Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year Halloween day was somewhat stressful.  We went trick or treating at 10:00 to a few of the local businesses with our story time library group.  It was fun, but unfortunately Brogan was quite the stinker.  He had a HUGE meltdown right before we left (he wanted me to take him to Dad's work...) I finally just told him I was taking him to work, and instead just went to the library.  In the car he saw a few kids walking in dressed up, and finally decided he wanted to wear his clown outfit. (good thing I was a nice Mom and brought it).  I was watching Brooklyn, so I packed a little umbrella stroller to push her in.  Wouldn't you know the little stinker butt Brogan HAD to be pushed in a stroller!!  I was going to run home and grab my double, but my friend Evyn had an extra in her car, and she graciously pushed Brogan around trick or treating (Brogan- you owe her big time- she's just as pregnant as I am!!)  (Thanks again Ev!)

After story time trick or treating we ran to Grandma's office real quick to trick or treat to her co-workers (and show off their cute costumes), then headed home.  I mandated that everyone MUST have a nap, because it was going to be a lateish night, and everyone was already cranky.  We had planned to meet up with some friends at 4 and trick or treat to the businesses down Main street, but (as hard as I tried) I didn't get anyone to go to sleep till 3:30 (and they both had to sit on MY lap in the recliner... I really needed a nap too, but guess what?  Hard to sleep with three kids smashing you while your feet are going numb!! -Just want you kids to know all the sleep I've sacrificed for you over the years!) 

So we didn't make it to trunk or treat till 6:15ish.  We hit a few houses close to the church, then headed to Grandpa Funks house.  
Addison originally wanted to be a princess this year, but after seeing (and wearing) Taylor's Mermaid costume, she wanted to be a mermaid.  I had her talked back into doing the princess thing (I really didn't want to buy costumes this year) but Grandma Jensen came to the rescue.  She brought over her old Halloween box which contained the mermaid costume I wore when I was Addison's age!  She even had a fun super long wig! Brogan wanted to be a clown this year- and thanks again to Grandma for the rescue!  That's also the same clown costume that my siblings and I all wore time and time again! 

I love to dress up for Halloween (probably more now then when I was younger).  Stewart and I went as the Milkman and the pregnant housewife.  His name badge read "Mike's Milk Service, We Make House-calls, Best Service in Town" ;)  We got some good laughs. 
After hitting our traditional Wendy Robinson then Pine Street circle trick or treat route, we headed home.  I was surprised at how much Addison liked the spooky stuff.  She went into the dark "haunted trailer" at trunk or treat, even though there were bodies lying all around trying to grab her.  She also loved all of John Flora's spooky yard decorations.  She would have stayed there for another ten minutes just checking everything out! Brogan on the other hand takes after his Momma- spooky was not his favorite!  

It was a good Halloween.  A candy tax was collected by this Mom, and I am already trying to stash it all in places that the kids will never suspect (cause they want it all RIGHT NOW... and they don't handle their sugar very well...)  So until next year- Happy Halloween!