Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Garden 2011

Here's our garden this year. It looks pretty good compared to last year. Last year everything grew to 1/2 size, then just stopped growing. {Later Larry told us that's where they used to wash out the spray tanks}. We fertilized it {not super good}, but I think it helped a little. This year we got a full crop of peas, beans, and squash. We've gotten some bell peppers, tomatoes, and I think our egg plant will have one or two plants on them by the end of the summer. Our pumpkins are growing {even though we don't have any squash on them yet}. I pick the weeds occasionally, and the garden looks pretty good. Unfortunately, our main noxious weed that grows is the goat heads. They suck to pick, and they never stop growing!!! So far I've caught the majority of them before they've sprouted, so hopefully next year our garden will be twice as good!

Sometimes when I work in the garden I feel like I have an idea of what the pioneers went through when they planted their crops in the desert. What a PAIN! I'd rather just plant my garden in a pre-prepared spot :)

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