Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am going to start a cake business {mostly like high-end looking fondant cakes}. This is my goal and I'm writing it down and sharing it with all of you {which will hopefully make me more determined to succeed}.

If you are close {Magic Valley area} and have anything coming up that I could make a cake for- I'd love to practice on you! I have a pretty yummy marshmallow fondant recipe that tastes amazing! {ask Addison}. So if you have any cake needs, or if you have any business name ideas, or any ideas/tips for anything cake wise- I'm looking to start my own cake business, and I'd appreciate any help to get the wheels a-turning.

{Just an example of how lacking on ideas I am- for a business name- all I can think of is "Cakes by Claude"}. Yeah- I've got nothin. :)


  1. Ok you asked LOL:

    Bingham the Baker
    Juniel's Lovely Cakes
    Mommy Cakes
    Confections by Juniel
    more? or not? haha

    Such a good idea and I know you can do it - please post some photos of your cakes and make a scrapbook for your potential clients to see and order from..... you go girl. xxx Jeanne

  2. Great Ideas Jeanne! {AND thanks! I AM serious! I need some help!} If you have more ideas I'd love to hear those too! Can't decide if I should go "serious baker" sounding, or "creative out there". Keep those ideas coming! You rock!