Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playing Around

So the other day while Loni was here we had a little play date with the neighbors, the Hardcastles. They have 3 boys, Charley is 6 {almost 7}, Frank is... 4 {ish?}, and Pete is 2 {he and Addison are in Nursery together}, and they have a little girl named Winter. She was born the month after Brogan. Anywho- these kids sure had fun playing in the pool {on this somewhat chilly morning}. And when it was time for naps for my kiddos, they even took Loni to their house with them! They must've had fun because Loni came happy and tired.
We were a little worried they weren't going to come play, so Loni and Addison started playing in the little pool by themselves. Loni liked to splash Addison... and she didn't seem to mind {she's my tough little water girl!}
Brogie Bear just chillin in his seat, trying to keep out of the sun!
Loni and Charlie were having a contest to see who could sit in the pool longer. I think they both sat there for like five minutes. {Ya... that water that comes out of a garden hose is quite cold :)}
While down the road Loni collected some rocks! Here are the two biggest ones, and the ones below are her complete collection. {We'll see if those make it back to Virginia... I think she'd have to leave all her clothes here just so she could take her rocks ;) }
Loni got home just as Addison was waking up from her nap. They decided to watch a movie and snuggle together {they're such good friends}.
Oh yes... just in case she didn't call you Debi, Loni lost her other tooth! YAY!

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  1. Oh so cute! I wish Loni got along and didn't fight with Ada. I guess because they are sisters that is what they have to do! Thanks for posting. She did call and tell me she lost another tooth. I hope she isn't falling apart! Haha.