Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brogan Wrestles 2015

Brogan enjoyed being part of the Cobra Wrestling club this winter.  It was his first experience with wrestling, and he learned a lot and had tons of fun.  Lenny Gillette and Clint Rogers did such a good job coaching the little guys and making it fun for them.  Brogan was a heavy 4 year old (who turned 5 during the season), so he ended up wrestling older kids, most of which had a year or two under their belt.  He got a little discouraged when he lost to these kids (especially when they creamed him quick and hard) but he learned a lot and got a few medals out of it.  

His cousin Crew came to watch him.  He loves baby Crew!
 Cooper Rogers and Brogan.  They're in the same grade (Coopers about 6 months older).  Bet you'd never guess that ;)
 Brogan on a good day of wrestling- ready to go.  He totally went out and wrestled and didnt' give up and ended up winning!  I have the cutest video of him so excited after he won!
Prior Gillette, Brogan, and Cade Williams.  All three of them took home a medal from this tournament!
 Cade, Brogan and Cooper.  Brogan's first meet and he meddled here too!
 Such fun boys.  They are going to be great friends growing up!

Winter and Christmas 2015

We had a good Winter.  Much like everything else that happened, it just wasn't the same without our Cash.  He would have loved everything we did this winter, from decorating, to sledding, no doubt he would have enjoyed it all. 

Christmas eve.  Going to bed with the house feeling quite magical!
 I love decorating for Christmas!  I love to go overboard with lights.  Something about white Christmas lights in a dark room feels so warm and welcoming.

I so love this picture my counselors in Young Womens got for me after Cash died.  It hangs so beautifully in our living room, and is a constant reminder of where Cash is and who is taking care of him.  I thought it was so beautifully lit up by the Christmas tree lights!

Addison and Brogan each got new bikes this year!  It was so fun to have them riding around in my dining room all morning! 

The kids each picked out a present for each other.  I gave them a $10 spending limit, and took them shopping while Stewart had the other one.  Brogan knew exactly what Addison truly wanted (a singing Elsa barbie doll), but I told him that was ten dollars over the spending limit, so pick something else.  That boy would NOT let that doll go.  He kept telling me, "Mom, Addison wants this SO BAD!! I HAVE to get it for her."  After trying every reasoning trick in the book, I finally just gave in and let him get it for her.  He was so good about helping me wrap it, and kept it a surprise until Christmas morning (even after all of Addison's nagging and tricking to try and figure out what he got her).  On Christmas morning the kids weren't too intereested in seeing what the other got (even though we take turns opening).  When it came to this present though, it was so sweet to watch Brogan watch Addison open his gift to her.  He was almost as excited as she was!
 I'm so glad that Brogan is such a sweet boy.  Addison was pretty excited to get this barbie doll!
 Our winter was definitely a white one!  We had tons of snow and lots of cold.  I loved every minute of it.  I love a good white Christmas!

 I helped at Addison's kindergarten class party.  Her and Jackson Bingham (a very very very distant relative, who Addison has a little crush on) got a little silly and hung these ornaments on their ears.  Mrs. Born took a picture, then Addison insisted I hang some on my ears too.  What a silly girl!

 Addison made the wall in the hall of the elementary school!  She was a Shining Star!  So proud of this girl.

 We took the kids to try sushi for the first time.  Brogan ate a ton of it, but then didn't feel good.  It took him a couple more trips to appreciate it again.  Addison didn't like it at first, but now when we go they both seem to eat all of our Godzuki and Crystal shrimp!  (And they're pros with cheater chopsticks)

Addison likes to listen to music on my old cell phone.  Doesn't she just look too old here?!  Stop growing up Addison!
 Playing in the snow with Aunt JoAnna.

 We went to a little craft fair at the high school and look who was there-Santa! These kids believe in Santa and love to see him whenever they get the chance.

 I got the chance to skip out for a few days and head to Utah with friends.  We went to Pinners conference (SO FUN!)  and had a blast together! I love this group of girls and love doing fun trips with them.  We all have so much in common, and always laugh till our abs hurt.

Halloween 2015

We love to dress up for Halloween.  This year was a little bittersweet without Cash, but we decided we needed to have fun with it for Addison and Brogan.  
Stewart and I went as Google maps (thanks to Stewart for helping make these costumes a success!  We wouldn't have even dressed up if it weren't for him).
Addison went as princess Jasmine (complete with black dyed hair), and Brogan went as a ninja turtle.
 Grandma Jensen dressed up as a witch, and Grandpa Jensen dressed up as Dr Robert Anderson :)
We did our normal trunk or treating at the church, hit up Grandpa Funk and Wendy Robinson's house, then headed for the Pine Street loop.  That's always good enough for us!

Cash's Birthday

In August of 2015 we lost our sweet sweet Cash.  It's been so tough without him here with us.  The end of 2015 just seemed to be a blur of trying to be "normal" and get on with life.  I've done my best to recount Cash's story on his own blog.  It's been very emotional for all of us in our own ways.  
Since the end of 2015 was a jumble, I may as well record it like I remember!  

Cash's Birthday was December 9th.  We decided to do a dinner with our friends and family at Jaime's house.  Everyone brought gifts to fill up this tote.  We bought another 70 items to completely fill the tote and decided it would be fun to visit the Ronald McDonald House, and the Pediatric ICU in Boise, and donate them for the kids that visited there.  When we were there with Cash through his surgeries, and also when he was passing, both of these places were so very accommodating to our entire family.  Even though our kids only visited the Ronald McDonald house when Cash had his surgeries, they always made them feel so welcome and special.  They let them pick a toy out of the wagon in the hall, which was a very special memory for them and me.  In the PICU when we were saying goodbye to Cash, EVERYONE there went above and beyond to help with Addison and Brogan.  They brought them things to do, snacks to eat, toys to play with.  They never once shushed us, or limited the amount of visitors we had in Cash's room.  Even late at night when Addison and Brogan should have been in bed, but were instead being rambunctious with their brother, they were always so loving and kind.  I will never forget that, and will never be able to let them know how grateful I was for them.  

Our tote full of toys to donate! 
At the Ronald McDonald house.  Sure wasn't the same to be there without our Cashie. 
As we went into the Ronald McDonald House and the hospital, it started to snow.  Addison said, "Hey Mom, I think Cashie is with us, he sent the snow!"  I truly think he was with us that day.  (Everytime we had a Boise appointment, it seemed to snow on our way up.  This was no different!) 
After making our deliveries we headed to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch.  The kids enjoyed the seafood, and watching the ducks on the river.

MMM Good. 
Two handsome boys!

The kids wanted to go to Jump Time for Cash's birthday too.  We planned a big fun outting with all of our friends to jump time.  When we got to twin we found that Jump time was closed!!  So we decided to head bowling instead.  We had so many of our fun friends and cousins there to celebrate with us!