Thursday, August 4, 2011

Addison Kay

Call it Sass, call it personality, or just call her Addison Kay! As Addison grows up, she gets to be more and more fun {and also has more and more personality!} She truly knows how to be herself and keep this Momma on her toes!

At the Shoshone fair she wanted to be showing her own calf! She had no fear around the cows, and found a friend who is just as fearless as her! This is Ty VanTassel {He's 2}. He's the youngest of six and he is quite the little helper to his Mom. Addison was in LOVE! She followed him around, helped him "take care" of his older siblings' calves, played tag, and even held hands with him! {oh boy- we're gonna have to keep our eye on this girl!}
For lunch Addison decided to forgo the fries that Stew bought. She just had ketchup {and she chose to "drink" it. {yes-gross I know}.
One day when Stewart was watching the kids, Addison climbed into the towel hamper and couldn't figure out how to get out. What a nut!
Don't really know where she got these, but I thought this picture was too cute to pass up!
Talkin on the phone to one of her BFF's! {Probably her Daddy}
{Must've been funny :) }
This little girl snuck out of the house with the WHOLE package of graham crackers! What a turkey!
I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up! She is so smart and never ceases to amaze me! Love you Addison!

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  1. Hey Juniel can you email me all the pics you have with Loni? Some on your blog I can't steal!
    Thanks a lot