Sunday, July 31, 2011

Robert's one year older.... {and wiser too}

A few weeks ago was Robert Odell's birthday. {Robert and Sheryl are our adopted set of parent's. Seriously, we love them like our own parents, and our kids love them like their own Grandparents!} They had us over for a tasty BBQ and a great little party. Jason and Cheryll were here too, so our kids had a lot of fun playing together. They liked going up to pet Scooby {Robert's MASSIVE doggie}, looking at the turkeys, and holding hands walking around in the cool summer evening.
{These pictures aren't in the order I'd like them to be, but I'm too lazy right now to copy/paste/delete so they're going to stay out of order}.
Jon attempted to attempt to climb this tree. He got to this point and decided that between the wobbly fence he was standing on, and the rotted pieces of wood that he was going to pull himself up onto- he wasn't going to risk life and limb :) But it did seem like a good idea!
These two chocolate faces LOVE dessert time!
What cutie pies!
Brogan is such a good little boy! He didn't sleep the whole time, but he knows when it's time to take a break from the party!
Dad giving Stewart a hard time. Seriously- some days it amazes me how well Stewart fits into our family. There hasn't ever been a time when my family is hesitant to give him crap, just like one of their blood siblings! And he's so good about taking it graciously and dishing it out again when the time comes :)
These two are such good friends! We sure will miss seeing them every few weekends now that they've moved to Texas :(
Holding Hands has become on of Addison's favorite things to do lately. We held hands in nursery one time and she hasn't stopped holding hands with kids her age since.
Grandpa and Gradma Jensen. What awesome Grandparents!
Addison is such a sweet little mother to all the babies!

The Gang {well- most of them}
Grandpa Jensen talking to Sheryl's parent's.
Sheryl and her Father {if you couldn't see the resemblance} :)
Robert putting on a mean BBQ! That chicken was SOOO good!
Thanks Odells! You guys are the Best!
We sure Love you and are glad you live in the best place in the world {well-maybe not exactly the best TOWN in the best place in the world... but you get it :) }

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