Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look who's TWO?!?!

Addison turned TWO YEARS OLD on Suday!  I can't believe how fast these two years have gone.  My little adorable baby girl has turned into a mischievous, helpful, sweet, gorgeous little toddler!  Here's some pictures of Addison, back when she was an "only child".  She's so adorable.  I'm so glad that I have her to keep me on my toes, and remind me what's really important in life. 
Addison insists these pictures are of Brogan :)

Still loves bath time!
She misses her Uncle Jon!

My big Nursery girl!
I sure love you Addison!  Life would be terribly dull without you to spice it up!

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  1. Happy Birthday Addison. And I will have to admit, I would insist that those top pictures are Brogan as well! I really did think it was him before I read your schpeal at the top!