Monday, August 17, 2015

Vegas! Girls trip 2015

This spring I was able to go on a girls trip to vegas with some of the most awesome people there ever were! We left Thursday night, flew from Boise into vegas, and flew home Sunday afternoon. We rode to and from the airport in style (a limo both ways!). We walked up and down both sides of the strip, ate waaay too much delicious food, danced on the coyote ugly bar, danced at a concert and threw a few penny slots on Fremont street. We stayed out late every night, slept in, made an awesome model video montage, and went to the amazing circ d'solei show,  "O".  My abs hurt just thinking about all the laughing we did. Such a fun group, and an awesome get-away!

Stewart at 29

Look who turned 29 this March. He enjoyed his remote control helicopter until it crashed to it's death only a few short days after his birthday. He's such a kid (I  usually tell people I have four kids) ;)

I love you Stewart. You make me happy and i can't imagine this life without ya!