Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye Loni!

Today was Loni's last day at Grandma and Grandpa Bingham's house. I know she'll be going to her Granma's in Pocatello for {a week?} Then I think I heard she's off to California? Then perhaps back home? {Ya-I'm always the last to know everything}. We sure are going to miss this girl! If Addison's throwing a fit I can say "Do you want to go see Loni?" and she'll stop throwing her tantrum and start pointing to the door, saying "Oni". Addison and Loni became darned good friends while she was here! I hope Addison remembers her next time she's here!
Brogan loves Loni too. She's so good at getting him to do his cute little belly laugh!
I forgot my camera today as we were saying our goodbyes, but I did have these pictures from a couple of weeks ago. {They turned out great} I do still have more pictures of Loni to post {and hopefully some videos of the fair if I can figure them out}, but today was Loni's last official day with us, so I wanted to dedicate a little post to her. We will definitely miss Loni, but I'm sure her Mom is missing her more! Sure Love you Loni! Thanks for a fun filled summer!

Robert's one year older.... {and wiser too}

A few weeks ago was Robert Odell's birthday. {Robert and Sheryl are our adopted set of parent's. Seriously, we love them like our own parents, and our kids love them like their own Grandparents!} They had us over for a tasty BBQ and a great little party. Jason and Cheryll were here too, so our kids had a lot of fun playing together. They liked going up to pet Scooby {Robert's MASSIVE doggie}, looking at the turkeys, and holding hands walking around in the cool summer evening.
{These pictures aren't in the order I'd like them to be, but I'm too lazy right now to copy/paste/delete so they're going to stay out of order}.
Jon attempted to attempt to climb this tree. He got to this point and decided that between the wobbly fence he was standing on, and the rotted pieces of wood that he was going to pull himself up onto- he wasn't going to risk life and limb :) But it did seem like a good idea!
These two chocolate faces LOVE dessert time!
What cutie pies!
Brogan is such a good little boy! He didn't sleep the whole time, but he knows when it's time to take a break from the party!
Dad giving Stewart a hard time. Seriously- some days it amazes me how well Stewart fits into our family. There hasn't ever been a time when my family is hesitant to give him crap, just like one of their blood siblings! And he's so good about taking it graciously and dishing it out again when the time comes :)
These two are such good friends! We sure will miss seeing them every few weekends now that they've moved to Texas :(
Holding Hands has become on of Addison's favorite things to do lately. We held hands in nursery one time and she hasn't stopped holding hands with kids her age since.
Grandpa and Gradma Jensen. What awesome Grandparents!
Addison is such a sweet little mother to all the babies!

The Gang {well- most of them}
Grandpa Jensen talking to Sheryl's parent's.
Sheryl and her Father {if you couldn't see the resemblance} :)
Robert putting on a mean BBQ! That chicken was SOOO good!
Thanks Odells! You guys are the Best!
We sure Love you and are glad you live in the best place in the world {well-maybe not exactly the best TOWN in the best place in the world... but you get it :) }

There's an App for that....

Yesterday we were out at Dietrich mowing the lawn, and we flipped on the Disney Channel for Addison to watch while we were getting cleaned up. A show called "Good Luck Charlie" was on and it wasn't quite as good as the shows that were on in our day {Boy Meets World, Growing Pains, Step By Step}{Stewart even said- "what low budget shows they have these days"}. Anywho- the girl was using an application on her phone to trick her mom. They kept using the phrase "there's an app for everything". When the Mom's were getting back at their daughters {as all the cliche' Disney shows do} one Mom said "We need a siren and a flashing light". The other Mom typed a few things in to her phone and pretty soon, her phone was flashing red, and making a siren noise. As she held it up in the window she said "They have an app for everything!" {totally cheesy Disney style}.
{Here comes the good part}
On our way home tonight I was driving and Stewart was dinking around on his phone. After a few minutes, his phone screen started flashing blue and red, and out came a loud siren noise. As he held the flashing phone in the window he looked at me and cooly said, "There's an app for everything these days".
{Who has the funniest Husband in the world?!?!}

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happiness is...

having someone to laugh with you when you completely act like a spaz. Addison makes me feel... eh... not so dumb. I can be myself around her- act a little crazy, "shake my tail feather", just be silly -and she doesn't think I'm a dork {yet}. I love to make her laugh and wouldn't trade that for any other job in the world!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July 2011

This year for the 4th of July we had a BBQ with tons of family and some good friends. Stewart cooked some hamburgers, and we had a nice, festive meal. But boy was it hot! We even set up my parent's white market tent with the back on it. It helped to be able to sit in the shade, but it didn't really cool off till the sun went down!

Addison didn't take a nap till people started coming over. She was so tired she curled up with aunt Audrey, and crashed for about an hour! She was tired!
It's a good thing no one broke out the cupcakes before Addison had eaten her dinner. I'm not sure how many of these babies she polished off by the end of the night, but I do know she did eat {some} real food :)
Mom and Dad.
Grandpa Funk is always such a cutie!
Tony, Chris, Tomi and Lizzi. Lizzi and Jack had fun playing in the kiddie pool before dinner. {Glad someone besides me and Addison could appreciate it :}
Jack and Sharon Amoureux
Krista and Audrey. Doesn't Krista look so grown up with her brown hair?

I'm not sure why I never got a picture of Robert and Sheryll Odell, but they were there too!! :)
Aunt JoAnna and Addison {with yet another cupcake}.
Our dog Rambo is really a lovable dog, but he is a bit smelly, big, he sheds, and well... he's just very lovable. He literally wants to be sitting in your lap if your in the yard. So we had this genius idea before our BBQ to build him a little kennel out of some calf panels. We drove some posts in and Stewart zip tied the panels to the posts. We used the shop and part of the fence, and bent the other panels around to make a half circle. It was working pretty good. Rambo didn't like the nieghbor's fireworks they lit off early in the afternoon, {which was evident when he tried to bite through the squares}, but what ticked him off the most was that he couldn't be in the yard with all those fun people. After dinner {thank goodness}, he figured out how to climb through the little space between the top of the chain link fence and the shop. After that, he couldn't be contained! {At least that's what we all thought}. Stewart had a different plan. He chained that dog up to the tree using one of those big heavy truck chains. Rambo thought he was going to die, but Stew moved his dog house over close and he ended up being just fine :)
The fireworks were AMAZING {as always}. We went to my Grandpa Funk's house {there's not a giant grain field behind his house}, and the boys lit off the fireworks. Jon, my cousin Trey, and Stewart. Watching them set the fireworks is stinkin hilarious! Somehow it seems every year Stewart always ends up getting burned, blamed, or chased by a firework. {At least this year he learned from last year not to wear flip flops :}
My Uncle Tony always brings the best illegal fireworks! This year we could see the majority of the school's and the walker Center's too. It was a great night! Addison actually loved them! She would ooh and ahh {as coached by her Momma}, and even scream when the big ones went off! Brogan was being held by... ??? everyone? He slept through the whole thing though! {What a good boy!} He was gawked over by everyone at the BBQ. He loved playing with Great Grandpa Funk too! {Okay- so maybe he mostly cried when Grandpa Funk played with him, but he looked like he was enjoying it :} I know Grandpa Funk sure loves him!
Me and JoAnna loved the fireworks too. I can't believe how fast this girl is growing up! She is sure a great sister. I'm loving having a sister/girlfriend around more than ever these days!
So just for the record, I do have to just ask, what is it about men and explosives? We went to buy a few fireworks {just for some fillers of all the awesome ones}. I told Stewart to get whatever he could for $20-25. He came back to the car with a bag {too full} to only be twenty bucks worth. Yep. Sixty dollars later, we had our "fillers". Seriously? If you know what it is about men and their fireworks I need to know!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Show Calves!

So, did you know that Loni didn't just come to play all summer? That's right. She actually came out here to raise some 4-H calves for the fair! This last week Wally has been gone so Stewart has been helping Loni walk her calves and get them ready for show. Addison has loved this opportunity to spend some quality time with those calves!
She's such a brave little girl! She'll walk right up to those calves without the slightest fear! {yes... a little scary for this momma!} As we were walking she wanted to be right next to the calf, and holding the halter! What a girl huh?!
Isn't she cute? {This is her latest trick, the "smile" face}
Spencer helped to get the calves out too
Addison LOVES being outside, and she loves animals even more! {I think a cow is her latest favorite because whenever we ask her what any noise an animal makes, she says moooo}.

Ready to go for another Cow Walk!
She loves to put on Stewart's boots and hat and walk around. The problem comes when....
well..... see for yourself :)

....well yep. There's the problem {smile}.

Playing Around

So the other day while Loni was here we had a little play date with the neighbors, the Hardcastles. They have 3 boys, Charley is 6 {almost 7}, Frank is... 4 {ish?}, and Pete is 2 {he and Addison are in Nursery together}, and they have a little girl named Winter. She was born the month after Brogan. Anywho- these kids sure had fun playing in the pool {on this somewhat chilly morning}. And when it was time for naps for my kiddos, they even took Loni to their house with them! They must've had fun because Loni came happy and tired.
We were a little worried they weren't going to come play, so Loni and Addison started playing in the little pool by themselves. Loni liked to splash Addison... and she didn't seem to mind {she's my tough little water girl!}
Brogie Bear just chillin in his seat, trying to keep out of the sun!
Loni and Charlie were having a contest to see who could sit in the pool longer. I think they both sat there for like five minutes. {Ya... that water that comes out of a garden hose is quite cold :)}
While down the road Loni collected some rocks! Here are the two biggest ones, and the ones below are her complete collection. {We'll see if those make it back to Virginia... I think she'd have to leave all her clothes here just so she could take her rocks ;) }
Loni got home just as Addison was waking up from her nap. They decided to watch a movie and snuggle together {they're such good friends}.
Oh yes... just in case she didn't call you Debi, Loni lost her other tooth! YAY!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Loni lost a Tooth!

We are once again seriously lucky to have Loni stay at our house again! Grandma Bingham went to Girls Camp, so Loni came to hang out with us for awhile! Today was the Twilight watching day {we only watched 2 of the 3}, but it got us in the mood for the next one {whenever it comes out???? :) } Loni also enjoyed playing with our new kitty Suzie {soon to be introduced on the blog ;)} We had a fun day and we'll have another fun day tomorrow. We have a little playdate planned with one of my friends, and one of our neighbors {who has a boy Loni's age}. They came down tonight for a little bit and Loni seemed to enjoy playing with them and their kittys. It should be a fun time!
So today Loni showed me one of her loose teeth, and it sure was loose! Then out of nowhere she had ANOTHER loose tooth! She wiggled and wiggled and checked it out in the mirror. Then she came up to me and showed me her prize tooth, and the gaping hole it left in her mouth! Too Cool! I told her to write a letter to the tooth fairy, and she looked at me like I was crazy! I told her that was the only way the tooth fairy would know how to find her clear in Idaho! ;) So hopefully tonight the tooth fairy will bring her some dough!
{And on a side note...}
I guess Loni is having too much fun learning how to make halters in 4-H. She decided to make a halter for our Suzie. {Suzie didn't like it AT ALL} Silly Loni :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding {Part 3} {The Reception}

After the wedding we went to lunch at the Olive Garden {my favorite!!} Then we had some REAL fun! We went... SHOPPING! So for those of you that live in very Urban places, you might now share my excitement for "Utah shopping". Seriously we went to Target and it wasn't anything like our Twin Falls target! Utah just has better stuff than we do! After Target {where I got some fantastic shoes (on sale) and got some sweet clothes and shoes for Addison} We went to Ikea. Holy Moley- NEVER been to Ikea before! I think I've found my new love! What an Awesome store! I got the kids an art easle for Christmas, and I also found some "fags" as Stewart calls them. :) LOVE It! Definitely have to go back!

After shopping we headed back to Provo for the reception. What a blast! It was such a simple, classy reception! I LOVED that they had a dance {one thing I wish I would've pushed harder for at our reception}. It was so funny- as soon as someone started dancing, it was like "cue Addison on the dancefloor!" We had to hold her back while the newlyweds had their first dance! We'll have to put that girl in some dance classes! Oh yes- BTW Stewart- you still owe me that dance that we DIDN'T have! :}

Stew's Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda on the dancefloor! {Don't remember if they were doing the cha-cha, Tango, or swing, but they were workin it!

Daddy and Addison having a dance
Grandpa and Loni shakin it on the dance floor!

Addison had to have a turn with Grandpa!
One of the first one's on the floor! Stewart's aunt Linda even asked me "How does she know to do that?!" What a natural :)
Are these two not just the cutest things?!?! There were several small cousins dancing together. How adorable!
After all these posts I just realized that I don't have a picture of the bride and groom! They were gorgeous together! It was a lovely wedding, and an Awesome reception! We had a great little mini-vacation!