Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Shoeing

This winter we went snow shoeing with a couple of our friends (kid free).  We drove up to Galena Summit and hiked one of their trails.  I guess I didn't know they had such nice trails to hike on.  They also have Cross Country ski trails up there (something for the future perhaps!)
 Matt and Kristen Rigby
 Goof Balls!

 Stewart and I
 So I wanted to get a nice picture of the two of us.... and the following is how it went down.  Stewart can be a little handsy ;)

 Me, Jaime, & Kristen
Since I didn't get a picture of Jaime and Steve together, I thought I'd add one of these beauties.  Jaime is so awesome.  I seriously love her.  This is only ONE of many self portraits she took with my camera.  They were a funny little surprise to find ;)
 Matt and Steve (Williams)
Jaime had her nice camera and took some good ones with it.   Some day maybe I'll get those and post em.  (but don't hold your breath)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In the Gym

We love to be in the gym watching our local teams play, any sport that is in season.  I love it that my kids recognize the sport being played and have a desire to play too.  I also love that my kids know they are senators.  (Inspiring some school spirit early on) ;)  Addison and Brogan are pretty good when we go to the gym.  Only a few times has Brogan run, full speed ahead onto the court, while they are playing. 

 Addison loves to cheer and dance on the stair rails.
 She wants to play volleyball and basketball, an go to gymnastics someday when she's bigger :)

Princess Addison turns THREE!

Addison turned three on the 29th of January and she wanted to have a princess tea party.

Princess Taylor (Williams)
 Princess Zoey (Anderson)
 And Princess Alli
The girls enjoyed their pink lemonade, pb&j sandwiches, pretzels, and apples.  For dessert: Cupcakes!
 Addison and her friends excited to open presents!
 Each princess (and prince) got to have their own candle in their cupcake.  So fun.
Prince Charming enjoyed supervising the ladies for a day.
 Such precious little girl hugs

 We also had a family party for her on the weekend.  
 Bruce and Audrey gave her this doll with a bath set.  It is the most coveted set of toys in this house.  The fight between Brogan and Addison for this doll is unbelievable :) 
Mom and Dad got her a cash register with a grocery store set.  It too has been fought over.  Probably because it makes the most annoying noises, and everyone loves to be the one making annoying noises :)  Thankfully the batteries are starting to give. 
What a cute Princess
 Addison's princess Cake I whipped up (super quick)
 It was pretty yummy too.  Chocolate, strawberry, and white with buttercream frosting.  mmm.
Addison- I can't believe you're already THREE!  You are such a beautiful girl, with a growing personality.  You are a super big sister, and love to help (most of the time).  You have your own attitude, and give the best loves ever.  Thanks for being my sweet little girl!

South Hills 2012

Sadly this is the last year the people in the South Hills will be hosting the lights.
It's so fun to go every year and mosey around in wonder at all the beautiful lights (and bet on how much their electricity bill is).  
 Santa was there this year giving out candy canes!  JoAnna helped Addison be brave :)
 The girls that went,
 And the boys.
 Brogan meant business with that candy cane!
 We love Aunt JoAnna!
 I love you Stewart!
 Addison was so excited for the camel.
 In front of the nativity.
 Only 4 fays till Christmas!!! ROCK ON!
 Hmm... looks about right ;)
 Hmmm... not sure about this little twerp ;)
 They got to feed the camel a carrot.
 "How was the camel Addison?"  .....
 Brogan didn't feel like getting into his jammies.  He'd rather drive!
 Bingham Family, 2012.  

Christmastime 2012

Since we have a nice large house, I was able to have 2 Christmas trees this year (one for the kids to decorate as many times as they please, and a "Mom" one... cause I really do enjoy doing some things to look and feel nice, and decorating a tree is one of them)

My two little helpers helping me put the balls on (which I perfected after they went to bed) ;)
 Enjoying tree decorating night!
 One of our friends gave us Gingerbread cookies with frosting and M&M's for us to decorate.  The kids had a blast decorating their own cookies!

One day Grandma & Grandpa Jensen stopped by to deliver a little early Christmas present.  The kids had so much fun with these dancing ducks.  Brogan was quite afraid of them at first, but it didn't take him long to love it!