Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good older siblings

These kids sure love their baby brother. I have so many pictures exactly like this with Cash. Touches my heart to see them love Daxton so much. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy 7 Years Stewie!

March 13, 2016

Happy anniversary to us! We've been through a lot in our short 7 years together, but I know we've been able to get through it because we have each other. Stewart surprised me this weekend with a trip to Idaho Falls. He got us a huge suite and planned nothing but some light shopping and visiting friends and the sister (exactly what this pregnant woman would ask for). (And in our 7 years this has been the first time he's been able to keep a surprise without spilling the beans) 😉. Sure love you Stewart Bingham!!! Thanks mom for keeping our kids! We appreciate all your help!

New Shower!

March 15, 2016
Last summer our shower started leaking a little. We had someone come check it out to see if it was a problem with pipes behind the wall or just a leaky shower. They concluded it was just leaky, so we stripped all the caulk and re-caulked the whole thing. Since then we haven't had much luck with keeping it dry (no matter how many times we re-caulked it). Our baseboards and floor around the shower were starting to get rotten, so we decided it was time to fix it good. We hired the same contractor who did our kitchen, and he rock and rolled today in building this custom surround! The tile guy is coming tomorrow and hopefully this project will be wrapped up by the end of the week! I'm so glad there wasn't any extra damage behind the walls, and am so excited for our new (huge) shower! ‪#‎the422‬ ‪#‎homeimprovement‬

Still need to post a picture of the new shower all finished! 

Thanks Siri!

March 23, 2016

Just a glimpse into my life

My kids think it's funny to tell Siri to set alarms on my phone for random times. Just double checked my morning alarm and noticed there was a 2 am wake up call. Nice try tiny humans!!! Not this time!! 😂 ‪#‎addisonkay‬‪#‎brogiebear‬