Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Date night

So Stewart has been really good about making sure we have a weekly date night. Since lately there really hasn't been much to do, we've gone to dinner (or he's surprised me with tickets to the Eclipse movie... {I know right?!} ,but it's gotten rather expensive lately. So I took a turn to be in charge of date night. It was a total surprise for Stewart (Even though he guessed every part of it... turkey) and (It wasn't planned terribly well)... (Like we went to the dead horse caves and I couldn't find our flashlight, so we took Jon's mag light that the battery was dead on) and we got quite a ways in before our light started dying and I got super creeped out. So we ditched that and had dinner on the dock of Dog Creek. I packed a chicken and potato salad picnic, complete with kool aid and CChip cookies! :) It was fun just to hang out the two of us and do something we would probably do if we were still only dating. Can I just say how much I love this man!?! (Cause I do!)