Monday, September 30, 2013


We decided to head up to Anderson for a camping trip this summer.  We planned on just camping right on the reservoir and splashing around in the water all day, but when we got there it looked like this... 
If you've never been to Anderson before, the water usually covers all that sand... by a lot!  Since we didn't want to pull the trailer onto the sand, and since there wasn't much room with all the boaters that were up there, we decided to drive up to the hot pots and camp just past Pine. 
 We took my Grandparent's camp trailer (SOOO NICE), so our camp was pretty simple to set up.
 Before we even got things set up, Addison already looked like this... dirt feet.
 We camped right next to a shallow little outlet, and our spot had the perfect little dip into it.  We had fun putting our floatie toys in the water, dragging the kids up the stream a ways, then sending them down.  It was cold, but we all enjoyed it!
 The kids loved that they could walk to the water and play
 This girl loves dirt :)
 The next day we hiked over to the hot springs and after some searching found the perfect little hot pot.
 The water temp was perfect, and there weren't too many people there- it was nice!

 The kids took turns floating down the big river and being pulled back in.

Addison always asks when we can "go on camp-out" again.  We did go to my Grandpa Funk's family reunion and stayed over night, but Brogan got sick so we left a little early from that.  Next summer we will be camping fools FOR SURE! The kids loved it.

Black-tail Triathlon

I did a triathlon in June.  The VERY beginning of June.  I did the Black-tail sprint triathlon in Idaho Falls.  My first one ever and come to find out, one of the toughest courses in the West. (Every one there was decked out to the nines in Tri gear, had the best bikes, suits, shoes... all of it.  Although it was a little intimidating, I did fine in my boating wet-suit and yoga pants) ;)  Thank goodness I got a road-bike for Mother's day (below) because after my (very chilly) swim (which I kicked butt on -came in like 12th on the swim) I had to bike up an 11% grade for .8 miles (and there were plenty of hills after the grade too).  No- I did not prepare for climbing (or descending) that steep of a hill, and even had to walk my bike a little ways up it (get a drink before you get on your bike- cause if you drop your water bottle, good luck getting back in the seat on an 11% grade!).  I did manage to get back on the bike though, and did really sucky on that portion, but okay on the run.  The whole experience was one I crave to do again.  What a challenge!  I did get third in my age-group (women 21-31), and considering there was only four of us in it, I'm glad I got third ;) Next year I might try something a little flatter, but I have every intention of competing again.  LOVED it!  Oh- and I was three months pregnant at the time!  (something NOT to forget)
My transition area.  I was pretty proud of how quickly I transitioned for my first tri! 
Stewart has a few more pictures on his phone,  but I don't have them yet.  Someday maybe I'll post them. 

Swimming Lessons

This summer both kids got to do swimming lessons.  They both LOVED every second of it! Since Gooding's pool doesn't take them until they're four, we had to drive to Wendell (they also have a kiddie pool), but it was worth every penny spent!  I love it that my kids love the water, since I love it so much too.

Waiting on the stairs for their teachers (this was probably closer to the first day... when they still somewhat listened to the teachers...
They practiced things like rolling from their stomach to their back, floating, and just playing in the water.
Towards the end of the lesson they hopped into life jackets (for the first couple of days, then inter tubes) and hopped into the big pool.  This was Addison's favorite thing to do-the big pool!
They went in circles, sang songs, and held hands.

Addison loves the big pool!
 Brogan was a little on the naughty side.  Pretty sure he would drowned (happily of course) if the teacher wasn't right there with him ;)
 Brogan loves his goggles too.

At the end of the lesson every day they got to jump off the diving board.  This was definitely the highlight of the lesson- especially for Brogan, who was completely fearless!! (He would also sneak back into the line as many times as he could get away with it) ;)  Addison did jump by herself most of the time, but a few times she let the girly girl inside her freak her out, and the teacher had to help her. 

Farm Sale

We went to a farm sale with Grandpa Jensen this spring.  It was fun, but a lot of work! 
 Brogan was so pooped he didn't even finish his cracker before he fell asleep :)

Still Re-Winding....

My friend Megan got married this summer.  It was a sweet wedding, and a super fun reception!  Stewart graciously took the kids home after dinner so I could do a little catching up with all my friends.  I sent him this picture at about ten o'clock (as a joke), and he messeged me, "Grab some milk on your way home".  My friends and I just about died.  What a cool husband ;)  (although he claims he never got this picture message)
 Finding out what baby #3 was going to be... Addison wanted a girl.... Brogan a boy.  The boys have it!  (And Addison was not too pleased).  She kept saying, "probably it will just be a girl".  At some point in time she's come to accept that she and I will be outnumbered, but brothers are fun :)
 This kid is just cool.  PERIOD.
 Stewart's whole family was here this summer so we decided to take a family picture.  While getting ready the wind blew down this small tree in Nancy's front yard.  It brushed our car, but didn't even leave a scratch.  It was however quite exciting.  I snapped a picture of all the hoopla (we almost could have used it for the family picture) ;)
 Stewart got me a new dishwasher.  It hooks up the sink and WORKS!!!  Since this purchase Stewart has done a majority of the dishes (because he's just that awesome!) One night after he'd started the dishwasher I heard yelling and panic coming from the kitchen.  Call it a move of thrift, but Stewart had used Dawn dish soap instead of detergent.  He came upon his own mess in mid-cycle.
 If you were wondering, Dawn dish soap will clean your dieshes (it will just take 4 or 5 cycles to get it all out...) it will also mop your floors (or get you started in that process).
 Brogan had to visit the ER one night.  He had a mosquito bite that he wouldn't leave alone, and it got infected with Staph.  His whole calf was hot and swollen.  While he wasn't bothered by this (of course) it worried Stew and I.  So a late night visit to the ER, some medicine, and a follow up to the clinic in Twin...
 ...He's good to go!.  Toughie.
 Addison (voluntarily) curled up on the couch after church and took a cute little nap.  She's not so into napping these days so it was nice for all of us.
 Visiting Grandma at work for lunch, the kids love to write on her white board.  Addison drew this picture of a lady.  (If you look closely you can see she drew boobs, and a shirt over top to cover them).   Clever and modest that girl :)
 Brogan is also anti-nap these days.  We try to have a "quiet time" every day.  The kids have to sit on the couch for 30-45 minutes (or until they fall asleep).  Most days they pop up every 15 minutes to say, "mom can we get up now?"  Some days this happens.  It's nice for mom.
 Twenty-six weeks.  Growing Belly!
 Some days we get bored at home.  Some days the kids are pretty good.  Days like this deserve a lunch out to McDonald's.
 With Ice Cream.
 Dad had just mowed the lawn.... Hello Shrek
 ... and another shrek.
 Brogan fell asleep on the floor.... JoAnna crashed next to him.  So sweet.
 When we behave at the mall, a little spoiling is in order.  Ha.  It's amazing what kids will do for a 30 second forward-backward motion "ride".
 I've been in the mood to bake lately!  The kids don't seem to mind.


This is another catch up post.  All these pictures are from sometime Spring/Summer/Fall of 2013.  
Brogan napping. 
 Some days we build forts.
 Brogan wearing his "work shirt" (Stewart wears polos to work) and his work hat.
 Addison earned her bike this summer.  She had a rigorous chore/behavior chart, and it took her a little longer than she planned, but she earned it!  (Brogan also earned his, but it took much longer, and he hasn't quite figured it all out yet).  Addison has been a great sharer/pusher though!

 Having dinner at Jaime's house with all our friends!
 Taking care of Brooklyn.  (Addison wore her new helmet for about a week).
 "Uncle" Alex has the coolest airsoft guns, and he is Brogan's favorite!  "Teaching" him how to shoot (or aim rather).
 One of the many fits of Brogan.  He is a really soft hearted kid, and really hates to get in trouble!
 Helping on the farm.  Dad is driving the swather and Brogan is pretty jealous!

 Helping Grandpa fix the tractor.  He's a super good tool holder. :)
 Brogan playing at Jaime's house (he LOVES Jaime).  Do you like his shoes? ;)
 Cowboy Brogan holding his pretzel stick... in his toes.  Yes.  This kid kills me. :)
 Addison in her dress up clothes, being a goof.
 Brogan being a goof.
Both of them being a goof. 
 Hanging out with friends!
 Chasing the cows with Grandpa Jensen.  He's holding Brogan and they are literally chasing the cows.  Funnest thing to watch.... EVER!
 Addison earned new goggles this summer.  Just in time for swimming lessons!
 Enjoying the Ranch Rodeo (even though it was windy and rainy!)
 Ranch Rodeo love!
 Mom did a craft!  Chalkboard paint, and little color love and...
 viola.  A beautiful addition to our dining room.
Stewart took on an insanity challenge.  Addison loves to workout too now. 
 My twenty week "Bump"!
 Rick and Debi, and aunt Shannon were all out here this summer.  Fun cousin love shucking corn!
 I had to take ONE summer math class to finish my degree.  I did it online, and it was pretty easy (just stupid math that no one will ever... EVER use again).  I passed, but was pretty worried about my final (you have to get a C on the final to pass the course).  So I studied (I know- who am I?!?!)  After hours of studying and taking about four page of study notes for the final, I came back to the desk to find this.  Someone else wanted to help me take notes... on top of my notes.  This is a common thing for me to find.  Welcome to motherhood!
 My Uncle Niel brought his family out this summer.  My kids absolutely LOVED hanging out with my cousin Caleb.  He took them on so many "Adventures", through the stickers and weeds, into the pastures, down all the dirt roads and on all the old equipment... they loved it!