Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Riding the tractor

This is technically Stewart's tractor (I got it for him for Christmas). Lately however, it has been one of Addison's favorite toys. Usually she would just push it around, make tractor noises, and even use the steering wheel, but on this particular day I think she just wanted a ride :). I LOVE this little girl!


This picture is from a few weeks back. Micah, Lindy and Alli came over one evening to help us set up our electric dog fence (which didn't work at first due to our very hairy doggie). Brogan and Alli were just chillin on the porch, enjoying the nice weather. I'm sure they will be the best of buddies growing up!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


SO- Have ya read the articles about the Parents in Canada who are keeping their baby's gender a secret? I know this probably shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but it has REALLY been bothering me today! I can NOT shake these thoughts and concerns out of my head! {So I figure I'll vent about them here on my "blounal" :) -how do you like that word I made up?}

These parents in Canada are not sharing the gender of their child because they want the baby to be able to express himself freely. They also feel that parents these days do too much micromanaging and "hovering" over our children, and that children need to be able to make decisions for themselves. (Did I mention that this baby is only 4 months old?) In the article it also talks about the two older brothers. They are allowed to wear whatever they want, keep their hair however they like, and even have whichever earing in whichever ear they like. As a result the oldest boy likes to wear dresses, paint his toes pink, has 2 braids down his back, and wears one pink ear ring. Ok- I'm all for letting my kids wear whatever color of clothing they want, but when does this stop? Hello- if your little boy shows up to kindergarten wearing a dress, he's gonna get picked on. That's just the way the world works, and I believe it's called culture! Just because the rest of us are normal {and by normal I mean in tune with our culture} why are we expected to embrace this?

The only people who know the gender are the two older brothers, the parents, and two midwives. {What a secret for those 2 little boys to keep!!!} Even if they act like it's no big deal now, just wait a few years when people start asking and harassing them about it! {Have ya ever kept a secret for someone before, and at some point, you had to take a lot of crap to keep that secret, but you kept it anyways because you were expected to? Sure you can appear to shrug off almost anything, but what's really going on inside?} Some day these boys will need some serious therapy!

And the baby! {Did I mention he's only 4 months old?!?!} What the hell has the world come to?!? Now we're letting infants make decisions for themselves are we? This poor kid is going to have the time of his life "deciding" what gender he wants to be {I can't even decide what to make for dinner!!!! I can't even imagine making a choice THIS phenomenal!} Are we not supposed to first TEACH our kids, then let them make decisions based on what they've been taught? And what happens if this kid grows up and decides he hates being different. He just wanted to be "normal" all along. {Boy- that would be the biggest (undoable) mistake you could make as a parent!} I don't think this is fair to the child. I can't imagine putting such a huge responsibility in the hands of my 1 year old {let alone my 3 month old!} When Addison goes to kindergarten she will have her own set of battles to fight. Why would I ever throw her choice of gender on top of that? Can you imagine this kid's first day of school? The boys will beat him up, and the girls won't play with him. Can you imagine his first basketball game {or volleyball game if he chooses to be a girl}. Imagine the locker room scene that will be when he whips out a different set of parts than all the girls. {Gee- glad we let him choose that awkward situation}!

You know I probably wouldn't be so steamed about this whole thing if I wasn't scared to death of how it will affect the rest of the world, a world that my kids are just barely starting out in. A world that is destined to get MUCH worse before it gets better. I thought I had it rough in the dating scene. When Addison goes on her first date she won't have to ask questions like "where ya from, what do you like to do?" Her first question will be, "so you say you're a boy, I just want to be sure you genitalia match before this goes any further." It makes me worried sick to even think about the way MY kids will have to adapt to these "genderless" people. {And you'd better believe that my kids will be expected to accept and embrace it, the way I have been expected to openly accept gays}.

I just don't understand people. Life is fairly simple. You're born (either a boy or a girl {duh}), you grow up, get married, have children, live and die. Along the way life hands us a complete set of problems. Aren't these problems enough to be concerned about? Why do people have to complicate the simple things? And why do parents feel that kids need more responsiblity, more choices, more complicated problems? Let your kids be kids! I hope that the only worries my little kidos will have is how much longer they get to play outside, or when I'll make them take a nap. I would never wish for my kids' lives to be more complicated or difficult than they will already be.
Sorry about the little rant, but this is my "blournal", and these are my thoughts & opinions. I just hope I'm not the only one who feels this way!


The other day Addison and I were goofing around. I put my sweater on her and she seemed to enjoy herself in there. She reminded me of ET. She liked it for a little while, but then tried to find her way out. She's such a silly little girl!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sleepy much?

What a bunch of sleepy heads!
{Very CUTE sleepy heads}

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bath Time!

My kids LOVE bath time, and ya know what? I think it's a pretty great time too. I love to see my kids enjoying the water. All my life I've said "I'm going to raise my kids by the pool- they're going to love the water". So far so good! {fingers crossed}. The other night I pulled a first and bathed both kids at the same time. It was fun, but I'll never do it when Stew isn't around to help me {see first picture below} :)
Ya- Addison is definitely a "helper". I think she was trying to help him plug his nose :)
Addison likes to pretend she's drinking the water then dump it down the front of her. She giggles and giggles when she does it. Such a cutie!
Addison wanted to help hold Brogan in the water.
The only way Stew could get her to look at the camera...-We love that Sad Face!
{And may I just say look at how tan that arm is!}
{there's that first sunburn that turned "base tan" -what'd I tell ya?!}

"Weight Loss Journey"

So to update you on my "weight loss journey".... ya- I suck at it. I haven't made a chart, and I haven't lost any weight. I have jazzercised 3 times this week {I was planning on going this morning, but Stew wanted to go try to win a house}, and I haven't had pop since Monday. {Until tonight that is}. Ya see- pop is sorta my drug of choice. In the past two days I've polished off a pack of cookies, and I think it's because I'm "in need" of something to get me through. So I've decided that until I don't "require" pop I'll allow myself to have a free night. Either Friday OR Saturday night I will be allowed a pop. {It's like having my wild night of the week -and also something I can "look forward to"} ;) So that's pretty much how crappily I'm doing.


I love to find a crying child stuck somewhere. Really, I do love it. It usually makes me laugh :)

Extreme Home Givaway!!!

Today we spent the day attempting to win a house, or a car, or a jet ski, {or a t-shirt -that was my goal}. Needless to say we didn't win any spectacular prizes, but we did win a free t-shirt :). Stewart spent a ton of time trying to get qualified to win the house. He got entered just two weeks ago (one of the last to get entered!) We were at the house by 10:20, and stood around and waited for what seemed like forever. Finally they had every one form a line to draw a number. Then they had everyone come in the order of the number they drew. Stewart drew number 136, so he was the 136th person to draw a code. Everyone drew a code out of the box and ten people's code opened the garage. Each of those ten people picked a prize packet. There were probably 100 different prizes (including the house, some cars, a jetski, a hot tub...) However, only the first 3 of 10 could win the house (if they were lucky enough to choose it out of the slew of prizes). {Are ya confused yet?} We checked on the Buzz's facebook page tonight and nobody won the house, or even any other cool BIG prize. There was a Roaring Springs weekend getaway, some recliners, and a $500 gift card that were won, but nothing like a house or car! {I think that made Stewart feel better about not winning}.

If you look really close you can see a part of Addison's head {like at the bottom of the left square on the garage door}. Obviously the door didn't open for Stewart :(
Stewart tried to open the door at noon, and it was a HOT two hours! {of course I forgot the sunscreen!} Luckily one of the neighbors was watering their lawn, which provided some much needed entertainment {and cooling down} for me and Addison.
Brogan was a good boy the whole day {of course!} He is such a happy little guy and I just love him SO much! Isn't he just too cute?
And isn't this guy just too cute?!?! He was a little embarrassed that I made him take this picture, but I just couldn't pass it up {AND I couldn't believe he didn't draw a lower number so we wouldn't have to wait around ALL day :) }

After the giveaway we went to McDonalds. Addison loves hamburgers and fries, but what she loves even more is ketchup! Since neither Stewart or I had opened our ketchup yet, Addison decided to dip her fries in her free sample smoothie. {Isn't she so smart?} Eh- some people like to dip their fries in their milk-shakes, and other like to dip them in their smoothies :)

I gave Addison a cookie when we were in the car. Have I mentioned lately how messy of an eater this little girl can manage to be? I just love her!

The Crop-Duster

This morning there was a crop-duster going over the field behind our house. {On any regular Saturday morning I'd be pissed that he started at 7:30} but we had to be up and going by 8 anyway, so we decided to enjoy it. I have to say it was pretty neat. I am always amazed to see airplanes flying so low to the ground, and it was even cooler that he flew right over our house. {I was almost worried that he was going to take out our internet antana (and it took so long for our internet guy to get out here last time, that would be no bueno.)

Flying right over our house!
Addison watching in her pajammies.
"WHOA -did you see that Mom?"
It was a fun morning watching the crop-duster in our jammies.

The Big Date!

Yesterday was the big surprise date that Stewart planned for us. Let me just say that it was SO FUN! It was just like old times! {before kids} :). Stewart had the whole date planned out ahead of time, and he wouldn't tell me anything ahead of time. I asked all sorts of questions to try and crack him, but he knows me too well. (He wouldn't even tell me what to wear... boots or sandals? capris or long jeans? nice shirt or t-shirt? hoops or studs?... you know... serious stuff!)
So first we went to Shoshone Falls. It was BEAUTIFUL! The falls were really flowin! It was a beautiful day outside. There was a slight breeze, which made the mist spray us. I've never ever felt a mist when I've been to the falls and it was really neat -very romantic! :)
Just for the journaling record, this date was like a flashback to our {very} "newlywed" days. We held hands everywhere we went, Stewart opened my door for me everywhere we went, and we managed to sneak in a ton of kisses everywhere we went. It was a very sweet date. Made me remember how much I like that kind of sweet attention.
Stewart planned a picnic too! {I know you are jealous of my sweet husband}. He bought all the food while I was in the shower, packed it in a duffle bag, and put it in the back of the car. I didn't even notice it! {He's so clever}.
We had quite the spread! The menu consisted of PB&J, potato salad, capri suns, lofthouse cookies (AND) chewy chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake jello, and Salt & Vinegar chips {it kills me how well he knows me!}
Then we went to a movie {which Stewart bought the tickets for earlier in the week}. The new Priates of the Caribbean movie just came out, and we went to it in 3D baby! It was our first 3D movie {besides my Disneyland Bugs Life 3D experience), and I have to say I have mixed feelings about 3D. It was really neat, but sometimes it kind of gave me a headache. (Like when they were sword fighting, it was too high def). I think that movies were made to be watched in 2D, but it was fun, and I will say that I will probably watch more 3D movies in the future, because it was pretty neat.
After the movie started it was neat to look around at everyone, so intent on the movie and wearing these awesome glasses! Personally I think WE ROCK these glasses!

Thanks for the date Stewart! It was nice to be able to spend time with just you, and be able to remember how much fun we have when it's just the two of us. I Love you and am so glad that we have a whole eternity to spend with each other!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Here I GO!

I am officially trying to lose weight. I still can't decide what my goal weight should be. I'm thinking like 160. {I haven't weighed 160... like... ever I think}. I'm still not sure, but that would mean losing 40 lbs! {yes you math whizzes... go ahead}. Before I was married I was in the best shape of my life. I think I weighed something like 165-170 {ish}. Of course back then I rode my bike everywhere, and I did Jazzercise like crazy on top of that! I gained 40 lbs when I was pregnant with Addison, lost 40 lbs after her and while I was first pregnant with Brogan, then gained 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks of being pregnant with him. Since then I haven't really lost much weight. BUT, I am officially sick of feeling huge. I'm ready to get a body back that I can be proud of, and feel comfortable {and hot} in.

I absolutely HATE the word diet. I have a strong belief that all things are good in moderation. I also have a strong belief that a person shouldn't skip out on the good foods in life just because they want to be skinny. {If I want a cookie darn it, I'm going to eat a cookie!} (I just have to make sure that I only eat one cookie, and not the whole package of cookies!) So I haven't quite decided exactly how I want to change my eating {it can't be too hard, or else I'll never do it}, so I'm still debating on that for the moment. I have however, taken my first steps of action to get the ball rolling.
  1. stop drinking pop. -Yes... I drank pop like a mad woman. {I figure if it wasn't pop it'd be booze ;) } So far I haven't had any pop since Monday! {and it's killing me}. Today was officially the worst of the caffeine headaches! Hopefully they will go away and I won't feel the need to have a Wild Cherry Pepsi at the end of the day
  2. Jazzercise at least four times a week. This one will really be a challenge. So far I've gone twice this week {so I have to go tomorrow and Saturday}. I like to go to the evening classes but should go to the 5:30 am classes. {Sooner than later I'm going to have to figure out how exactly to get motivated to get myself out of bed that early!} {perhaps once the need for caffeine wears off, I'll have more energy right?}
  3. Make a chart! :) I am going to make a chart with a box for each pound I want to lose. When I lose the pound, I'm going to X it out. It will be good to be able to look forward to crossing off the weight, one pound at a time!
Okay- it's official. I've started my "weight loss journey" {as they always like to call it on the Biggest Loser} And just so you can help me stay honest and on the ball, my starting weight loss is 203 lbs. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


May 19, 2011
{A bit all over the place, but hey- what do you expect for 1:15 in the morning?}
  • This is what Addison's hair looked like this morning. {and she totally rocked it!} :)
  • We spent a TON of time outside today. I love to be outside, but I think Addison loves it more. She loves our kitty Roger {even though she's a mean little kitty}. She loves to sit in the chairs we have on our porch. She also loves the horse across the road. She often tries to sneak over to see it without us {naughty}. After a few good spankings, she's starting to learn that it's not okay to go over there without Mom or Dad. On some of the nicer days I've been going outside when the kids go down for a nap. I usual put on a pair of shorts, bring out my sudoku book, the radio and my phone and just enjoy the sunshine while the kids sleep. On this particular day I was all prepared before the kids went down for naps. Of course Addison had to do exactly what I was going to do. :)
  • I got almost all of my flowers planted in my pots. Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to finish them. Addison helped a lot. She liked to use the garden trowl to scoop dirt OUT of the pots. :)
Brogan was tuckered out at the end of today!
  • Grandma brought us lunch today. Along with lunch she brought some special circus cookies for Addison. That girl sure knows how to make a mess with food! She managed to get it all over her hands and face. I clicked a picture, then washed her up {like any good mean mom would do} :)
  • Our trees are in full bloom and they are beautiful! They smell good, look good, and they have attracted SO many bees!
  • I got Addison this sandbox a few weeks ago. I've been on the lookout for good outside toys for cheap and found this bad boy at DI for $6! {SCORE}. She loves to play in the sand, but she won't actually get IN the box. {what a girl!}
  • Tonight me and Stewart spent some time looking at Craigslist together. It was actually quite fun to look at some of the stuff people put on there, and it was hilarious the number of people who wanted big bucks for their "very nice, no stains, good condition" couches. Most of them looked like they were from the 60's. It was kind of a good way to spend our "after the kids are in bed" time, just laughing at the silly people on craigslist :).
  • The other day I found this note on my calendar on the fridge. (Don't worry- he didn't erase any plans on it, I still had April up there). He is such a sweetie!
  • Stewart is taking me on a date tomorrow. He won't tell me where we're going, but we need a babysitter. {I'm totally excited!} It's been too long since we've been on a "date" date. I'll be sure to take my camera and fill you in on all the details! {Have I mentioned before what a great husband I have?}


Who wouldn't love to be as cool as this girl?!?!
She's pretty much... awesome!
(And she knows how to rock those shades!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a Simple Wave

Just driving down the road today {again, by myself with two sleeping kids in the car}, on my way home from my parent's house. I usually wave to people I pass {especially on the country roads, or people in pickups}. As I was passing cars and waving to people I don't know, I realized that a simple wave from a stranger actually made me happier. I think I'm going to be practicing my "Idaho Wave" a little more often these days! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Guy

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this little guy? He is such a sweet little man who loves to smile at his Momma and watch his Sissy, and listen intently whenever he hears his Daddy's voice. He's so precious and I just love him SO much!

He constantly has a very serious scowl on his face. I know that someday I'll have to remember that he's not scowling... that's just his thinking face :) Love you Brogie Boy!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Addison LOVES animals! She can even tell you the noises most of them make! Not too long ago Faulkner's had a whole bunch of sheep grazing in a field not far from our house. We would take Addison down there in the evenings to look at the sheep for a while. They would always run away from us as soon as we pulled up to the fence, but she loved to go and see the sheep! So one night we went to Shoshone to Barry Dalton's house. He seriously has the perfect little set up of farm animals! He's got some cows, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and even SHEEP! We thought Addison would like to go see some baby sheep {something more close up}. She had the time of her life! As we were getting ready to leave she spotted Barry's boys playing on the trampoline. I didn't think we were going to be able to leave! She liked the boys almost {if not more than} she liked the sheep. (Stewart's going to have to keep his eye on that girl!) We had a lot of fun seeing all the animals. {I think lots of animals are inevitably in our future!}

I didn't realize how many pictures there were until now...
{there's a TON}
What can I say? Addison is just too cute not to post them!
The sheep were intrigued by this little pink jacketed girl. She hadn't quite warmed up to the idea of being IN the pen with them, but these guys helped ease her into things :)
Not quite sure if she wants to pet the sheep yet or not... but that sheep wanted to be pet!
I used to take lots of pictures of me and Stew this way. Even though we're getting older {and I'm starting to go downhill} I still feel the need to document us too :)
"Hello Cowies... are you in there?"
"You guys got chickens?!?! Oh I love chickens!"
{Ten points if you know what movie that's from!}
("Middle America surfin' the fields!")
Playing on the trampoline with the boys {she's going to be just like her Momma! -always wanting to play with the boys!}
Okay- this dog looks IDENTICLE to our first puppy Tess! It's a pup from the same Mom of Tess (Nub). I saw this dog and swore that Barry stole our puppy!
"Brogan, don't you want to come see the sheep?! This is Family Home Evening!"
Stewart climbed into the fence with Addison. {I had to take a picture of him climbing the wobbly paneling- it was SO funny to watch!} (I Love you Stew!)
"Okay Mom- got him cornered! Now what?"
She got pretty brave after awhile! Decided it was time to mingle.
{Is this not the cutest picture?}
"Come on out little guy -I won't hurt ya."

Hands down one of the most fabulous family nights yet! We will for sure be doing this again when Brogan is a bit older!