Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Park

We don't go to the park often. I think it may have something to do with the fact that we don't live IN town- so we can't really just walk over there whenever we feel. {It always has to be a big ordeal of packing the {huge} diaper bag, making sure we have enough water, snacks, burp rags, formula.... etc... So the only time we really go is when we plan it with my friends and their kids, or when the ward/deaf branch has some type of gathering there. The first time we went this summer was for a deaf branch party, and we had tons of fun!
My cousin Bryce started swinging, so naturally Addison had to swing too! First he put her on his lap to swing, but eventually she wanted to do it herself! {Quite common from this girl these days!} She even started pumping her legs! {Even though she pumped them opposite- what a smartie for copying Bryce!}
Next Addison found the slide, and Oh-MY what a tall slide that is! I remember going down the slide for fun a couple of years ago- and I was surprisingly scared! All I have to say is that Addison is one BRAVE little girl!
Aunt JoAnna helped her {even though she wanted to do it herself!}. Look at how much fun she's having going down! She went on the slide over and over and over and over!
Everyone loves Grandpa!
Ya know the nice thing about a park? There's something for everyone, big or small :)
Do these guys look like they're having too much fun or what?! And I can't believe Sheryl Odell is able to hold Brogan AND bounce!

In the picture below, Stewart is trying his very hardest to bounce me off the other side. I didn't think he was funny, and it brought me back to third grade where the boys would try to bounce the girls off, then make them cry. The only difference is that I MARRIED the bully. :)
Brogan got passed around and around. {He's just so cute- people can't resist him!}. Like the good mother I am- I forgot a bottle. So this little boy was not happy, and fussed himself to sleep with Grandma. {I will never know how she gets my kids to go to sleep while holding them!} {and no worries- we did leave early so we could go home and feed Brogan :) }.
It was a nice evening at the park!

This last week we went to a different park for a relief society lunch. Again- Addison only wanted to go play- NOT eat. The swings were really muddy, so she wanted to play on the slide. There were several older kids who were playing {a little rough} but Addison fought her way onto the slide. This one was a bit smaller, so I {sorta} let her do it by herself. She loved the freedom! Olivia Rogers, who is 3 months younger than Addison also wanted to go down the slide by herself! It seems that at that moment I got a sneak peak into life down the road. All I could see was Olivia and Addison, doing WHAT they wanted BY THEMSELVES! Oh boy. I think I'm in for it! :)

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