Sunday, July 31, 2011

There's an App for that....

Yesterday we were out at Dietrich mowing the lawn, and we flipped on the Disney Channel for Addison to watch while we were getting cleaned up. A show called "Good Luck Charlie" was on and it wasn't quite as good as the shows that were on in our day {Boy Meets World, Growing Pains, Step By Step}{Stewart even said- "what low budget shows they have these days"}. Anywho- the girl was using an application on her phone to trick her mom. They kept using the phrase "there's an app for everything". When the Mom's were getting back at their daughters {as all the cliche' Disney shows do} one Mom said "We need a siren and a flashing light". The other Mom typed a few things in to her phone and pretty soon, her phone was flashing red, and making a siren noise. As she held it up in the window she said "They have an app for everything!" {totally cheesy Disney style}.
{Here comes the good part}
On our way home tonight I was driving and Stewart was dinking around on his phone. After a few minutes, his phone screen started flashing blue and red, and out came a loud siren noise. As he held the flashing phone in the window he looked at me and cooly said, "There's an app for everything these days".
{Who has the funniest Husband in the world?!?!}

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