Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fourth Of July *2012*

This year Stewart had to go to Texas for work over the fourth of July week.  It was a bummer deal, but that didn't stop us from having fun without him!
We started out in Dietrich where we watched a parade.  Aunt Lindy, Loni, and a whole bunch of Smith's rode Lindy's decked out 4-wheeler.  They were cute.
 The rest of us sat on the lawn and ate ice cream.  We didn't mind that job ;)
Grandpa Bingham feeding Brogan and Ali ice cream (a full time job!)
 Loni and Addison
These two sure had fun this summer while Loni was here raising her calf for the fair!
 We ended the night with our traditional firework show at Grandpa Funk's house.  The kids weren't so sure about the fireworks.  Addison eventually got used to them, but Brogan didn't like them... 
...He decided just to fall asleep.
(It helped that he didn't take a nap all day!)
 My Mom and her Dad.
 Audrey and Bruce.  Brogan just could not be happy!
 Aunt Chris helping Addison light her sparkler.  Her face is priceless... "am I sure I want to do this??"
 Krista's fiance (at the time) Brian, and her brother Bryce.  This is where Stewart missed out.  It's always the boys' job to light all the fireworks which provides some hysterical entertainment for the rest of us.  We sure missed him this year!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shoshone Falls/Shoshone Ice Caves 2012

The day my brother Josh got into town we decided to picnic at Shoshone Falls in Twin, then head out to Shoshone Ice Caves (those are actually in Shoshone).  
Grandpa Jensen with all his Jensen grand babies (ready to run)
 Josh got into town and met us while we were shopping at Vicker's Country store.  I was so excited to see him and as he joined our little group of three people I said "HI!" all excited.  He gave Stewart and JoAnna a hug and turned around and walked away.  I was a little hurt that he didn't even give me the time of day!  I told my mom and she told him to come find me and give me a hug.  Turns out with my short dark hair he didn't even recognize me!  He thought I was a store employee.  Good save brother.  But next time no excuses! ;)
 We went to the Ice Caves and Stewart was his silly self, just being a goof ball.  Apparently he was really cool because...
 after he had antlers, everyone wanted antlers!
 Weston and Robin!
 If you've never been to the Ice caves, it's worth your money just to see these awesome statues of "ancient Idahoan Indians".  Classic.
 Our Whole Group!
 Our family with the green dinasour
 Josh and Dorothy's family.  (Paisley and Weston)

Cousin Lovin

This summer was chock full of cousin love.  We had cousins visit us from Dietrich, Texas, Florida, and even Virginia!
 Whether it was snuggling up on the couch after a long day in the water....
 ...jumping on the bed at Grandma Jensen's "cousin party"....
(Daniel and James Jensen- Texas)
 ...being buddies on fun day trips...
(Addison and James did A TON of things together... they were buddies!)
 ...eating together...
(James Jensen- Texas)
 ....waiting for a train....
(Ali Smith-Dietrich)
 ... having a sleepover....
(Loni Bingham-Virginia)
or... eating Popsicles poolside...
(Weston Jensen- Florida)
We just couldn't get enough of our cousins this summer!  Addison and Brogan love ALL of their cousins and talk about them constantly. 

Summer Storms

I usually love a good summer storm.  I like the smell rain hitting dry dirt, and love watching lightning streak across the sky.  However, this summer we experienced a total windstorm that I was not a fan of.  

Stewart was working late so the kids and I decided to walk to cooks, rent a movie and grab some dinner from the deli.  It looked a little gloomy out, but it wasn't windy. It looked like it would take awhile for the storm to roll in, so we braved it.  As SOON as we got to cooks the power went out.  I thought, oh great, better make our way home quickly.  As SOON as I walked out the door the biggest gusts of wind started blowing!  It was blowing dirt and branches so hard that you couldn't hardly see!  There I was stuck in a powerless cooks with two kids in a double stroller.  Stewart was only in Burley and they were going to close cooks.  Thankfully one of the guys who worked there (who I went to high school with)  Offered to  give me and the kids a ride home.  I was SO grateful to him!  When we got home I decided to run back to cooks and grab the stroller.  As I drove the four blocks to and from the store, these are the pictures I snapped.  HOLY STORM!

The kids and I sat in the dark, powerless house and listened to the sirens of police cars and firetrucks.  It was a bit scary, and I was wishing Stewart was home to comfort me, but I was glad I had my babies curled up with me.  It was a storm to remember!


Our whole summer revolved around water.  My kids can not get enough of it.  This is a water fight that was particularly fun.  It started with the little kids, then got out of control!  My sister in law Cheryl is quite the character.  It amazes me how well she just fits right into the family... like she's been here all along!   

 We took my grandparent's paddle boat down to dog creek and did a little cooling off.  Addison asked me everyday after this to go to Dog Creek to swim.  It was a blast!
 Brogan was Grandpa's buddy.  He had a lifejacket on, but it just drove him too crazy!  He was SO much happier to be able to swim without it!
 A cute picture of the cousins getting dry on the dock.  What a great time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Fridge

My parent's got a brand new stainless steel fridge this summer, so we got their new hand-me-down fridge.  I was just a little excited for the up grade ;)  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Family Picture Time!

This summer both my brothers came home with their families.  It was such a great time.  I wish they just lived here, that would be awesome!  While everyone was home we had a family picture session on my parent's newly finished porch stairs.  I think they turned out all right.
My kids would not behave without holding a kitty (those are Addison's "babies").
 Eventually Addison had to have a kitty and be standing on her own.
 Stewart was a little annoyed that we had to have kittys in our family picture, so I pretended to ease his pain.
 Our whole Jensen family (minus Uncle Jon).  A pretty good looking group!
 At the end of all the attempts of picture taking, this is what all the adults felt like.  (The kids weren't quite sure what was happening).
 Grandma and Grandpa Jensen with all the kids (crying or not!) :)
 Addison sportin her shades.  She's pretty cool

 Brogan and his best buddy!

Krista's Reception

Krista and Brian had the most beautiful reception!  
 This is the closest thing to a decent picture these two will take together  :)
 Look how long Addison's hair was.  So gorgeous!
 Of course Brogan was wet before the night was over...
...and Addison ended up with her skirt around her neck... but the kids had so much fun.
 They had super yummy cupcakes in place of a traditional cake, but they still wanted a cake top for their 1 year anniversary.  I made this simple white cake top for them (hope it tastes good!) 
 I like this picture.  It's very realistically us, just a couple of goof balls.
 THIS is where Brogan spent the better part of the night.  Those treats were just within his reach, and he didn't mind it that way!