Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is our newest addition to the pets.... Suzie.
We adopted her from some friends of mine that moved to Pocatello {The Parsons}. When I met him in Twin to get the cat, he said "now you've had an indoor cat before right?" I just stared at him thinking.... not really. Didn't really know they were planning on this cat going to an "indoor" home. I told him "Well she's going to have to become an outside cat." He stared at me thinking.....why didn't Holly find this poor kitty a better, indoor home? :) He told me to keep her in the cage overnight in the house, just so the kitty could get used to us. We did, and I had to let her out to play with her. Then Addison found her. Addison LOVES her! {See picture above}. So I broke down and got a littler box. I only let Suzie in the house when Addison is cranky, or when I need a part time baby sitter. We've never had an accident together, and she's quite fiesty {I mean good with kids}. :)

Hope Suzie stays around longer than Bob the Bunny {BTW... Bob the Bunny bit the dust :( } RIP Bob!!!

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  1. Poor Bob. Good luck Suzie! Haha! At least Stewart has had an indoor cat. They hadn't till I came along! I broke Rick in having all indoor pets. Course the dogs didn't start out that way. We had to move to make them that way.