Sunday, August 28, 2011

That's What It's All About

I've been so cranky lately {you can probably blame it on the fact that I AM a woman}, {and that I've recently been spoiled and have been allowed to do fun "kid-like" activities that I haven't had to pack a diaper bag to}. Seriously, I have been so spoiled lately! I went to Michael Buble', went white water rafting with some of my Varsity VB girls, got spoiled to a super awesome date night to Canyon Crest, and other majorly fun awesome things like that. So I know I have NO reason to be cranky, but some times I just can't help it. This past week I have been so impatient with my kids, with my volleyball girls, and even with Stewart! Today in nursery I was a bit short with the kids, but really did my best not to be "mean". {I do have to tell you about my recent nursery "pee-mopping" adventure}. This evening while Stewart was gone to a scout meeting I had the chance to start cleaning the house {the home teachers were supposed to come, but I REALLY haven't been in the mood to clean}. So instead I decided that I would lay on the floor and play. I had so much fun with my kiddos! Brogan laughed and giggled, and Addison climbed all over me {like the little monkey she is!}. Not to say that I did a 180 in the attitude department, but it was nice to be able to remember what it's all about. I sure love those two kids and I really hope that I can have the patience they deserve from me.

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