Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More 2016 Goodness

Brogan did really great this year wrestling.  He really developed a love for the sport, competing, and being with his friends.  
Prior Gillette, Cade Williams, Brogan
 He took first place at two USA tournaments in Boise this year.
 All of his DTA wrestling buddies, Tayliana Taboa, Josh Ferrin, Brogan, Jaxson Bezdechek, and Cade.
 We love to love on Kinley at wrestling meets too.  She's Brogan and Addison's adopted sister.
 It's fun to go to tournaments with a team!  Brogan loves that the big kids on team DTA treat him just like he's one of their buds.  He looks up to the older kids and his coaches so much!
 Daxton sure LOVES Grandpa Funk!  He's always happy to go see him (and even dives out of my arms!)

 Look at those chubba bubba rolls!  Dax doesn't get a bath very often (since his skin is so dry, we limit his baths) but he loves the water.  ANOTHER water baby!
 Brogan had fun wrestling Idaway tournaments with his buddy Cooper this year!  It was rough that they ended up in the same age division AND same weight class, but they were good buddies on the mat and off.

 My beautiful Addison turned 7 this year!  WHERE does the time go?!  This is her beautiful birthday outfit she got to wear to church. 
 She had a fun family party with both sides of our family. 
 Look at all those awesome cousins!
 She got her Doll she wanted!  Sure love this girl!
 Cade and Brogan... these two are best buddies!!!  And sometimes, they are even twinners!!! Without even planning it!!
 Brogan and Tayliana Taboa.  They've become such good friends at practice, and are awesome team mates to each other. They end up being drilling partners a lot at practice, and are always working to make the other a better wrestler.
  Whenever Brogan wrestles, Tay and her family come watch and cheer for Brogan.  It's really neat to see these kids care about each other.  Brogan got second at this tournament and was a little disappointed to have lost.  Tay was there for him to make him feel good about getting 2nd place. 
 Brogan and Bentley Ferrin.
 Addison is ALWAYS a good wrestling sister.  She's definitely been Brogan's #1 fan, and doesn't complain about being dragged to meets all the time.
 We love to kidnap Kinley whenever we can too!  We got done early after one meet and took Kinley home with us for the rest of the day.  I was amazed when she ate her entire Wendy's cheeseburger, fries, and finished her sprite.  What a girl!
 Stewart is such a good daddy!  For awhile, he was the only one who could put Dax to sleep during church.  He'd swaddle his arms, tickle his face, and Dax was out like a light. 
 It was so fun to get to visit our newest cousin Porter in the Hospital!  Addison LOVES when she gets to hold a new baby!  She's the best!
 Grandma loves to hold a new baby too, but Dax may have been a tad jealous of HIS grandma holding another baby ;)
 This picture of Addison and Dax is just too cute!  She loves her Brothers.  Don't know what I'd do without my Addison Kay!

Fun Winter 2016

This winter we got a TON of snow!!  The kids are at the perfect age to enjoy spending long amounts of time playing in the snow (glad we're finally past those days of spend 20 minutes dressing them in their snow clothes to only spend 5 minutes outside).  I love playing in the snow with my kids!  Even though Dax wasn't a snow fan (we didn't take him out at all) we were still able to have a lot of fun outside this winter! 

It snowed SO much, Stewart had to shovel the snow off our roof several times (he was worried the roof wouldn't be able to handle the weight of the snow, plus the rain we'd get with it!)  Look at that fun mound of snow between our kitchen and garage!  He then shoveled the snow out of this little nook so that it wouldn't flood into our basement (the window is covered by snow here!)
 We were so lucky to find a great deal on a 4-wheeler and got it on Christmas morning.  We broke that puppy in all winter long, sledding around town, and at my parent's house.  It was one of our favorite things to do!
 Addison asked Santa for a sled this year and that's what she got!  It was perfect, since our plastic sleds from last year kicked the bucket while sledding.  Below, Brogan tried using a kayak to sled on, but it didn't work too well.
 We enjoyed having our friends come sledding with us!  Sydnee Rasmussen brought her crew out and we had a blast!  Grandpa Jensen, and Stewart were both pulling 2 sleds at a time!  SO FUN!
 Our Miniature pony Boomer (Addison got him just before school got out) didn't look so miniature in the snow!  Grandpa Funk was worried he was going to walk right over the fence.

 Along with the beautiful weather came some beautiful skies.  When the sky is especially beautiful, we like to say that Cash is painting for us.  It sure helps keep him close.
 Addison and Brogan loved being of service with all this snow!  We loved going to Grandpa Funk's after big snow storms and shoveling/snow blowing paths to the shop for him, restocking his wood pile, and visiting.  (Although the first time we went to "rescue" my 88 year old Grandpa, he'd already hand dug his own path to the shop) ;) Here is a good representation of how deep the snow was!
 The kids loved playing in the mounds of snow where the snow plow turned around at my parent's house. 
 Me and Sydnee.
One day I pulled the kids on the 4 wheeler over to the fairgrounds and they sled down the big hill.  I figured they'd only climb it once or twice, but they stayed and climbed and sledded for almost an hour!
Stewart loved running the snow blower this winter!  We did our best to keep Grandpa Funk all cleared out, then he'd go around town helping people who hadn't done it yet.  Such a good guy he is! 
This year the kids were old enough to do ski school!  (Technically, Brogan was a year young, but we figured with how outgoing he is, he'd pass as a 6 year old) ;)  These kids are little skiers!  After the first day of ski school, Brogan felt the need for speed.  He loved going straight down the bunny hill as fast as he could.  Addison was just the opposite.  She liked the take her time, and instead of making wide turns, she'd cut wide and crash just before she turned.  It was a lot of climbing up and down the bunny hill for me those first two weeks, but by week 2 Brogan went up on the ski lift with my friend Jay.  He got a taste of the big hill and realized he NEEDED to be a "turner".  The next week he focused on his turns MUCH better :) 
By the 4th session, my Dad and I went up and rented skis so we could ski with the kids.  They did awesome in their ski school, and we were able to hit the big hill the rest of the day.  It's amazing how skiing is a lot like riding a bike!  I was surprised that after all these years it just came back to me, and I enjoyed it SO much! 
Brogan continued to feel the need for speed, and was pretty fearless, and turned with ease.  Addison was still more hesitant, and felt like she was going to ski right off a cliff.  She did great with her turns, but just took her time :)
 Brogan liked to ride the lift with me.  He's still so short, I pretty much had to pick him up every time.  One time I didn't have a good enough hold on him, and he slipped down and the chair ran right over him.  Poor little dude! HAHA!!  He's always been resilient though, and it didn't phase him much.

 Cautious Addison liked to ride with Grandpa, who kept a firm arm around her at all times, and lifted her onto the chair each time without fail.

 Such a fun day skiing with my Dad and kids!
 Grandpa and Brogan were matching!
 Addison working her way down the hill
 Such cute little skiiers!  Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2016-2017 A Little Bit of Everything!

Our "plant it and forget it" garden for 2016 did pretty awesome!
 We love our gym.  It's definitely one of a kind!  We've met our most favorite people there.  I love that it's not just a "girl thing".  Stewart isn't the only guy in the classes, and we can workout together. 
 More Mount Borah pictures (I made friends with some stranger on our hike who had a really nice camera.  He took some pictures of us, then hashtagged them for me to find later) (so cool!)

 seriously- we rock-climbed down that sucker, and both sides were a drop off straight down to the bottom.  (Once in a lifetime climb for me) ;)
 Addison made another game.  She's so creative!
The kids made a fort in the living room. They pretty much used ALL the blankets we own.  When I looked inside they had lit it up with the battery operated candles we put in our jackolaterns, and Dax was inside with them!
 They even made their own fake marshmellows out of cotton balls, and taped it to the wooden dowel they found!  So Creative!

 Addison had her walkathon in the fall of 2016.  I went to "walk" with her.  She ended up sprinting the whole thing.  If I didn't have Dax strapped on me, I would have joined her ;)
 DATE NIGHT!  I sure love Stewart.  We're pretty good about getting away for a date night regularly.  I don't know when else we'd have time to talk and not be interrupted lol!
 Stewart is such a good daddy.  He doesn't often split the chores or parenting duties into "your job" and "my job".  He's a good parent and helps out wherever and whenever he sees an opportunity.  I hope my boys will learn from and grow up to be like him. 
 Took the kids to a Senator football game!  It was a State Playoff game IN Gooding, so we bundled everyone up and off we went. 
 Daxton's first game!
 Addison and Kinley being silly at lunch.  We often kidnap Kinley (actually she begs to come to my house after the gym) so I bring her.  She's so loved in our home.  Her and Cash were the same age, so it's nice to have her around to remind us of what shenanigans Cash would have been into.
Our family was able to attend a banquet honoring Organ Donors.  It was a special time to honor Cash, and remember his sweet little life and all the good he did in this world.

 We decided to tour around downtown Boise for a while after.  The kids thought this giant horse was pretty cool!
 Then we headed to a park where the kids chased Geese like crazy (I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon) but it made them laugh and giggle, and was good for all of our soul's.
 My friend Stefani started a little crocheting side business.  How cute are these shark slippers she made for my kids?!  Adorable!  (Even Dax was excited)

 Mr. Potato head at school.  Addison helped Brogan, and they decorated their potato's 100% on their own!
 Watching the home-coming parade!
 Gym-Rat Babies.  These two are such awesome babies.  seriously.  We work out for hours each day, and they just chill and love it!
 Kinley came to play and insisted on getting out ALL the play-dough.  LOVE HER!
 Addison got a new pony- Boomer!  He's a nice little pony (except that he's a nibbler).  He loves Addison, even though she's still a little nervous he's going to nibble her hair off.
 These kids LOVE playing with their brother!  They can't wait until he's big enough to chase them back :)
 Pumpkin Patch!  We love it!  It's one of our Favorite Fall things to do together.  Tubbs Berry farm in Twin is so awesome and only gets better and better each year.

 Our community came together and raised enough money to build a brand new park!  It was total volunteer work to put it all together.  Stewart and I got to put in the monkey bars (what a job) and then we spent time doing other odd jobs.  (Stewart helped put in the tire swing, I helped put together and install window shutters on the playhouse).  It was a neat experience, and we'll always have memories of building this park as we play there.  There were so many people who donated things in honor of cash.  He has several pickets with his name on them, and even a picnic table. 

My uncle Tony and Aunt Chris worked on the park THE ENTIRE WEEK.  They are so stinkin awesome!
 Just got my eyebrows touched up, and was feeling pretty fly!
 Halloween was awesome!
Dax was the bones in my witches brew.
 Addison was officer Hopps from Zootopia.
 Stewart went as Nacho Libre
 Brogan went as a Police Officer
 And I went as a witch with a cauldron full of stew.
 So fun to find all the Pickets with Cash's name on them.

 Brogan was too busy playing to take pictures.

 We love dressing up for Halloween!  This year was definitely fun!
 Addison lost her first tooth!  (And then the bottom one next to it).  She's on the road to being a goofy grinned girl!
 I love Stewart with all my heart.  while I was away he would often make me miss him by sending me longing snapchats.  ;)