Thursday, September 10, 2015

Good Friends

I'm so thankful to have so many good friends in my life. Seriously- I am very blessed to call so many awesome people friends!  I'm even lucky enough to be close with my friends from high school.  A lot of them live close, or visit often, and they even like to get together.  I love these women to death, and am very thankful for them in my life!

 {Katie Faulkner, Malan Erke (Metcalf), Hailey Dixon (Turner), Gentry Whittle (Koyle), Me, Megan Jantz (Pierson) and Cheyanna Robinson}

We went to dinner at La Fiesta, then sat around the fire pit and had "drinks" (a few of us enjoyed some ice cold H2O) ;)  at Elevation.  It was great to sit and catch up with everyone on life!

Doc Addison Turns FIVE!

Addison turned FIVE years old this year!! (Where has the time gone??).  It's her year to have a bigger party, and she picked a Doc McStuffins party.  It was as much fun to plan it as it was to have it! :)

Welcome to Doc's clinic!

My mom helped me make these doc jackets out of white t-shirts.  Each girl got one of everything!
We custom made some badges for each doctor
They got to fill their doc kit up with all kinds of doc tools too!

Each doc got a headband

and a big book of boo-boos!

We had a delicious healthy lunch before the clinic opened.
The girls each brought a toy to "doctor" while they were here. We took their weight, height, looked in their eyes and ears, took their temperature, and all sorts of things!  Each doctor got a checkup list and they wrote down all their outcomes.  It was SO fun!
Happy Birthday to my favorite little Doc!!!
Addison loved all her presents her friends gave her.  She sure has good friends!
Addison and Raleigh Rasmussen.
They played pin the band-aid on the boo boo

And they even decorated cupcakes!  I think everyone LOVED this part!



Addison and Charly

Addison loved having all her friends to play on her birthday.  Cash and Brogan went to Jaime's and let the girls have their own special time. 
Charley Turner, Addison, Eva Finley, and Raleigh Rasmussen. 
Such good pals!

Addison and Eva

Orange Leaf is our favorite

All of my kids LOVE orange leaf frozen yogurt.  It's always their treat if they're good when we go to Twin.  I don't know how many visits we've made there, but it's been quite a few :)

(I love that Cash wears his Jammies everywhere- who has time to change?!)  :)
Love these two goof balls!

Happy Anniversary Babe! 2014~6 years

March 13, 1015 Stewart and I celebrated 6 years of marriage!!! (Holy cow how does that happen so fast?!)

We started our day off right by completing an awesome workout together (couples who play together stay together).  I sure love this guy SO MUCH!
Stewart helped me chaperon a stake youth dinner dance one night.  As the dancing ensued Stewart got a little crazy and enjoyed himself.  He makes me smile every day.  I know there's not another soul here that could make me as happy as Stewart does.  He's the husband I used to dream of, and way more than I deserve!  Love you Stewie!

Grandpa Funk

Grandpa Funk had an amazing catch one day.  He stopped by our preschool to show us all.  
We all love Grandpa Funk SO Much!!!

Jump Time Family Night 2014

One night we assigned the kids to be in charge of family night.  Instead of just choosing a lesson topic, they decided we needed to go to jump time.  I'm glad they did.  We ALL had a blast (well... maybe not Cash.  It might not have been his FAVORITE thing to do) ;)

As always though- Cash is a good sport and makes the best of any situation.
Addison and Brogan were crazy little monkeys.
Cash preferred walking along the edge of the trampolines :)
Our crazy, awesome, beautiful family. <3 p="">

Brogan 2014

This boy turned 4 in March.  (How is that even possible!?!)  
Addison got him this bug cage.  It came complete with slide, stairs, and swimming pool!  We've had a lot of fun trapping bugs in this little baby :)
Brogan is a strong little boy who loves anything active, outside, or boyish.  He started tumbling with Addison this year at Suples, and he loves that too.  Brogan doesn't take many naps anymore.  If he has one he has a really tough time getting to sleep at night. He loves to give snuggles to his mom, but only when I pretend to cry.  He thinks about the feelings of others, and tries to be a good example of Jesus.  Every now and then he cries like a little boy, and I have to remind myself that he is still young and so very tender-hearted.  Addison and Brogan are either the best of friends, or the worst of enemies.  It's hard to know what day you'll catch them on.  Cash and Brogan get along 100% of the time.  They love to play together.  Brogan watches out for his "Cashie" (as he lovingly calls him) ALL the time.  There's nothing Brogan wouldn't do for Cash! 
We love you Brogan.  You're my special Brogie Bear! :) 

Hunting Our Christmas Tree 2014

We had the best time hunting our Christmas tree in 2014.  We went with the Williams Family and all had a blast! (of course, not everyone enjoyed it the entire time....but we had fun)
Cade didn't really enjoy walking in the snow.  When he wasn't being pulled in the sled, Jaime was carrying him like so

In fact none of the kids were 'thrillled' to walk in the snow to hunt the perfect tree...... this is how it looked a lot of the time.  It makes me chuckle to think of the whining and crying that went with some of these pictures.  HAHA!
Me and my snow babies
In this picture Addison was crying because she couldn't be: carried by Jaime, in a backpack like the babies, on the sled like Brogan and Cade, or hanging off the back of the sled like Lucas.

So fun to carry Cash in the backpack!  He was so content and happy with this chilly excursion.

I can just hear them fighting over who got to ride.  Seriously just makes me want to laugh so hard!
Even though it was pretty windy, kind of rainy, and snowy, we had our lunch. Jaime made some delicious (albeit a bit spicy) turkey chilli, and we roasted hot dogs and drank hot chocolate.  It was fun!
The kids enjoyed being warm by the fire!
Cash and Kinley weren't quite as lucky.  They both wanted out of the backpack after awhile, but there was no real place to put them in the snow (They were quite heavy....and there was a ton of kids to help), other than the sled!  Jesse was interested in the whimpering bundles of baby.
After we ate, we stripped the babies down and put them in the warm cars where they both took a little nap.  The bigger kids took the sleds and went to the sledding hill.  Our kids had SO much fun on this thing!  They went down over and over and over!  Addison and Taylor even went down and accidently caught a jump.  They got some wicked awesome air!! :)