Saturday, January 30, 2010

Addison makes an entrance!

Yesterday we were proud to welcome Addison Kay Bingham into the world. Born on January 29 at 11:52 am, weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces and measuring 21 inches. She didn't come out screaming and has been an extremely mellow baby. She has a head full of black hair and is just a gorgeous little girl! We love her so much and are so proud to be her parents!
Straight from heaven!!
Isn't she just a precious little girl? I can't wait for you all to meet her!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have loved being able to spend so much more time with family! This Christmas Stewart's brother Lee and his family moved to Boise from back East. We have loved being able to see them often and spend more time with them. The other night we were able to have Stewart's whole family (minus Rick, Debbie, Loni and Ada [we missed you guys!]) over for dinner. It was great to finally be able to have enough space for a big get together! We had a lot of fun with Lee's kids too. They are so much fun to have around!
Aren't they so cute?Cora and Stewart seem to have the same problem "Saying No to Crack" So we tried to hitch up her pants with Stewart's belt. It almost worked... but not quite.Cute little Liza is just so content doing her own thing! She had these cute little pigtails that she pulled out, but I think this look is even more cute!
Last time we hung out, Cora wouldn't believe that I had a baby in my belly. This time we told her that it was her cousin in there and she'd be coming out to see her soon. She kept trying to peek under my shirt, but I told her that the baby wasn't done cooking yet. She kinda got a puzzled look on her face and said "What's she cookin in there?" Isn't she just sweet? Normally Cora isn't my buddy, but that night she was my pal. We had a lot of fun playing with Tess and the kitty (who we found is not so kid friendly :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little baby update

We went to the doctor yesterday and he told us everything is running smoothly! Our little baby has dropped and is head down! (And you wouldn't believe how comfortable I've been since she's been out of my ribs!) Although I have about three weeks left till my due date the doctor told us that whenever she's ready to come out we would be good to go! I'm still convinced she'll come two weeks late and be nine and a half lbs (just so I don't get my hopes up) but so far everything is going great and I'm actually more comfortable now than I was a month ago! My only problem is the energy factor. Some days I get up and just go like crazy, but other days I get up and have NO energy. I figure that's alright since this is my first baby, I'm not working or in school, so I'm going to take advantage of that while I can! Lately my cravings have been for orange juice (the good stuff), fruit (especially Strawberries), chocolate chip cookies and chocolate muffins from Costco.
So this isn't a very good belly picture, but after the long process of getting on my boots on to go to church he thought I just looked so cute... (and that's how you know he really loves me :)
I just had to post this picture. He was so excited for a haircut with our new cape! :)
And since I don't share Stewart's same excitement for haircut time, he has to bribe me to cut his hair. He helped me clean the whole house to "earn" this haircut! In this picture the vacuum was clogged... but he found a way to unclog it! What a man!

Our pets

One of the best things about moving to Gooding was being able to have a dog. Growing up I can't remember not having a dog (and a few cats), but since we've moved I'm beginning to see why having a dog was so much fun. Our puppy Tess absolutely LOVES it here and she's such a good dog. We inherited a cat with our move and Tess loves the cat almost as much as she loves her porch! That silly dog and cat keep us entertained for hours! The other night Tess was on the porch jumping and running around like crazy. We looked out the window and she was chasing her shadow up and down the stairs and trying to pounce on it! It was hilarious!
This is Tess' porch. If any of the neighbor dogs try to come up to the house she barks and growls and does her best to keep them away (even though any of the dogs around here could tear her apart!)
(When we do feed the cat) we dump a little bit of food on the railing so Tess can't get it, but it only encourages her to jump up and bark and growl at the cat even more. Lately she's figured out that she can use her paws to knock the cat food off the railing and eat it off the ground. Poor cat.
Stewart thought it would be funny to see if she liked it up there with the cat. She reverted back to shy timid Tess.
She didn't know if it would be better to jump off or stay put, so she stayed awhile then got tired of it.
She LOVES to play with anything she can find (and she's found plenty of items to bring up from under the porch). I told Stewart we won't have to clean under the porch this summer if Tess just keeps bringing all the junk up to us.
It's been so much fun having our pets here. They keep us good company and are so funny!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Every year it seems that I make New Years Resolutions and every year it seems that I've broken them by the end of January. BUT... not this year. This year is bringing a lot of new changes including a new house, a new ward, and even a new family member!! With all these changes, it's my hope that I will be able to instill some good sturdy habits. So here's a list of my Resolutions for this great year of 2010. I know that if I post them here, people will expect me to keep up on them and I will be more motivated to succeed.

#1~ Read the Book of Mormon every night.
I don't neccesarily have a goal to have it done by a certain time, but I need to be more consistant in my scripture study. So I'm going to start with the Book of Mormon.

#2~Be more Diligent in bedtime AND morning prayers.
Nuff Said

#3~Keep my house CLEAN! (And I'm not just talking surface clean)
My plan is to structure myself after and her cleaning techniques. It's going to take a while to get organized and into the swing of things, but I know that once I get into a schedule it will be totally worth it!

#4~Make a meal schedule and cook dinner for my husband
So I told Stewart that this wasn't going to be one of my resolutions because I know I won't keep it, and he kinda did a little frownie face that made me think, "Awwe man....He deserves a wife that makes dinner for him". SO This for sure will be the hardest resolution this year. Again... I think if I organize myself and get into a good pattern it won't be as bad as I think it will, I just have to get started.

#5~Get back into my size 12 jeans
Yes-I know I'll have to wait to get started on this one, but I really really miss my old body and I KNOW that if I get going to Jazzercise after I have little Addison this goal WILL become a reality!

The Alumni Game

Along with all the other busy things going on in our life, Stewart was excited to play in Dietrich High School's Alumni game. It's great to watch the different age groups of Dietrich's alumni battle it out on the basketball court. Last year when we went the "Heart Attacks" (or the really old old fellers) managed to beat all the other ages. This year they got beat (just barely) but it was still quite a sight to see! Unfortunately, Stewart's age group got last (but it's not really about who wins and looses, it's more about watching out for who passes out first :) I think this is a great tradition in Dietrich and it's a lot of fun to watch and root for our boys!
Isn't he so cute? ...Can you believe it?? These are the jerseys they wore when Stewart was on JV!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day!!!

We had the BEST Christmas ever! On Christmas eve we went to my parent's house and had yummy clam chowder and shrimp scampi with my family. We played games, sang songs and shared stories about our favorite Christmases. As we got back to our house we found that the power was out! So we lit some candles and did the last of our "Christmas eve work". Stewart is such a little kid at heart- I never really understood until Christmas morning! On Christmas eve I had to be the first in bed and wasn't allowed in the living room until he said. Then on Christmas morning he woke up to go to the bathroom around four thirty. When he came back I asked him if he could get me a cough drop (cause I had an AWFUL sore throat). He was like- "you get it... don't you want to snoop?" I really didn't want to get out of bed, or ruin my surprise. I told him that if I snooped then I had to open them so I would wait till later. So he got me a cough drop and came back to bed. A few minutes later he was like "ok... I'm never going to be able to get back to sleep. I'm gonna go watch TV or something". I told him just to lay in bed for a little bit longer then we could go snoop together. So he's laying next to be kinda breathing loud and obnoxiously and it was like I could almost hear him twiddling his thumbs. So I decided to get up and go open our presents... what time was it now you ask?? A quarter to five!!! It was so much fun! (But I have a feeling that our kids will take after their dad on Christmas morning... which slightly worries me :)
I told Stewart he would have to wait to open anything until I made some tea. He was sneakily opening this present in his hand while I made tea... what a kid!
My fabulous presents!!! Stew got me barstools!!! I absolutely LOVE them!Sunglasses. Cleverly wrapped in an eyecare center bag :)
My boots!! I think this is goign to become a christmas tradition! :) I love these boots and can't wait till I'm not so swollen so I can break em in!Yup. Those are sippie cups! Since we've been married Stewart has broken about seven of our drinking glasses. They're not expensive, and he doesn't mean to, but he seems to have bad luck with them! So since Stewart has proven in days past that sippie cups work (another great story) I decided to give him some for at home :)
My AWESOME purse! Don't i just have the best husband ever?!?! He also gave me tons of bath and body works stuff, the picture that you can kinda see to the left of me- it's the Salt Lake Temple and it's one of those distressed looking ones, and also he gave me gorgeous picture of Christ. It's my favorite one of him with some little children (called consider the lillies). Did I not just get so spoiled?!?!Stew's puffy vest on "flyaway" display.
AND he got me an under the cabinent kitchen radio!!! I was not expecting all of this!My favorite smell on Stewart... some Very Sexy for him! Hmm! It smells so good!And finally!! Putting together the bar stools!
Even to a pregnant woman they are soooo comfortable! I LOVE them!AND... I did manage to sneak in some Christmas baking! On Christmas eve day. I made PB bon bons, dipped pretzels, brownies, cathedral windows, sugar cookies (well actually just the dough ;) and PB cookies. No- I'm really not that amazing... the bon bons and brownies were from a box and my mom and Jon helped dip most of the pretzels :)

Oh Christmas tree!

We moved into our house on Tuesday and went to town to find a christmas tree asap! About the only place in Gooding that sells Christmas trees is moody's so we went downtown only to find that they were closed!! There was a sign on the door with a number to call if they weren't around, so I called an left a message (kinda a pitty "we just moved to town and we're trying to find a tree" story). So we sat in the truck with our headlights pointed at the trees they had lined up against the building, "choosing" our tree. After about ten minutes we decided that we'd have to wait till mornign to get our tree and we went home. Around nine o'clock that night we got a phone call from the tree lady and she told us to just go pick one out and take it home for free. We were both SO excited!! We went downtown and got our tree (only after Stewart knocked them all down first :) We had so much fun fluffing it in our kitchen and stringing lights! We only put a few ball decorations on it, but it still looked so good!! It was a great first Christmas tree for us!
Stew sawing the end off
Me holding the tree in my lap... (man I'm gonna make a great mom :)Stewart not really wanting to pose for a picture.

This picture is on Christmas morning (Stew got a bathrobe) but it's also the best picture I have of our "simply" decorated tree.

The Big Move!!

So I know I haven't posted for quite some time, but I am happy to say that we were able to get into our house before Christmas hit! It's funny how things usually don't work out how they're supposed to. Our original plan was to move the week before Christmas on the Friday. Load up in Twin and unload in Gooding. That plan went out the window when the carpet for our new house hadn't even come in yet! So the new plan was to load in Twin on Monday afternoon, then unload our bed in Gooding and stay the night in an empty house, and unload everything else on Tuesday morning. WELL, the carpet wasn't in on Monday, and they had already laid the padding so we couldn't unload our bed. SO we parked the trailer with our life inside of it at the end of my parent's lane and spent the night at their house. The good news is that the carpet was in by ten o'clock on Tuesday morning, the bad news was that there was a good layer of snow on the ground! (Just our luck... brand new carpet and brand new snow). BUT we had great help unloading and everyone was very careful with the new carpet (thank you all :)! We had inside and outside unloaders to help save the carpet which worked out wonderfully! We had LOTS of help and we appreciated it so much!! On Monday we had help from Spencer, Hank, Mekala, Burt (Hank's brother), my mom, Jon and JoAnna. They were such a HUGE help! And believe me- with the combination of the stairs at our apartment and our large furniture, it was not a simple task! On Tuesday we had help from both my parents, Jon, JoAnna, Hank, Stewart's brother Lee, Lee's brother in-law, and Mekala. We were lucky to be able to unpack the majority of the boxes on Tuesday and start getting settled right away! This move was quite an adventure for us and I'm just SO glad to be in a house in a place we both love!
And the one I owe so much to... my good husband Stewart! Not only did he start helping me pack a good three months before the move, but he put up with me through the stressful times when I know I was pretty unbearable! In this picture, Stewart had just unhooked the washer and accidentally turned the water on instead of off :)
JoAnna was a huge help!! She and my mom helped to move our kitchen out the week before, helped us on both days of the move, AND helped us clean our old apartment from top to bottom!! They are so good to us!
This picture wouldn't turn the right way, but it's a super cute picture of my mom waiting to help load at the bottom of the trecherous stairs! My mom has helped so much during this move!! Even though she had tendonitis, she still helped me pack and unpack my whole kitchen, move out of the old and into the new, help to clean the old (and even the new), BUT, I think most importantly, she eased my mind and kept me calm when plans changed over and over and over :) Thanks mom!! I sure love you!
Spencer was a HUGE help! We also learned that Spencer likes to watch CMT's world strictest parents, and that he'll do just about anything for a sprite :)
Here is Mekala... you may think that all she did was carry smaller items and boxes to the trailer... well don't kid yourself! I think she lifted the majority of the heavy furniture (including the washer, dryer, and couches!
Jon- doing what he does best! (eating). Just kidding. This kid is a HUGE help! In this picture he is snacking on the pizza that was the last burn victim of our oven :) The couch going over the stairs! (And the only picture I got of Hankie :)
Hey Mekala!!! REACH!!! lol... :)
Thanks to everyone who helped us move! We love you all and appreciate all you've done for us!