Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Resolutions

It's a new year- and that means resolutions!  I'm going to try my hardest not to be a band-wagon resolutioner this year.  So I've written down my goals (it doesn't become a goal until you've written it down), and even wrote down what I need to do to accomplish these goals.  So these puppies are not just being posted on the blog, but also on the fridge, the bulletin board, and every other place I will be reminded to stick with it!
Here are mine!  
(Now what are yours?)

  • Lose 50 Pounds
    • Need to: Count Calories (have to eat about 1500 calories a day)
    • Workout- Twice a day (or at least one high intensity workout in a day)
    • Kick Processed foods!
  • Be a Better Wife
    • Make Meal Plans (And MAKE them!)
    • Keep up with my weekly cleaning schedule (including laundry!)
    • Adopt the "touch it once" rule.  Pick it up- put it away.  Spill it-wipe it.  Clean up as messes are made.
  • Be a Better Mom
    • Start waking up at the same time every morning (a decent time).
    • Get the kids on a more structured schedule
    • Designate time for learning and playing everyday
      • Give my sincere and undivided attention when I play with them!
    • Turn off the TV!!!!  Limit "Tube-Time" Everyday
    • Go to Reading time at the Public Library
    • Eat Meals at the table together
  • Remember Family/Friends Birthdays and do something nice for them
    • Do at the beginning of the month so you won't forget!!!
  • Do More to invite the spirit
    • Stop swearing (ya- I'm almost a sailor)
    • Do my Personal Prayer and Scripture Study
    • Do FAMILY prayer and scripture study
    • Have weekly Family Home Evening
    • Do my visiting teaching every month (with a willing and loving attitude)
    • Be more grateful, and more positive.  Always have an attitude of Gratitude.  
    • Love everyone, and judge others less.  "Jesus said love everyone, treat them kindly too". 
This may seems like a big list, but there are 365 days in a year.  I have 5 major goals for the year.  If I can cross off any of the smaller goals in this year, I will have had success (fact).  So here's to hoping that 2012 will be another great year filled with many happy memories, and lots of love and laughter! 
Happy New Year!

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