Monday, February 17, 2014


These are some pictures I took of Cash in his blessing outfit (since I didn't really get a good one of him on his blessing day).  He absolutely hates this suit.  He slips all around in it, and the bowtie gets in his face a lot.  He's a cutie regardless of how much he hates his cute clothes :)

Beautiful Pictures

Oh my goodness I'm in love ALL over again!  My super talented friend Jaime just gave me the pictures she took of Cash's delivery.  I almost cry every time I look at them!  What a special thing to have! She gave them to me tonight and I just can't help but share a couple on here immediately! :)  

More to come soon!!

Winter Weather 2013-14

 We've had a super weird (super pretty) frost hang around this winter.  It was so beautiful!

 Emmette wasn't quite sure about having to be outside while it was so cold! (He does have a dog house and a heating pad though!)

And it finally did snow some.  The snow is always beautiful at our house! This is the view out my front door.  I'm a lucky lady. 

Look Who's a Happy Boy

This picture just makes me happy.  :)  Love this boy!

Fun on a Trampoline

With a little bit of frost a trampoline can be SUPER fun! :) 
I love that you can see just how excited Brogan and Addison were to be sliding around on a slippery tramp in the winter time.  They had so much fun (even though it was freezing and they didn't have enough clothes on to be warm).

Love these two!

Riding With Stew

When Stewart and I were dating, I would often ride along with him as he was working.  Those were some of the funnest days.  We didn't really "do" anything, I just went along.  We talked a lot.  We held hands the whole time.  We listened to music and were silly (ok- I was silly and Stewart laughed at me).  Since we've had kids I haven't really had the opportunity to just ride along with him like we used to.  (I've attempted it a few times with kids, and it's just too much work!)

A few weeks ago my Mom agreed to watch all the kids for a day so I could ride along with Stewart to check his Boise dairies.  I took my camera and snapped a few shots of what a workday looks like for Stewart.  I love it!  Love you Stewart!

Yes, there is actually a sign that says this! (Actually there's two). 
 Cautious Bikers
 Sometimes it's even exciting.  At this dairy we pulled into, as we were pulling out, cows suddenly started coming out of this gate (into the road).  There was no on around so Stewart pulled over and  stopped any more cows from escaping.  I went and found someone who looked like they worked there and informed them the cows were getting out.  (Apparently these cows had already escaped once earlier that day).  Stewart was so cute helping herd them back to their home :)
This is what I imagined Stewart saying...
 "Don't make me take my hand out of my pocket!" (HA)
 "Get in there you Heifers"
 "Hmmm... What is gong on here....?"
 This is when the frost was amazingly beautiful.  I wish I would have made Stewart stop earlier so I could take some pictures.  (This is one I took while we were flying down the freeway) ;)