Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer in a Jiffy

It seems that this summer has flown SO quickly! And you better believe we've been making the most of it. We were able to go to a family reunion, have lots of family visit, and take a few mini weekend trips to Utah.

I guess I should start with the biggest news first. I'm pregnant (yes again). I'm due March 17. It was pretty cool because just after I'd told all my family members, that made is so that all my sister in laws (on both my side and Stew's side) were expecting (minus JoAnna of course) . First Dorothy had hers, then Cheryll, next will be Debi, then Becca, then me, then Lindy! It'll be so fun for all these little cousins to grow up together!

Next big thing would have to be school. I'm going to school full time this semester at CSI. I'm taking all online classes (which is a little crazy) but hopefully I'll just be able to get through it. Stewart is now an Idaho Vandal (which he's not terribly proud to admit). He's taking a few classes through the CSI campus and a few online. He's still working full time, and starting dairies like crazy, but we've been working through it.

And the last big thing would have to be that I'm coaching high school volleyball. I'm the C-team coach, which I didn't really enjoy at first, but now that the season has really started, it's been a lot more fun. It's fun to watch the girls learn and grow as a team. I'm so grateful for my mom and Stewart for being able to watch Addison so I can go to practice and games each day.

Oh yes- and on a smaller note, I got a new primary calling. I absolutely LOVED teaching my 4 year olds with Stewart and wish I could have stayed in that calling forever!!! But of course just as you settle in and start enjoying your calling they yank you out and put you in a calling you've only dreaded. For me that is primary chorister. Yep. I'm the new primary chorister! (just in time for the primary program). So I'm going to work hard to enjoy it and learn whatever I'm supposed to learn from it!

I think that's about it for this summer in a jiffy! I promise to be better about posting more regularly and more in depth. I'm SO looking forward to the fall and Christmas season and am SO excited to start baking and decorating for it! Stay tuned for more!