Sunday, August 28, 2011


So my calling in church is nursery leader. When I was called Addison was still pretty young, but needed to be going somewhere other than the hallways, so I was pretty excited that I could "sneak" her in there. Let's just say that nursery is very fun {when no one cries, or pees their pants, or whines, or smashes their crackers in the carpet... you get the idea}. I love my nursery kids, but some Sundays I come home and the only word that comes to mind is "in-active". Today was somewhat one of those days. I was ... THIS close to staying home. I wasn't feeling good in the first place, but Stew pulled the "guilty for not going" card {AND told me I'd have to keep Addison home with me}... {uh...yeah I'm not STUPID} so I decided to tough it out. While in nursery one of my sweetest little boys needed to go potty- so I took him and 2 other girls to the bathroom. {Gabe} is very private. He's one of the older kids {2} and he's very good about going potty by himself. As he was going I heard him hitting the water and figured he had it all under control- so I helped the other 2 little girls. Pretty soon I heard Gabe say "Um- I had an accident". Then he started saying "It's okay- accident's happen" over and over and over. I finished helping the other girls and went into his stall and was shocked. There was pee in the toilet, on the seat, and all over the floor {the poor kid REALLY had to go!} I said something like "Oh boy you really had an accident" and he started crying. I felt SO bad! He got a little bit in his undies, so I took him to his mom. When she came out of class he immediately started crying and saying {so sadly} "Mom- accidents happen". She was very sweet and understanding, but he was so embarrassed. I felt so sad for him, and it almost made me start crying! I realized then how much I love that little boy! He has such a sweet heart and it hurt me to see him so upset!

{now here's the part of nursery that make me tired}

someone had to clean up all that pee. That's right. {I almost started crying again}. I filled up the mop bucket, and went to work. {I can't tell you how weird it was to push the mop and bucket down the hallway in my skirt and heels} {knew I should have worn my Danskos today :}. Yes- today I mopped up pee in the bathroom at church. Good thing it was my sweet Gabe that had an accident, because I didn't feel bad doing it for him. Love nursery, love the kids, but BOY DOES IT MAKE ME TIRED! {Oh yes- I'm also thankful that I have Dacia Anderson and Amber Turner in there with me. Couldn't be two better qualified women than them! :)

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