Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snapshots from January

I got myself  Stewart got me a new phone this January, since my contract was up.  What do they say, "go big or go home"?  That's right, went big!  Got Verizon's new HTC Thunderbolt.  Can't say that I don't mind having the biggest, coolest, smartest phone in the house (finally).  I love that as soon as I take a picture I can upload it to facebook, straight from my phone!!! (still blowing my mind) While Facebook has been updated with our latest and greatest, I have neglected this here beloved blog (which I will someday print, and claim as my journal).  So just a minute ago recently I discovered that I can upload from my phone to picasa web albums, then upload to the blog.  Hallelujah!  This blog shall suffer no more! :)  Here's a recap on January in snap-shots from my phone.
too...sleepy...to... drink!

The first snow of the winter!!! 
Addison LOVES the snow!  She got
into a snowball fight with Dad!
Chatting with Loni, Ada & Tyce!
TWO birthday balloons! 

What a girl!
Look at that hair!
Love this scrunchy smile!
Look who's climbing on EVERYTHING!
I hate this tub ledge -he can get up just fine,
but he goes down with a clatter!

We loaded our tucker totes, and all the other
stuff in our bully barn shed, into this horse
trailer.  Of course, it snowed and rained for days
upon days.  The second we covered it with tarps it
stopped raining for good.  (GO FIGURE?!?!)
Stew's such a good man- he's re-securing the ties
(church clothes and all)

(As you may have guessed from her famous "Fast-line" picture, we've ventured into "potty-training land"!  I'm being totally laissez faire about it though.  Addison has her "fantastically enthusiastic" days, and her "not another p word" days [pee, poo, potty, pull-up].  She did have one day she only wet her diaper once, but since then- no cookie.  Oh well- one day my ship will sail and she'll decide to ditch the diapers for good.  Until then, we'll keep living day to day, wrestling match to wrestling match)  :)

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