Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yes... I know I have been slacking in the blog department! Addison is growing SO quickly I can't believe it! With all that growing she's doing I've been trying to get back into the swing of cleaning, cooking and being a normal human being... (ya... it's not working out so much for me). Among all I've been trying to do, for some reason I've been in the mood to craft. Consequently, I've been searching blogs like crazy (one of my favorite time-wasting hobbies) and feel like I've hit a blog jackpot, and once I find a fabulous blog it's hard to peel myself away from it until I feel I've gotten to know it and all it has to offer. Hence, I haven't posted anything on my own blog. So I promise to be better from now on. I promise I'll catch up on all the great details of our little angel (hopefully tomorrow)! Here are a few glimpes into what we've been up to!
Addison's first bath at home. She didn't like it much (mostly cause I couldn't put her all the way in the water) but now she's pretty fond of them. (except when we get out the camcorder).
After our first bath was our first story time! She really likes it when I read to her! On this particular day we were trying to get her to poo... so of course our story selection was whinnie the "pooh". It worked! :)
After bath time! Also one of my favorite pictures! Addison is such a rock star! She totally did this all on her own! We were getting ready to go to uncle Jon's game (notice the senator getup) and she was ready to rock and roll! Gotta love it!
Here's one of Addison in her billy blanket. She had to wear it for several daysAlign Left (and nights) and we had to keep going to Twin to get her little foot pricked so they could test her blood. It wasn't terribly fun for any of us... especially not Addison! (Jeanne- thanks for the socks! They're still a little big, but they are so warm and ADORABLE!)
Addison's first roadtrip was to Utah to watch "auntie" Brittanie play! I made this cute little onesie for her. It says TECH on the front, "Go Diggers" on the butt, & has "Toone" and her number on it (if ya couldn't tell). She was so cute (until she peed all over Anne Lipe and ruined her litte outfit! :) At least we had spare pajamies!
Also while in Utah, Addison met her cousin Daniel! They were SO cute together! I'm sure they're gonna be best buds!
And these pictures are just so dang cute... I just had to post them for you to see! I hope you've enjoyed! (And there will definately be more to come!)


Just added a new signature button and I'm trying to see what it looks like on my blog. I know I've been slacking on the posts (I'll be better), but hey- I have a great excuse!

Friday, February 5, 2010

She's Got Personality!

Addison has SO much personality! Even when she sleeps! She LOVES her hands and loves to have them up by her face or in her mouth. She pulls some of the cutest poses while she sleeps! What a little doll! Enjoy the pics! More to come!
Oh my Goodness! ......... where have my oreos gone?
HMMmmm....... I'm so enjoying this peaceful nap :) OOPS!!!!! I did a smelly from my belly. (posted by my daddy)