Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When it rains...

... it pours.  Seriously, anything else going to bring me down today?  It's only 8:30.  We were supposed to close on our house two and a half weeks ago.  Hopefully today's the day.  If it's not, I'm going to cry (again).  My only sanity saver lately has been Jazzercise.  Seriously- I love it.  Love that I get a full hour of butt-bustin, hip shakin, movin and groovin, HARDCORE workout.  Love that I can go push my body to the limit, and get results.  Last week I hurt my shoulder, and I haven't had the same enthusiasm for my workout.  In fact I've been dreading it!  Over time I've worked my way up the weights and have been lifting 10 lbs for quite awhile now (a true sign of progress).  Today, I felt like a little weenie in class when I couldn't lift my arm above my head (I didn't even attempt to use weights)  (and oh, you bet I stood in the back).  So- I ask again- anything else today?  (and just for the record, diet?  what diet?)  (Stewart has been one dedicated dude though!  He's looking goo-ud!)

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  1. Keep up the good work Juniel! I go to Zumba and I love it too....except I havent been in a few days because of some "extenuating circumstances"...haha....but I do love it when I go and shake it! Good luck with the house!