Monday, October 31, 2011

~Halloween 2011~

This Halloween has been a pretty fun one! Addison is at that age where everything is new, but fun. She loves to be involved in whatever we're doing, and I think she had a lot of fun this Halloween! I know this Halloween has been more fun than any other I've ever had, and I know it's because of my little family.

About two weeks ago we carved pumpkins for family night. We went to "the pumpkin patch" at Ridleys {smile} and we each picked out our pumpkin. Addison really enjoyed digging in the "guts". After a while though she started taking the guts out of the bowl and putting them back into the pumpkin. But it did keep her busy for quite awhile!
Brogan's favorite thing to do was just eat everything. {What's new?}
Daddy, Addison and Brogie carving the kid's pumpkins.

Isn't this just the cutest pumpkin family you've ever seen? (Had I known that Stewart would carve his to look human-like, and that I would decide to make the kids' somewhat resemble them... I would've done mine different). :)
Addison liked carying them outside the next day. I think it made her feel really important to carry the pumpkin.
Our family went as gnomes this year! We got our plaid wear and my jumper from DI, then I busted out the sewing machine! I made all the hats (with Addison's braids and all the facial hair), Addison's little skirt, and my apron (which you can't even see). I made them all today. Yes- I was exhausted and a bit cranky, but it was worth it. Addison loved her hat with the braids, Brogan didn't really like any part of dressing up, I liked that the kids kept their clothes on, and I think Stewart liked that he had a full beard he doesn't have to shave off! :)
What a cute little gnome!
Addison LOVED that Trick-Or-Treat =CANDY!!! Aunt JoAnna was working one of the trunk-or-treat booths and gave Addison WAY more than her share (but Addison didn't mind). Then Grandpa Jensen (who she refused to leave) took her around a few more times. When it got too cold, we went to my Grandpa Funk's house. He was dressed up as a very cute clown. Addison couldn't take her eyes off of him, and couldn't quite figure out who he was, but as soon as he took off the wig, (and gave her some candy) all was well.
I thought this was a good picture of my Mom and her Dad. He's holding a sleeping Brogi gnome. I sure love my family, and love that we can live close! It's so fun for Addison to come play with Grandpa Funk!
I was trying to get a better shot of Addison's costume.
There's no business like gnome business!
(Maybe next year we'll go as a family of mice... I'm so cheesy!) :)
We did go out to my friend Kelsey's house, and also to Aunt Audrey's house. Uncle Bruce was scaring kids on the porch, and Addison was pretty scared of him. He has such a deep wicked laugh! They had a really fun decorated porch! We were going to go out to Dietrich, but by the time we got back to the house, it was way later than we'd hoped. The kids and I have bad coughs, and Brogan was ready for bed, so we decided to just stayed home :( Next year maybe we'll just do trunk-or-treat in Dietrich first.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So two weeks ago, Rambo got hit by a car on the highway. I was absolutely heartbroken. He didn't really chase cars on the highway, but he did chase the cars out of the driveway (including the beat trucks that have been rolling in and out). I think he was just following a truck out of the yard and got hit. I was so sad. He was in pretty bad shape, (nothing the vet could fix).
I know I was always complaining about Rambo- his chewing the siding, or digging in the yard (and out of it). And I know that at one point I actually let him out of the yard and yelled "Run free fido", but I loved that dog. He was MY dog. He was scared of Stewart, played fetch with me, and was always by my (or Addison's) side when we were outside. Rambo was the dog that I thought we'd have for a looong time. He was the "dog in the yard" of our dream house.
I'm not the only one who is going to miss him. We got Rambo right after Addison was born, and he was just as much her dog as he was mine. She loved to play with him. She loved to watch him fetch the ball, or run around the yard. Rambo loved her just as much. He was a good, a soft dog. He never was impatient with her, and never snapped at her.
I'm really missing this dog. I hope someday we find another one as good as him.

The Latest Bingham News

So I've been slacking a bit on the blog lately, but volleyball is finally over (we got 3rd at state!) so hopefully I'll be able to get onto some kind of schedule and get back to "real" life!

Who would've guessed that Brogan could grow so fast! At his six month appointment (a month ago) this big guy weighed in at 21 pounds! (I can't remember his length because I was so in shock by how much he weighed!) but he's tall too! He's just started "crawling". He gets up on his knees, rocks back and forth, then gets on his toes and pushes forward. It's cute. He also is very good at rolling to get wherever he wants. He's usually pretty happy, but always very heavy! :)
These two are quite good friends! (Although Addison isn't very fond of him having a binki when she doesn't) She is pretty good to him. She tickles him, finds him toys, and even gives him food. She's a great big sister and he sure loves her!
Brogan seems to find himself under the couch quite often. One time he even got his head stuck under there. What a silly boy!
Addison gets into EVERYTHING these days! (What's new). This is her latest find... the junk drawer! Her item of choice? The scissors. I know. Why can't she want the sticky notes? (but I have moved the scissors... ).
Brogan has been eating baby food for quite a while now. He's not picky and will eat ANYTHING (unlike Addison who only liked fruits and sweet potatoes). She's still a picky eater. She only eats a tad bit and most of it has to have ketchup on it for her to actually swallow it. Unless of course.... it comes off of Brogan's spoon.
She'll eat ANYTHING that Brogan is being fed!
Brogan loves to eat! Look at that happy boy!
Uncle Jon is going to Toronto Canada on his mission! He reports to the MTC on November 11! He gave a great talk today in church. I know he will make a great missionary! I also know that we will miss him around here! Uncle Jon comes to our house just about every day for lunch. In fact, Addison won't go down for her nap until after 1:00 (about the time Jon goes back to work). I know he'll miss the babies, but we'll be sure to color lots of pictures to send him!

These next few pictures.... ya, there just might not be words for them. I'll just say that I have an adorable little girl, and she definitely is herself!

We went to Twin Falls and she HAD to wear this hat. She wouldn't let me help her put it on straight so it's crooked in her face. (Then she wouldn't let me take a picture so I had to take one in the rear-view mirror).
Addison's favorite shoes are her boots. She can get them out of her drawer, and put them on by herself (and hey, they're stylish)! (She also prefers NOT to wear pants) :)
This girl LOVES being outside! What a silly girl! (and yes- I've cut those bangs and she can now see once again!)
HAHA! Fresh out of the bath... why not wear Aunt JoAnna's cheer shoes naked!?
"DAAAD! No bum pictures!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Senator Pride

I grew up here in Gooding, so I've been a Senator my whole life. I'm proud to say that my kids (and even my husband) are becoming quite the little Senator fans! We like to go to the football games, and I'm sure we'll be headed to basketball games this winter. The kids do pretty well, and we enjoy getting out and feeling like a part of this small town community.
Brogan loves Great Grandpa Funk! He always makes him laugh!
Here was our Volleyball float with all our girls! I LOVE these girls! My JV girls worked hard for me and we took 2nd to Declo at districts. I am so proud of them! I'm also proud to state that our Varsity team is going to state!! They also took 2nd to Declo in Districts, but beat Malad in a play in game. So this Wednesday we're headed WAAAY up North to Coeur d'Alene Idaho for STATE BABY!!! I think this varsity team really has a chance to go all the way. As long as they work hard and communicate, they can't be beat!
Here's my two Senator bebies! So cute! (And almost the same size) :)
Me and my Blue Devil (turning Senator) husband. Every year he has to buy a new Senator sweatshirt to add to his wardrobe. (he secretly wishes he could have been a Gooding Senator)
(I love this guy so much!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Excited to see Stew!

So Stewart has been gone this WHOLE week! He left on Sunday and gets into Boise tomorrow night around six. He's been in Wisconsin at a Dairy convention thing helping his Dad with the Vantage booth. Can I tell you how bad I've missed him?!?!?! Seriously! It has been a looong week! I can't say that it's been totally unbearable (kid wise) because I have had my Mom, brother, and JoAnna here whenever they can to help with the kids. My family has really been the best this week (which hasn't been an easy week for me in any aspect of life), but at the end of the day it's nice to be held by the one person you want holding you forever. I'm SO excited this week is over, and that I get to go pick him up tomorrow evening! And on that note I have a little surprise for him! (well 2 surprises, but one REALLY big one!) I can't wait! I'll post pictures on the blog as soon as I can (my computer chip is full- so I have to do some moving of pictures). I have MISSED you STEW! Can't wait to see you! LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Learning Experience

I am coaching JV volleyball this year. So far this season has seen it's share of up and downs (although lately it seems to just be downs). My team is a really great group of girls. I mean tremendous. I see a TON of potential in them (like state winning potential). They work well together, they (usually) have positive attitudes, and we have a LOT of fun together. This past summer Gooding High school has been remodeling a bit, which has thrown us off a number of times. At one point we were barely allowed in the gym (some rumor floated around about asbestos, but I don't know that as a fact). Our gym too received a face lift. We got a brand new floor, a brand new AC system (what a treat!), and we were supposed to be getting new bleachers. The floor not being ready threw us off. There were times we had to practice around the AC guys (who were still making adjustments to the system) (which I'm not sure is ever turned on), and the current issue is the new bleachers. For whatever reason, the bleachers were not scheduled to be delivered until the middle of our season. Awesome. All of our home games have been played with bystanders watching from their floor seats on one side of the gym. It actually hasn't been so bad, and I was surprised at how minimal the complaints were. Of course, the bleachers got sent to the wrong place, so now they were not supposed to be in till the end of our season. When the bleachers finally arrived the contractors promised to work double time until they were installed (which would not take more than a week, just in time for our last home game). Hopefully our bleachers are in THIS week. If not- I just might end up killing someone. It has been a long two weeks.

I am quickly learning that JV Volleyball (while many demean it's merits) is a big deal (not that I didn't believe this before). I am learning how to take a beating, and how to (attempt) to keep my composure through it all. I am learning what is acceptable to "take" and what I will never stand to be treated like again. I am learning who I can and can't trust, and who has my back in sticky situations. I am thankful to be guided by such a wonderful Varsity coach, and to have such a supportive coach in the C-Team position. I am not weak. Never again will I allow anyone to belittle my faith and beliefs, or to tell me that I should not be a coach. I LOVE these girls I coach, and I would do anything to see them succeed; not only on the court, but in the classroom, and more importantly in life. I make sacrifices as a coach, and I do it because I love the sport and love what it can teach to our youth. I believe that athletics is never only about a game. I believe that through athletics we teach our kids life lessons and skills. I hope that someday my kids have a coach who puts them through hard things. I know that by making decisions as young people, THAT is how they will learn and grow. I was forced to make all sorts of decisions in high school. I may not have always made the right decisions, but I learned from each decision I made, and I'm glad my coaches, teachers, and advisors cared enough about me to put me through hard things. I am strong. I will not be affected by the things that are said to me in anger, no matter how deep my wounds. I will learn from this experience, and become stronger.

"No on can make you feel inferior without your consent"
~Eleanor Roosevelt