Monday, December 30, 2013

Cash's Blessing Day

Yesterday we blessed Cash.  It was quite the group of family we had.  I sure love being close to family!  
 Our family of FIVE!  {Wow- that's new} 
 THIS GIRL LOVES her new little brother!  She is such a great helper!  Always the first to come to his rescue when he's crying.
 With Grandpa Funk
 Grandma loves all her Grandbabies... but she especially loves them when they're this small ;)
Stewart gave Cash a very nice blessing.  (He didn't even change his name- according to Uncle Spencer Stewart has the final say in what we name our kids) ;)

Grandpa Jensen and Brogan are pretty good buddies.  I think Cash was initiated as a "good buddy member" today ;)

Uncle Jon

Uncle Jon came home from his mission in November.  Since then he's spent a lot of time hanging out with us (Jason is staying at my mom's for two weeks for Christmas, so Jon is staying in our guest room)
Jon has been deemed "Baby whisperer".  He is so good with little Cash!
 He's also very good with the other two crazies! We love him so much!  He's headed to BYU-I at the end of this week and we are going to miss him tons!

Cash Wallace Bingham

Look who's here!  Cash was born on December 9th.  We love this little baby boy SO much! I've posted all the details on his own blog.  Go to to read the whole story, and to keep up with all the adventures of Baby Cash!   
These two munchkins love their little brother!

 The best Christmas gift I got this year!

Christmas 2013

Having a baby at Christmas time is a wonderful thing.  It is also a very stressful thing  (Especially when you have extra doctor appointments to schedule and get to quickly).  I was pretty pre-Christmas prepared (all my decorations were up at the end of November...) but it was still a task to get all the things done I'd wanted to.  At one point I was feeling overwhelmingly stressed out and found myself screaming at everyone about everything.  I soon realized that in my attempt to try and keep things clean, plan a perfect party, and squeeze in all the little things I was sucking the fun out of everything.  SO I decided to just be chill.  I literally just gave up on caring about anything I would normally care huge heaps about.  (Stewart was a little leery to actually have people over without first helping me create "fake house") (even though to his credit he did keep trying to keep things together) ;)  

Christmas day was the first "real" day we did nothing but stay home and veg.  It was wonderful!  I held Cash all day- watched my kids play all day- let the mess go all day- sat around in my jammies all day- and just enjoyed it.  It was truly a Christmas to remember! 

 Here is our "Mom Tree" Christmas Tree.  I love getting a real tree.  This year we didn't make it to the mountains (due any day with a baby... not this year).  But we did go to Moody's here in town. 
 Here's a little view of our Christmas decor.  I think it feels magical with only the Christmas lights on.
Christmas morning after Santa came!  
 Love these boys! 
 Addison loves them too! 
 Christmas day was a candy free for all (Santa even left candy canes on the tree!)
Santa also left an orange in everyone's stocking (which the kids gladly ate first).  So glad Santa wants them to be somewhat healthy ;)
 Me and sweet baby Cash
 Brogan got a sweet castle tent from Grandma Jensen.  Uncle Jon was a good sport and got in.  ( did Jaime when she stopped by) :) 

 The Jensen grandparents, the Bingham grandparents and Spencer all came by to bring us presents, see what the kids got for Christmas, and say hello.  (It was nice of them to come to us!  We loved seeing them on Christmas day!
 Grandma Jensen getting some Cash loves!

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Parade of Lights

 This year we went to the parade of lights in Twin Falls.  The kids LOVE any type of Christmas lights, and this was just as cool as ever!  We all bundled up warm (even though the kids' toes got cold) and enjoyed the freezing cold weather and light parade.

 Thumbs up!
 We didn't know they would be handing out candy, so by the end of the parade our pockets were stuffed!  We also didn't know they would be handing out HDMI cables... especially to 2 1/2 year olds ;)  Brogan was just as surprised to get this as we were to see it in his hand haha!
 I loved this train!  SO cool!
 Both kids are faithful parade "wavers".  I love it!
 Dad and kids.
Brogan and Addison loved the fire truck!  It was a big one, and Santa was on the front!  (Even though Addison was a little suspicious of how many Santa's there were in this parade...) ;)
 After it was over we warmed up the car, got into some nice warm jammies and got some nice warm hot chocolate.
 Everyone loves hot chocolate!