Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Little Things....

Antonio Smith stated the quote, "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Well my husband Stewart takes this quote quite seriously (even if he doesn't realize it). Yesterday was a good long day and I learned how to do something new... shave calves. Yup! Stew is a professional at it and everyone wants him to come help them at fair time. Well his boss' kids needed some help so I decided to go with him and maybe learn a thing or two. I sure did!! Three stubborn calves shaved and several hours later... I was sore, covered in cow hair, and ready to get some chow. So from Rupert we headed over to Burley and the first stop was to get gas. After Stewart is done pumping the gas he gets in and is so excited and says "I will never be able to do that again! LOOK!!!" Thinking that after the long day we had had and all that we got done with the calves this must be something pretty darn exciting! He backs up the car and rolls down his window, points to the gas tank and says "look, ten gallons exactly. That is something to be proud of."
And proud of it he was... I love this man!
"Look ten gallons exactly!"

Monday, July 27, 2009


In the past few weeks we have had a ton of family come and visit and we have been bouncing between Dietrich, Twin Falls, and Gooding. We loved seeing everyone we haven't seen in ages! Stewart's aunt Shanon and her family came and visited for a week. We loved playing cards with them. They are the true Napoleon competitors! Stewart's sister in law Debi also came. She brought her two girls Loni and Ada. They were so much fun to have here! Me and Stewart got to adopt Loni for an evening and took her to the little kids rodeo in Shoshone. She loved walking around looking at the animals and playing the games. She was a cutie. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I snapped a quick picture when we were getting ready to leave. Stewart had thrown Loni on top of the car and she knew exactly how to pose :)

What a model!
Here is Stew Loni and Ada just being silly. Ada is riding in the play shopping cart.

On my side of the family, my cousin Stephani came with her two daughters Gracie and Annabell. It was fun to see them again too! Gracie is such a cute girl and so full of energy! Everytime I pulled ot the camera she posed for it! It was too cute!

Like mother like daughter!

Gracie became bolder around my parent's "puppy" dog buddy... he's a holy terror! But was lots of fun to play with! I'm not sure what Gracie is doing here.... uh... mom?? :)
What a Cutie!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you find my wallet?

So... has your husband ever lost his wallet and asked you if you knew where it was? Well, Stewart is pretty good about knowing where his wallet is, but he still had to ask me. He walked into the bathroom and stood in a pretty feminine pose, and said, "hey, I lost my wallet, do you know where it could be? Then he looked down pretty obviously and stood there until I also looked down at his shoes....

Look down at his shoes..... Can you find his wallet?

How bout now?

Have you spotted it yet?

Here.. lets make things a little easier :) What a funny husband I have! He buys wallets like Women buy purses!! It's ok... I'm glad my husband has a fashion sense and that he keeps making me laugh day after day!

Old Hair vs New hair!

I went and got my hair done last week and I really LOVE it! Here are some before and after pictures...

I love the color and the length! It looks so good and makes me feel so much better about going out in public everyday :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

An embarrassing story...

So... my morning sickness had it's first public debut this last week. It was pretty horribly embarrassing! On Friday night my good friend Brittanie Toone came to Twin so we could catch up and hang out. We went to dinner at Sizzler and me not being too hungry, just got the salad bar. I had SO MUCH good fruit and had a salad that was very tasty. (I think the problem with the salad was the garbanzo beans and meat I put on it) (I haven't been doing well with meat). Anyways, I was feeling fine until we got parked at the drive in.... then disaster struck! All of a sudden I felt like I was going to throw up and sure enough I did, right outside my door. Now I thought this was embarassing because there were people behind me and probably watched in horror (as they were sitting on the ground in their lawnchairs :) Well, I continued to feel sick and had one more out the door incedent before I decided that I really needed to find the bathroom, AND FAST! So I'm practically jogging through the parking lot towards the snack bar when I totally just lost it all. I tried to just keep it in my mouth, but there was a lot more than I thought there would be... so I just let it all go in the middle of the parking lot. So now not only is there a pile of grossness in the parking lot, my hands and face are also coated, and there are a few nice spots of it on my shirt too! So I wiped my face off and shook it off my hands as good as I could and didn't even look around me to see how all the people were looking at me (but there were a LOT of people around me). Determined, I tried to act like I didn't have grossness all over my face, hands and shirt as I looked for the bathroom.... and Yup... I couldn't find it!! So I had to ask someone where it was (as if I wasn't already drawing enough attention to myself)! When I got to the bathroom you better believe that I didn't have anything left in my stomach so I just washed my hands and face and shirt and left, pretty much defeated. (I took a nice long detour back to the car and totally avoided my initial route :) I was fine for the rest of the night (as far as being sick), but my pride was definately hurt. Never have I been sick in public. In fact I've never not made it to the bathroom before! So I'm blogging about this more for journaling purposes. Lots of people have told me to journal about it so I can laugh about it in a year. Well, I probably still won't think it's too funny in a year, but perhaps in a decade :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey Babay

So... I had my first doctor's appointment yesterday. I didn't really know what to expect, and was quite surprised to find out all that goes on at your first appointment. Ya know, no one tells you about that kind of stuff until after it's over, then they're all like, "oh ya, that sucked huh?" :) Well, the appointment went really well. I found out my due date. February 14, 2010! I have an appointment in a week to get an ultrasound, then in another two weeks for another ultrasound!
We are just so excited!!

Fourth of July

We had such a great fourth of July this year. It was kinda chill and really a great day. We started out EARLY by going to Dietrich for the Scout's pancake breakfast. The pancakes were REALLY good and probably the best thing I've eaten in weeks! It was pretty windy and the makeshift pavilion (a round piece of plywood screwed onto the top of two two by fours and squeezed between two tables) kept blowing down, which ultimately made for some pretty great entertainment. After breakfast Stewart, Hank and Omar played in the three on three basketball tournament put on by the school. They lost their first game, their second game, but luckily won the third game. It was a fairly close one, and it's a good thing they won, because they played the girls team :) We grabbed some lunch at the Merc, (something we had to let Omar experience) then headed home. I got a FABULOUS nap in and Stewart got a much needed shower.

We planned on going to my Grandpa Funks for our annual fireworks show and wasn't sure if anyone was bringing any food. So we decided to stock up just in case. I decided to make rice crispy treats and brownies (and take a watermelon just in case). So my first batch of rice crispys I burned terribly, but luckily had some extra marshmallows in the cupboard. I think I made the BEST rice crispy treats I have ever made!! Everyone loved them!! Including Omar!! We dragged him to Gooding with us to enjoy our spectacular fireworks show and all the way there he snacked on a pan of those tasty treats! So we got to Gooding a little early and decided to break Omar into another small town specialty, roller coaster road! For some reason that road can make people have a good time! :) So we went to my parents house (to wait for dark) and ended up playing the wii and watching a movie. Finally about a quarter to ten we headed into town and braced ourselves for the AMAZING fireworks show. We had SO many fireworks!! And my uncle Tony brought his infamous illegal fireworks that always STEAL the show! They were SO great! My grandpa's house is in the perfect spot too, we could see about 4 different fireworks shows around us! Hank and Mekala stopped by too and we had a good ol time with everyone! The cutest part of the whole night was watching the boys (and mostly Stewart) run to light fireworks and run away from them. Poor Stewart choose some innappropriate footware for this event.... Have you ever tried to sprint in Flip flops? :) It was a good show :)