Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Lately Addison won't take a nap or go to bed until we read THREE stories.  {She likes to sit in my lap for two, then get in bed and have me read one more}.  Usually she picks the same stories over and over for about a week.  Ferdinand, however,  has become a fast favorite, and we end up reading it every night and nap time.  Whenever I read her a story, I really try to over-exaggerate, do voices, and let her fill in the blanks.  For Ferdinand, there's a part that's repeated  "Not Ferdinand.  He just liked to sit in the grass and smell the flowers."  This is usually how that part goes.  ME: "Not Ferdinand.  He just liked to sit in the grass and smell the...."  ADDISON: "CHICKENS!"  Whaaat?  haha!  Oh Addison.  You never cease to make me laugh!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stewart turns 26!

Unfortunately, I suck and this is the only picture I have from Stewart's 26th birthday party.  We had a houseful of family to help Stewart ring in his "finally 26" birthday.  (He's been telling people for 2 years now that he's 26) (sometimes he just gets confused) :)  So we ate tacos, cake and ice cream, and enjoyed the entertainment that the children (not just mine, but even some of my grown cousins) provided.  Stewart got bodywash, hand scrub (yes, it makes his hands feel baby soft), protein shakes, new pants, new shirts, money, and new puma shoes (I managed to half way surprise him with the shoes).   This cute cake came from Costco (thanks Nancy), and was SO delicious!  Thanks to everyone that came, and Debbie- thanks for the birthday cards!  You are SO good!

Next week is Brogan's birthday, so another party to come.  (I think next year we'll celebrate Stew's happy "Un-birthday" so we don't have to have 3 parties in 4 weeks :)  )