Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July 2011

This year for the 4th of July we had a BBQ with tons of family and some good friends. Stewart cooked some hamburgers, and we had a nice, festive meal. But boy was it hot! We even set up my parent's white market tent with the back on it. It helped to be able to sit in the shade, but it didn't really cool off till the sun went down!

Addison didn't take a nap till people started coming over. She was so tired she curled up with aunt Audrey, and crashed for about an hour! She was tired!
It's a good thing no one broke out the cupcakes before Addison had eaten her dinner. I'm not sure how many of these babies she polished off by the end of the night, but I do know she did eat {some} real food :)
Mom and Dad.
Grandpa Funk is always such a cutie!
Tony, Chris, Tomi and Lizzi. Lizzi and Jack had fun playing in the kiddie pool before dinner. {Glad someone besides me and Addison could appreciate it :}
Jack and Sharon Amoureux
Krista and Audrey. Doesn't Krista look so grown up with her brown hair?

I'm not sure why I never got a picture of Robert and Sheryll Odell, but they were there too!! :)
Aunt JoAnna and Addison {with yet another cupcake}.
Our dog Rambo is really a lovable dog, but he is a bit smelly, big, he sheds, and well... he's just very lovable. He literally wants to be sitting in your lap if your in the yard. So we had this genius idea before our BBQ to build him a little kennel out of some calf panels. We drove some posts in and Stewart zip tied the panels to the posts. We used the shop and part of the fence, and bent the other panels around to make a half circle. It was working pretty good. Rambo didn't like the nieghbor's fireworks they lit off early in the afternoon, {which was evident when he tried to bite through the squares}, but what ticked him off the most was that he couldn't be in the yard with all those fun people. After dinner {thank goodness}, he figured out how to climb through the little space between the top of the chain link fence and the shop. After that, he couldn't be contained! {At least that's what we all thought}. Stewart had a different plan. He chained that dog up to the tree using one of those big heavy truck chains. Rambo thought he was going to die, but Stew moved his dog house over close and he ended up being just fine :)
The fireworks were AMAZING {as always}. We went to my Grandpa Funk's house {there's not a giant grain field behind his house}, and the boys lit off the fireworks. Jon, my cousin Trey, and Stewart. Watching them set the fireworks is stinkin hilarious! Somehow it seems every year Stewart always ends up getting burned, blamed, or chased by a firework. {At least this year he learned from last year not to wear flip flops :}
My Uncle Tony always brings the best illegal fireworks! This year we could see the majority of the school's and the walker Center's too. It was a great night! Addison actually loved them! She would ooh and ahh {as coached by her Momma}, and even scream when the big ones went off! Brogan was being held by... ??? everyone? He slept through the whole thing though! {What a good boy!} He was gawked over by everyone at the BBQ. He loved playing with Great Grandpa Funk too! {Okay- so maybe he mostly cried when Grandpa Funk played with him, but he looked like he was enjoying it :} I know Grandpa Funk sure loves him!
Me and JoAnna loved the fireworks too. I can't believe how fast this girl is growing up! She is sure a great sister. I'm loving having a sister/girlfriend around more than ever these days!
So just for the record, I do have to just ask, what is it about men and explosives? We went to buy a few fireworks {just for some fillers of all the awesome ones}. I told Stewart to get whatever he could for $20-25. He came back to the car with a bag {too full} to only be twenty bucks worth. Yep. Sixty dollars later, we had our "fillers". Seriously? If you know what it is about men and their fireworks I need to know!

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  1. Such a shame you didn't get a picture of us (ha!) We had alot of fun, but I can't answer your question about men and explosives - I guess it goes along with noise and fire - maybe a caveman thing?!
    Sheryl Odell