Thursday, January 26, 2012

House news...

...there's no news.  So far these Binghams are just "hanging in there" as everyone has counseled us to do.  I've been "hanging in there" for about two weeks now, up to my neck in boxes packed up with our life.  We were supposed to close two weeks ago, but Rural Development decided that Stewart only makes half of what his paycheck says (REALLY?!?).  So we've got a different lender, and we're still jumping through hoops to try and get this house to belong to us.  It's really been very difficult for me to sit around in this house (which seems to be getting smaller), and wonder if tomorrow is the day we'll close, (if I'll need to have all the laundry cleaned by tomorrow)!  I've been told about 4 different times that we'll close on a certain day.  (uh-huh).  So now I'm just being optimistic that we'll close before the 31st (since we have to clean and be out of our trailer, as to avoid being prorated) (who wants to pay to stay a few extra days??? NOT ME!)  So fellow family and friends- just stay tuned- I will NOT forget to update you as SOON as I know something solid :)

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  1. Oh...that is comments here on how to handle that...good luck though!