Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trip to Rexburg

Last weekend we went to Rexburg for my brother Jason's graduation. He finally is DONE with school! Congrats on him for finishing strong at BYU-Idaho! We were able to see my uncle Niel and his family from California, and my Grandpa Funk, G&G Jensen, and my cousin Bryce were all able to go up with us also. We had a fun BBQ, attended a great graduation, went to a splash park, and had SO much fun! Dad, Jon, Grandpa Funk and Bryce went home on Sunday, but on Monday Me, Mom, Stew, JoAnna, and the kids stayed in Idaho Falls to do some DEMOLITION in my aunt's house. {We didn't really DEMO, but we did take out her cupboards and bring them home for my mom}. {These pictures are in backwards order, so we'll start with Monday first!}

Addison played in my aunt Deanna's little swimming pool {and in the hose too. That girl LOVES hoses!} She was pretty funny {and worn out by the end of the day}.
JoAnna played outside with her. Stewart got them these ice creams and Addison was IN LOVE! :) Such a silly girl!
Here's my mom, tearing out some more cupboards!
The Ice Cream truck came down the block and Stewart took Addison out to get some. She was pretty excited about it {and Stew too... you can see him sorta running to the truck}.
I was pretty bad about taking pictures this trip, but I did get some fun ones from the splash park. I totally wish that Gooding had a little FREE splash park like this one! Addison LOVED it! They had the big splash thing in the middle with a few little slides, spouts, and lots of random pouring water. Then they had more spouts around the edges of the area. Some shot way up high, some were medium, and some were just perfect for the littler kids. Addison liked to drink out of them. Silly girl!
Brogan was as happy as could be {what's new?}. This kid is so easy going, and I couldn't be more grateful for that! {Look at those BLUE eyes!}
What a cutie pie!
Jon and my cousin Adam started a pickup game with a few kids. At first it was a very friendly game, but a few kids came into it and it started to heat up a bit. {Sorta funny to watch too}.
Addison and Daniel wanted to play ball too!
Again- what a happy happy boy!

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