool. She likes it so much that she often goes in fully dressed :) We go through quite a few outfit changes at Granma Jensen's.
Addison has gotten more brave in the pool lately. She'll float on her back, and swim on her stomach. Sometimes she'll even flip over! {see below :}
Uncle Jon always keeps a good eye on Addison. He's one of her favorites, and I'm pretty sure he enjoys having a little buddy to look out for.
Grandpa was mowing the lawn when we pulled up, and that's right where Addison wanted to be :)

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