Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snapshots from January

I got myself  Stewart got me a new phone this January, since my contract was up.  What do they say, "go big or go home"?  That's right, went big!  Got Verizon's new HTC Thunderbolt.  Can't say that I don't mind having the biggest, coolest, smartest phone in the house (finally).  I love that as soon as I take a picture I can upload it to facebook, straight from my phone!!! (still blowing my mind) While Facebook has been updated with our latest and greatest, I have neglected this here beloved blog (which I will someday print, and claim as my journal).  So just a minute ago recently I discovered that I can upload from my phone to picasa web albums, then upload to the blog.  Hallelujah!  This blog shall suffer no more! :)  Here's a recap on January in snap-shots from my phone.
too...sleepy...to... drink!

The first snow of the winter!!! 
Addison LOVES the snow!  She got
into a snowball fight with Dad!
Chatting with Loni, Ada & Tyce!
TWO birthday balloons! 

What a girl!
Look at that hair!
Love this scrunchy smile!
Look who's climbing on EVERYTHING!
I hate this tub ledge -he can get up just fine,
but he goes down with a clatter!

We loaded our tucker totes, and all the other
stuff in our bully barn shed, into this horse
trailer.  Of course, it snowed and rained for days
upon days.  The second we covered it with tarps it
stopped raining for good.  (GO FIGURE?!?!)
Stew's such a good man- he's re-securing the ties
(church clothes and all)

(As you may have guessed from her famous "Fast-line" picture, we've ventured into "potty-training land"!  I'm being totally laissez faire about it though.  Addison has her "fantastically enthusiastic" days, and her "not another p word" days [pee, poo, potty, pull-up].  She did have one day she only wet her diaper once, but since then- no cookie.  Oh well- one day my ship will sail and she'll decide to ditch the diapers for good.  Until then, we'll keep living day to day, wrestling match to wrestling match)  :)

Warning signs...

...that you might be raising a Dr Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde...

Look who's TWO?!?!

Addison turned TWO YEARS OLD on Suday!  I can't believe how fast these two years have gone.  My little adorable baby girl has turned into a mischievous, helpful, sweet, gorgeous little toddler!  Here's some pictures of Addison, back when she was an "only child".  She's so adorable.  I'm so glad that I have her to keep me on my toes, and remind me what's really important in life. 
Addison insists these pictures are of Brogan :)

Still loves bath time!
She misses her Uncle Jon!

My big Nursery girl!
I sure love you Addison!  Life would be terribly dull without you to spice it up!

When it rains...

... it pours.  Seriously, anything else going to bring me down today?  It's only 8:30.  We were supposed to close on our house two and a half weeks ago.  Hopefully today's the day.  If it's not, I'm going to cry (again).  My only sanity saver lately has been Jazzercise.  Seriously- I love it.  Love that I get a full hour of butt-bustin, hip shakin, movin and groovin, HARDCORE workout.  Love that I can go push my body to the limit, and get results.  Last week I hurt my shoulder, and I haven't had the same enthusiasm for my workout.  In fact I've been dreading it!  Over time I've worked my way up the weights and have been lifting 10 lbs for quite awhile now (a true sign of progress).  Today, I felt like a little weenie in class when I couldn't lift my arm above my head (I didn't even attempt to use weights)  (and oh, you bet I stood in the back).  So- I ask again- anything else today?  (and just for the record, diet?  what diet?)  (Stewart has been one dedicated dude though!  He's looking goo-ud!)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

House news...

...there's no news.  So far these Binghams are just "hanging in there" as everyone has counseled us to do.  I've been "hanging in there" for about two weeks now, up to my neck in boxes packed up with our life.  We were supposed to close two weeks ago, but Rural Development decided that Stewart only makes half of what his paycheck says (REALLY?!?).  So we've got a different lender, and we're still jumping through hoops to try and get this house to belong to us.  It's really been very difficult for me to sit around in this house (which seems to be getting smaller), and wonder if tomorrow is the day we'll close, (if I'll need to have all the laundry cleaned by tomorrow)!  I've been told about 4 different times that we'll close on a certain day.  (uh-huh).  So now I'm just being optimistic that we'll close before the 31st (since we have to clean and be out of our trailer, as to avoid being prorated) (who wants to pay to stay a few extra days??? NOT ME!)  So fellow family and friends- just stay tuned- I will NOT forget to update you as SOON as I know something solid :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Big News....

This Bingham family has some BIG news!  You've probably already heard it (because I'm just so excited I can't contain myself), but now that Stewart actually believes it, I can't keep it from my blogger followers any longer! No- sorry, I'm NOT pregnant (even though every little thing that happens to me, that's the first thing people ask!)  We're buying a HOUSE!  We've been in the works since the begining of December, and we hope to close soon on our very first home.  It's a nice house, with great square footage (2100 sq feet, +an  unfinished storage basement, and garage).  The only thing that's not our favorite, it's in town.  But we figure we'll live with that for the great price we're getting it at!  I figure I'll be able to take advantage of living in town by riding my bike everywhere, hanging out with friends, and going to the library (just a few of the things that make me a little excited to live in town).  We are so excited about this awesome opportunity, and couldn't be happier!  I will post a bit about our current rental house later.  I have a video (a little "home tour" if you will).  Hopefully I can get that posted soon, and do a little post about this place.  So that's our biggest news.  (Also the reason I've been a total blogging slacker -I've been packing like a fool!).

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Resolutions

It's a new year- and that means resolutions!  I'm going to try my hardest not to be a band-wagon resolutioner this year.  So I've written down my goals (it doesn't become a goal until you've written it down), and even wrote down what I need to do to accomplish these goals.  So these puppies are not just being posted on the blog, but also on the fridge, the bulletin board, and every other place I will be reminded to stick with it!
Here are mine!  
(Now what are yours?)

  • Lose 50 Pounds
    • Need to: Count Calories (have to eat about 1500 calories a day)
    • Workout- Twice a day (or at least one high intensity workout in a day)
    • Kick Processed foods!
  • Be a Better Wife
    • Make Meal Plans (And MAKE them!)
    • Keep up with my weekly cleaning schedule (including laundry!)
    • Adopt the "touch it once" rule.  Pick it up- put it away.  Spill it-wipe it.  Clean up as messes are made.
  • Be a Better Mom
    • Start waking up at the same time every morning (a decent time).
    • Get the kids on a more structured schedule
    • Designate time for learning and playing everyday
      • Give my sincere and undivided attention when I play with them!
    • Turn off the TV!!!!  Limit "Tube-Time" Everyday
    • Go to Reading time at the Public Library
    • Eat Meals at the table together
  • Remember Family/Friends Birthdays and do something nice for them
    • Do at the beginning of the month so you won't forget!!!
  • Do More to invite the spirit
    • Stop swearing (ya- I'm almost a sailor)
    • Do my Personal Prayer and Scripture Study
    • Do FAMILY prayer and scripture study
    • Have weekly Family Home Evening
    • Do my visiting teaching every month (with a willing and loving attitude)
    • Be more grateful, and more positive.  Always have an attitude of Gratitude.  
    • Love everyone, and judge others less.  "Jesus said love everyone, treat them kindly too". 
This may seems like a big list, but there are 365 days in a year.  I have 5 major goals for the year.  If I can cross off any of the smaller goals in this year, I will have had success (fact).  So here's to hoping that 2012 will be another great year filled with many happy memories, and lots of love and laughter! 
Happy New Year!

2011- A Wonderful Year

Happy New Year Everyone!  We rang in the New Year in Dietrich Idaho this year, with a great round of Napoleon (Wally Actually WON! -Guess this'll be a good year for him), and Stewart and I shared an awesome kiss as we watched the ball drop in Times square.  The kidlets snoozed away the New Year in their beds, and didn't notice any change in life (imagine that).  This time of year always makes me reflect on the year and wonder "what the heck did I accomplish this year?!"  It seems that my days meshed into each other, and time marched on whether I was organized and ready, or not.  All of my resolutions from last new years (awesome resolutions... things I REEEALLY needed to work on) are pretty much the ones I have for this year, meaning I didn't lose my baby weight, I didn't plan meals and cook regularly, I didn't clean like a dedicated house-wife, and I didn't have FHE every Monday night!  I found myself asking, "just what DID I do?"  Some accomplishments that I am very grateful for (and some pleasantly surprised by) that happened in 2011

  • I gave birth to the sweetest little boy I could ever know.
  • I had the opportunity to stay home and raise my two babies.  I was able to witness all of their "firsts" and was able to play and giggle, and sing and dance the days away, not a sitter.
  • I fell in love all over again with my sweet husband Stewart. We spent more time this year working on heart-felt (and inexpensive) dates that we could surprise each other with.  What fun!
  • I went to the circus for the first time!
  • I met new friends, was able to get together for birthday lunches and girls nights, and shopping days!
  • I coached an amazing set of young women, and got to be a part of wonderful growing experiences as a coach and as a person.
  • I got to know my Mom SO much better, and was able to better appreciate her more fully.  I was able to seek advice, vent about silly things, and laugh so hard at silly things.
  • I got to watch my younger siblings turn into wonderful young adults.  I got to send my little brother on a mission, and see my younger sister turn into a more confident, more beautiful daughter of God.  I got to see them both love my children, and treat them with such love and patience.  
  • I had the opportunity to tighten a budget and pay off debts.  I had the opportunity to scrimp and save for a down-payment for a house, and have even seen that savings pay off!
  • I was able to get to know my other mother Nancy, and my sis-in-law Lindy SO much better.  I have loved the time spent with them, and have felt like a daughter and sister to both of them.  
  • I have had the opportunity to work with nursery children, and feel of their unconditional love.
  • I have had the opportunity to strengthen my testimony of Jesus Christ, and learn so much through my small obstacles.
  • I was lucky enough to have a strong body and mind, and not have any serious injury or illnesses.  
  • I was pretty good about keeping up with the blog (aka my blournal).  I know for a fact, someday my kids will enjoy reading about all these good times!
2011 was a very good year for me.  I have never felt so blessed.  I truly have a Wonderful Life.  Sometimes I'm not grateful enough, and I don't love it enough.  Sometimes I get so caught up in what I think life should be like, I don't stop and take it all in.  In 2012, I am going to try harder to stop and take time to enjoy my babies, and let them be little.  I am so thankful for my family, my friends, and those of you who take part in my life!  I hope you all take the time to count your blessings, and make some new goals for the new year.  
Happy New Year Everyone!