Monday, July 11, 2011

Loni lost a Tooth!

We are once again seriously lucky to have Loni stay at our house again! Grandma Bingham went to Girls Camp, so Loni came to hang out with us for awhile! Today was the Twilight watching day {we only watched 2 of the 3}, but it got us in the mood for the next one {whenever it comes out???? :) } Loni also enjoyed playing with our new kitty Suzie {soon to be introduced on the blog ;)} We had a fun day and we'll have another fun day tomorrow. We have a little playdate planned with one of my friends, and one of our neighbors {who has a boy Loni's age}. They came down tonight for a little bit and Loni seemed to enjoy playing with them and their kittys. It should be a fun time!
So today Loni showed me one of her loose teeth, and it sure was loose! Then out of nowhere she had ANOTHER loose tooth! She wiggled and wiggled and checked it out in the mirror. Then she came up to me and showed me her prize tooth, and the gaping hole it left in her mouth! Too Cool! I told her to write a letter to the tooth fairy, and she looked at me like I was crazy! I told her that was the only way the tooth fairy would know how to find her clear in Idaho! ;) So hopefully tonight the tooth fairy will bring her some dough!
{And on a side note...}
I guess Loni is having too much fun learning how to make halters in 4-H. She decided to make a halter for our Suzie. {Suzie didn't like it AT ALL} Silly Loni :)

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  1. OOOHHHH! Yeah for another tooth gone. The dentist/orthodontist said she needed to lose teeth to make room for those others coming in. I hope the tooth fairy in Idaho is a reasonable payer....don't want the one in VA to look bad. Haha. Thanks for the post.