Monday, August 22, 2011

The Jensen's

"playing" with Uncle Josh while he's sleeping :)
Dorothy and her cute baby belly. Little Paisley is due this fall!
Weston is such a little cutie! {and SO tall!}
This summer my brother Josh, his wife Dorothy, and their little boy Weston came out for a two week vacation. We had a ton of fun together, but for some reason I didn't snap a lot of pictures... ? not really like me not to have my camera handy, but I won't forget the fun we had! Me and the kids spent a lot of time hanging out and playing at my parent's house. One night we tailgated and shot skeet {which I find so much fun now that I can actually HIT something!}. We all went to the dead horse caves and ate hotdogs on the charcoal grill, then shot. When it started getting dark my parents took the babies back to their house and the rest of "the kids" stayed out for a little late night hillbilly fun. We attempted to bunny bash, but there weren't very many rabbits out, so it turned into Josh and Jon shooting kangaroo mice. We drove out to the middle of nowhere and came back, rode in the back, got super dusty, but we had a great time together!

The other highlight was our girls day out. JoAnna, Dorothy, Mom and I all went on a girls day out shopping trip. {And we didn't have to take a single baby with us!!!!}. It was FABULOUS! We spent the day mosying around shopping, then my Mom treated us to an awesome lunch at applebees. It was such a great day- and I feel like we got to spend a lot of quality time with Dorothy {something we don't often get to do}.

Another fun fun thing was Weston's birthday party. Since he had his birthday while they were here they threw a little party for him. We also decided to surprise Dorothy with a little surprise party of her own {since her Birthday is in September}. It was fun to actually SURPRISE her, and I think she enjoyed it too.

Overall it was a great two weeks, and we already miss them like crazy! Wish things would've worked out so they could be out here all the time {I know Addison would sure like a little cousin to play with} {and I'd sure like another sister in law to run around with!} :) We love you guys and hope that little Paisley comes safe and sound {when the time comes!}

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