Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Bingham #2!!!

So I went to the doctor yesterday for my 20 week ultrasound (the one to find out what it is!...) Are you ready for this? ....It's a boy! I knew from the begining that it would be a boy (mostly because it would be only too easy to already have all the girl clothes in the world already washed and easy to get to). So now we are on the hunt for boy things. But no worries... I've already found some of the cutest outfits (and Stewart is stoked about putting him in some cute little nikes he found).

The ultrasound was really fun and made us both super excited! The nurse was probably the best nurse we've ever had. She joked around with us and spent pretty much forever trying to get good pictures of his face, feet, hands and "other parts" ;) Since I'm actually 22 weeks along the pictures turned out surprisingly cute (not so alien). And you could actually see his muscles being defined in his legs (which are SUPER long!) It was funny when the nurse first found him on the ultrasound the VERY first thing she said was -"WHOA BOY!" Of course me and Stew had no idea where to look, but she found him for us and he showed off his "parts" quite proudly :) This appointment was just so fun! It was neat- I'd say oh boy he just moved a lot- and sure enough he'd dissapear from the screen. It was also neat to be able to see him kicking me. I've been feeling it now for awhile, but it was fun for Stew to be able to actually see that he REALLY IS kicking me when I say that :)

Some other things that got me really excited: -He played with his feet a lot which was totally cute! -We also got to see the biggest yawn! (that totally melted me). -He kept his hands up by his face most of the time (just like Addison did after she was born). -He also rubbed his eyes (just like Addison does). AND he is measuring to be a big baby. Already weighs 1 lb 4 oz. (don't know if that excites or frightens me ;)

Overall I'm totally excited to be having a little boy. As far as names I think we're pretty set on Brogan Lee. We've talked about a lot of other names, but that one really sticks with us. (I had to give up my Braiden Grey... Stew didn't "fully" like it ;) He does however like the names Bubba and Pierre. ? We came to the agreement that if he comes out black we'll name him Pierre ... hehehe.