Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simply Bliss

just got back from an AWESOME trip to Twin with my sweet little family!  Went to trade my boots (for a different size) at Target, ended up shopping there forever, only to walk out with kids clothes and a turquoise paper towel holder (NEW KITCHEN HERE I COME!!!) then went to a fantastic Chinese dinner (where Brogan insisted on yelling around through the whole meal) then finished off the trip with a traditional trip to wal-mart, where I made Brogan laugh SO HARD by pushing him then chasing the cart.  Did it throughout the whole store.  (Love that kid and his giggle!) Over all- funnest trip to Twin with the kids and Stew, EVER!  Love them so much!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Pictures

My kids are so cute, giving me plenty of opportunities to get cute pictures of them.
Addison likes to feed her horse Indy oats.  Below she is practicing on her fake horse with some Kix.

 Tuckered out
 We rolled the odometer to 99,000 miles the other day.  We had to stop the car in Wendell to get a good picture of the numbers (Stew's silly about numbers lining up right... and I love it!)
 Got this picture of Addison in nursery having a great time!  She's too cute (but sometimes naughty).  Since Mom and Dad are in Nursery she thinks she has free roam of the class (she's going to be in a different world when we switch wards!)
 Our Cute, simple Christmas tree.  Addison actually helped me put the ornaments on this year (which was quite fun!)
 Addison has this thing about not wanting to take a nap (I KNOW RIGHT?!?!)  She prefers to take a "short rest" (which doesn't include sleep) in the rocker with Mom.  On this day she just couldn't hold out.  Fast asleep in minutes :)
 Look at this stunt-stunnin girl!  She's rockin her Christmas boots, her new found hat, that adorable sweater, and a mischievous smile.  Sure Love her!
 Today Brogan was being a silly silly boy!  It doesn't take much to get this kid laughing, and he has such a contagious giggle, I couldn't help but join in.  He's so fun!
 This picture does a lot of justice to how quick this guy is growing!  Doesn't he look so much older?  He's not my little baby anymore (although he's recently taken to snuggling!!  SCORE!)
I have the best kiddos and have too much fun with them!

at the end of the day...

...all it realy takes to keep the kids smiling is an empty box of zebra cakes. :)  
(It's been a really long day here without Dad!)

Just Wondering....

...when's it gonna snow?  Christmas in Idaho is supposed to be snowy and bright.  Lately it just feels like spring time (minus any precipitation).  At first I liked that it's pretty warm, and I don't have to worry about driving in the snow, but now I just want to make a stinking snowman.  So- let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!  SOON please!  Thanks! ~Juniel

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hunting a Christmas Tree (Idaho Style)

This year we decided to "cut down" our own Christmas tree.  So we loaded up the Tahoe with our family, and Micah, Lindy and their baby Alli.  We headed up to deer Creek (past Hailey) and headed into the woods.  We drove around for a bit, but the kids started to get cranky, so we decided to put on the kids' snowclothes and let them get out with us (bad idea).  We had to get back in the car as soon as we got their clothes on and they weren't happy at all!  In fact it was like we were at a concert featuring crying/screaming babies.  It wasn't terribly funny-but all we could do was laugh about it!

Bagged our prize tree!  Stewart shot it down with a 12 gauge shotgun, only took him 7 shots. Way to go babe!
Brogan had to wear pink snow pants since they were the only ones that fit him.  (We now know that even though pink snow pants are cute, black or blue are easier to put on a boy or girl).  But no worries Brogan rocked those pink snow pants!
Brogan, Alli and aunt Lindy having fun in the backseat while the men tie the trees to the roof!
Addison decked out and braving the snow.  She didn't much care to walk in it by herself though.
In fact she wanted to be carried the whole time we were outside.  :) What a goof!
Getting ready to load Micah's tree to the roof.
The kids got to ride in the back back of the car and they enjoyed being able to see everyone in front of them for once!
What good buddies!
Micah and Lindy's tree
Micah climbed to the top of the mountain to find his tree. I hiked half way up (with the intent to help him get the tree down the mountain), lost sight of him, the decided to go back down before I died of exhaustion.

Okay- this is my sister in law Lindy.  She lives in Dietrich and we see each other all the time.  Since she's the only sister in law that lives by me we're super close.  It makes it even better that she's just a year older than me, and has a lot of personality quirks that are very similar to mine (resulting in some very silly times).  I love Lindy and all the good times we have.  
A roll of toilet paper fell out of the car (where'd that come from?) and Stewart ran over it when he pulled the car out of the way for another car to pass.  Lindy (being the awesome human being that she is) put it in her pants and was acting the part of "goof ball".  And now the best part of this story- while I was snapping crazy pictures of toilet paper in her jeans, a car came down the road and we didn't even notice till it was right there! Some Hailey family is going to have a Merry Christmas with visions of Lindy's dancing in their head hahaha!  Love you Lindy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Addison the Mommy

Addison loves her baby. When I put Brogan down for a nap, she puts her baby down for a nap. When she wants to go somewhere, she gets her baby in her carseat and says "out". Grandma Jensen got this little bike for her this summer (actually she got one for Addison, AND one for Brogan for next year). I let Addison ride it in the house. One day she decided she'd take her baby for a drive. She had a ball (although she wasn't sure about hooking her baby's car seat onto the handle bars ;)
Having a little trouble... her baby wanted to bale!