Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Storms...

I always love a good summer storm. We've had several this summer, but some were more memorable than others. This particular storm started SEVERAL fires from Shosone, to Wendell, to Bliss.
Look at those clouds roll in!
It didn't only rain- it POURED! Then the lightning started striking, and pretty soon we saw lots and lots of....
...smoke. This fire was the one on the canyon rim in Hagerman. Me and Stewart actually drove up to see this fire. by the time we got up the other side of the canyon- they had it pretty much under control {so it wasn't too exciting}. By the time we got home we noticed that it had flared up again {and we should've stayed to watch a little longer}.
Last week the hills west of my parent's house caught on fire. It was crazy close!
Hopefully we've seen our fair share of fires this summer, and they start simmering down!

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