Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fall 2014 MAshUp

Since I'm soooo behind and didn't post regularly I have all these pictures from little things we did at the end of summer/beginning of fall 2014 that I don't want to forget.  So we'll do a quick mashup of all those great little things I don't want to forget. 

My little spartans- on a walk to the store one evening they just couldn't help but go over this concrete (even though the sidewalk was unobstructed).  They must just want to be like their parents.  Obstacles are fun! 
 A Mickey-D's picnic lunch at Grandma's office.
 I love how Brogan and Addison are concerned for their brother.
 This is a spitting image of me when I was a little girl- running down to Grandma Jensen's (Now Grandma Great's).  All of my kids, but Addison especially love love love Grandma and Grandpa Great!

 Cade- what a goose.  Fell asleep on the car ride home from a play date.  Just too much fun :)
 This is what sometimes happens at suples.  I get beat black and blue with bruises!
 Cade and Brogan are best buddies!
 One night we were throwing marshmallows in the air trying to get them in our mouths.  It soon turned into- let me pelt you in the back of the throat with a marshmallow!!! :)
 At a friend's birthday party.  They were made into mummies!
 Cash got his first little hair trim (it was all in his eyes and ears!!)  So Angelina helped us out!
 Jayden Robinson is the best big brother!!!  Helping  his little brother get a drink.
 Addison's good friend Eva Finley from the gym came to play one day.  These kids had so much fun!
 "Anymore rolls in here?"  Cash was hungray!
 I got a vitamix for Christmas!!! (It was a month or two early... but still)  Loving making green drinks and smoothies with it!
 They weren't taking a nap!! No naps for these kids!! :)
 One of my favorite "usies"
 Cash in his new hat and mittens.  He didn't much care for them, but they were SUPER cute!
 See!  How cute!?!
 Took the kids to Sharis one day when we were in Twin.  They all LOVED it.  To this day Addison still requests Sharis if we're in Twin! :)
Look at Crazy Cash's Hair!
 Brogan ordering from their pirate menu
 SO FUN! :)

Thanksgiving 2014

This year I planned Thanksgiving for the Jensen and Funk sides of the family.  It was a HUGE family gathering and we all had so much fun!  Thanks to Jaime who let us use her shop, we were able to have everyone together.  Everyone brought food, and we made it a huge family feast.  It was so great to get together with everyone! 

Halloween 2014

This year for Halloween we dressed up as superheroes, a robber, and Cash money :) 

We even trick or treated with the library and to Grandma's office for preschool!

 We ended the night trunk or treating at the church and trick or treating with our buddies The Williams Family. It was a fun night and these kids made quite the haul!

JoAnna goes to BYU-I

We took a little girls road trip to drop JoAnna off at school.  It was a super fun trip! 

Addison was too much fun.  What a little goof ball!